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Friday, May 22, 2015

Winning in Life

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Because winning makes me happy.  Like this happy.

I must admit I am one of the most competitive guys around. I hate to lose and besides hating to lose I don't handle losing well. Like some people can just let it slide but not me. It will surface in my head over and over again. For somethings, not all. There are things that I know I'm not as good and losing is okay but there are somethings that I just cannot.

Like for example if you have never played a card game before but you beat me to it in your 1st try.

I used to be pissed off losing on the Mahjong table but life goes on and I must admit things like gambling is really 15% Skill and 85% luck. being more experienced or knowing the game better doesn't really help.

That is also why I hate myself when I am into something. Because I cannot accept or forgive myself when I put in effort and I don't do well. Probably also the reason why I don't really study so at least I have a safety net to tell myself "it is because i didn't try hard enough". #FailedLogic

Losing in games and sports aside, what makes one win in life is more important. I know you might probably tell me things like life ain't a competition and when it is not, what's there to win? How is it not a competition? Even if you don't aim to beat others you must always aim to top yourself. every year.

Like how I look back at each year. I always ensure that I moved on in life. Improving and doing something better and crazier. I think being competitive did make me more driven in many things. I look at someone I know 5 years ago and where he have gotten in this 5 years and I will ask myself where am I. Did we both make progress? Is this progress the "industry standard"?

Did I even grow old besides growing fat?
It is not always about driving a bigger car or earning more money. I guess this is the mistake we always make in a judgement call when it comes to competition. Like pointed out in the Book "David and Goliath" by Malcom Gladwell. Very often when we placed two singles together and try to forecast who will win a fight, we will just take it that Goliath will win since he is bigger but we forget that being bigger is not everything in a fight. Skill, Speed, Luck and many other things play a big part.  I guess we have to set our KPI right.

If your goal is to have kids and happy family and all I want is to sleep with the most numbers of girls in Singapore with D cups and above, this two things just does live in the same silo and you get what I mean. So how does one win in life when happiness can't be quantified?

I guess for me is really about being in control with your own life. Doing the things you like, having time for your love one, earning enough to not worry about bread on the table, control your hours, having enough time for anything yourself and also others. Achieving what you wish to in balance. You don't want to be the richest man but lonely. You do not want to have friends around you but no money in your pocket (which is impossible in reality because you know how many friends will leave you once you have nothing for them to gain)

Nobody stays a winner forever which also means you could be the next. It is okay to fail but you can never be afraid of it because sometimes you just have to take the leap of faith in order to succeed.

Sometimes we have to be happy with what we have but sometimes we just have to do what it takes to make us happy.

Kobe is probably the most competitive person you see on the court these days. Because he worked hard and winning means a lot to this man. Sometimes I just can't stand NBA players who lost the games and all smiles. Yes Dwight, you.

Ok, enough of wasting time in the office or on the toilet bowl reading this crap. Get back to work and go out there and win it tiger.

TL;DR Version 

Topic: Winning In Life
Morale Of Story: None
Author's Note: Thank you for reading.
*All Images of Kobe doesn't not belongs to me. As Found on Google Images.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

USS with Indra Bekti and migme!

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So the big question was asked in the blogger sphere some weeks back by our number 1 influencer - Xiaxue, "WTF is Migme."

In 1 sentence – it is a social media platform. Full story, you have to read the reply from the inside. LINK: WTF IS MIGME

This is mig.me's mascot midori. They are paperdoll made by Grace and I think they will be super cute if they make Funko version of this! 
So besides being a social media platform, migme also works very closely with different celebrities in the region and thanks to them I get to meet the multi-talented Indra Bekti!

Grace, Indra and me! 
Humble Indra is Humble

I've met my fair share of celebrities and "multi-talented" people in my life so far and I must say Indra is really really humble given who he is. I know some of you might be asking "who is he" if you don't follow the Indonesia entertainment industry. We got stopped multiple times by his fans at USS asking for photos. Not only did he oblige but he also did it happily. I've met celebrity who did it with a black face and only smile after "1,2,3" but Indra was truly sincere about it. He talk to his fans and all. I am truly impressed by this man! #Respect.

Obligatory shot at USS! Almost like the need to visit the great wall at China.
I am no celebrity or somebody but yet during the trip we were having a lot of fun together like friends. Trust me, given in the entertainment industry, I've met bloggers who do not even want to talk to you simply because he/she is "more famous" or of a "different league".

Who is that handsome young man and happy lady?

So by now you must be wondering who are the other 2 person with us. The handsome young man and the happy lady. So what happened here is that Indra launched a new book and has a campaign and they were the winner of the campaign and they won a trip with Indra. Super cool right! So if you can read Bahasa Indonesia, you can check his book out.

The New Puss in Boots' Giant Journey 

Since we are at USS we do not want to miss the new ride "Puss In Boots' Giant Journey". I am always very amazed by how much effort they put into such rides. It is really beautiful! Not the scariest ride but it is about just ride for me. Although I am a big guy with tattoo and loud mouth, such rides doesn't work very well with me. GPGT!

I've taken the revenge of the mummy ride for like 4-5 times but I am still scared. Getting scarier every year.
Wait, is that Grace Tan? 

Picture from workingwithgrace.wordpress.com
Hannar Hannar. That is Grace Tan from the recent drama online that made headlines. Having 1 extra friend is better than having an extra enemy right? I know there are people asking me questions about her after those drama but, I believe every friend has differences and I don't think we have to chew each other's head off simply because of different ideology in the business? In short, we had fun during the outing. #Peace #NoHardFeelings #NotTalkingAboutMyDick

Once again, thank you USS and Migme for hosting.

Do check out migme, don't forget to follow me. I promise to be more active there.

Smithankyou Migme

TL;DR Version

Where: Universal Studio Singapore USS
Who: Indra Bekti and Grace Tan
Why: Because migme got jio
When: Too late for you to join

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cat Adoption

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This is Kimba (Working Title). We rescued him about 5-6 weeks ago and we have been fostering him since. He is really cute and manja but I have to put him up for adoption. Below are information for easy reading.

Age: 6-7 yrs old estimated

Gender: Male

Color: White

Breed: Apparently Persian according to vet

Character: human friendly and manja. Not afraid of humans. Will approach for scratch. Very vocal when he wants your attention. Very independent at home. Will not scratch furniture and is toilet trained.

Reason for putting up adoption: He is not animal friendly. My cats and dog wants to make friends but after trying for 6 weeks he is not interested and will fight with them. He is currently staying in a room himself. Wish to find someone who can allow him to roam around the house at least instead of just a room. We already have more than we can handle on our side.

Medical History: When we found him he had ear mites but we have been treating him. Minor wounds around his neck area due to him scratching but has recovered as well

Why we rescued him: He was very skinny when we found him. Very manja towards human and we suspected that he was an ex-house cat which might not be able to survive the outside world. He was following my wife around and was randomly relocated from Sengkang to Hougang by a pest control. Was worried that owner can't find him in case it was a case of runaway cat instead of abandon but we fail to find the owner there after.

Suitable for: 1st time owner and owners with no other pets. Not as energetic as kitten. Already toilet trained and independent. And as mentioned, not animal friendly. So better if you have no other animals.

Interested party for viewing please whatsapp 9389 5081 or email me at Smithleong@gmail.com.

More pictures of him.

May you live long and prosper.

Monday, May 18, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Are Still Single

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To be honest, I can't remember if I've written something like this before. I was suffering from a major Deja vu when I am writing this but whatever, if I've did it before there must be a reason why I am doing this again.

I am at the age where most of my friends should be attached, married and probably making baby in the name of God SG50 but yet at the same time I have some friends who are sad about them being Single.

I guess it happens too often that we go to the easiest reason we choose to believe is the reason that we are single. For example: I do not have a car or I do not have a proper career. Some choose to believe it is because they are fat. I mean I am sure there are girls out there who doesn't like a poor fat guy with no career but trust me, you do not need all those things to be happily married. #ExhibitA

I am also pretty sure we've all heard about the logic about opposite attracts and we all have this one ugly friend with a model like girl friend who is richer than him. We also go to the easiest reason we can imagine to make ourselves feel better like for example "He confirm have a big dick."

Anyway here are probably some of the reasons why you are single. Of course i can't say these are the only reasons. P.S. if you are offended and thinks I am talking about you, that is probably why you are single as well.

1. You are stingy 

I'm rich bitch.
I am not talking about you being rich. I am talking about generosity here. Of course we know some woman do earn more than us these days but it is never about how much you can give. There are girls who will offer to go dutch or even treat you at times. As silly as this sounds, this is how you do the "tab dance", as in who to pick up the tab.

Generosity is about how much you are willing to give. I am not saying that we have to empty our pockets to impress a girl. I am saying that generosity is from the heart. I do not need to be rich to be generous and same thing, not all rich guys are generous. Do it from the bottom of your heart and they can feel it. Don't be over calculative to divide the bill to cents just because she say "let's spilt the bill"

2. You are funny  creepy

There is always a time and space for jokes and there is always a different way to pull off different jokes. I mean unless you are a stand up comedian you are allowed to crack a joke about sex or racism and still earn money. Else, you better keep some of the jokes to yourself 1st before the lady is comfortable with you.

You don't go and meet a new friend and say "woah, you boobs are really nice." And when the girl got offended you go "comon lah, you wear like that I confirm will look at it. Just take the compliment". Nope. That's not how it works although those are the things I say it often enough to make people laugh but the fact is right place right time. You don't want people to remember you as the creepy one.

3. You are so sensitive and emotional 

I swear I have shared this image before but who he is like the father of all emotional man. I think man who are sensitive are sweet. They care about how you feel and all but over doing it sucks.

"why didn't you reply my message? did I say something wrong?"
"You look like you are bored today. Is everything okay"
"Why am i still single? I am such a nice guy!"
"I am so lonely.. I want a gf so badly"
"I think I am still single because I don't have a career and girls dont like that. right right right?"

Maybe some girls like this but to be honest I really hate this about man. Sometimes man just have to be like a man, logical and objective. Being too emotional is just way too drama.

4. You are indecisive 

Where should we go for dinner? What should we do? I think woman appreciate it when you ask for opinion but they also like a man who makes decision.

5. You are too cocky 

Probably a very bad image I've used here to convince you that being cocky is not cool because we all know that every girl loves Tony Stark. That is the tricky part about woman. It is never a one size fits all like I mentioned in point no.2. Right place and right time is very important. Let's take a look at these scenarios and differences between a cute guy vs ugly guy:

Cute Guy: "Omg, he is so sweet. He actually followed me home to find out where I stay and pass me the present"

Ugly Guy: "OMG! What a freak! He stalked me home!"

Cute Guy: "He suddenly kissed me in the classroom. that was so romantic!"


I think you guys get the drift. Of course, when you are cute you get things easier but that's not always the case. I think this cocky thing really turns off woman especially for ladies in late 20s to mid 30s where they already met a lot of guys and every guy just want to show off how rich they are and how cool they are at work. They just fail to engage in a real conversation but keeps talking about themselves. Yes, that is very impressive but that's not what a woman wants... unless you are cute. #HardTruth

Honorable Mention: You think you are too cool

Some people will call this last type of guys being choosy but I say they are delusional. Everybody wants a hot girl friend who is smart and rich at the same time good in bed but some times they forget what they have to offer. Look into the mirror and ask yourself that. If you are nothing but a baggage of everything I've mentioned above, why would someone with good qualities choose you? Before you want to be choosy maybe you should up your game a little and remember it is not about how fat your wallet is. At least not always.


It is funny how I left out things like you are a player, you are a flirt, you have commitment issue. These things that i've just mention are like deal breaker but they get you girls at the same time. Maybe not into a marriage but they get you short term relationships because at the same time we know woman love a bad boy, we know how they like to play with fire and the thought that they believe they can change a man. big big mistake of course.

Above all, I am not saying that bad boys always win in r/s. What I am saying here is that the bottomline for woman is that they need a man, not a boy who thinks he can. Then again, I am a man. What do I know about what a woman wants.

TL;DR Version

Topic: Woman
What They Want: They don't know what they want but when they see it they will know. They can have their prince charming template in the head but they do make compromises here and there if you make them believe you are "the one".
Warning: Handle with care

Here's my favourite song about nice guy. Enjoy.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Florida's Natural Challenge.

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*Giveaway at the end of post. You know the rules. ;) 

If there is one thing that my Bro Barney Stinson and I have in common, it has gonna be how ballsy we are. We will always, ALWAYS answer to any challenges served to us.

So I guess our reputation did travel far and wide and people from around the world would just hit us up and challenge us. What did I got this time?

Not 1, not 2 but 3 challenges!! Of course I will answer to this calling from Florida's Natural. See! All the way from Florida, USA!

Challenge One

Because hipsters gonna hip and it is so popular these days to take nice pictures from the top. So challenge one is to do that. And the people representing Florida's Natural is super sweet to know that I'm a Lego fans and they actually included some legos for me as decoration! (P.S. I am into hot girls too. I hope you send some over next time or any future sponsors, please take note. May you live long and prosper.) 

My hipster table.
And you all think this is easy? It is not easy because I have to arrange all the items and not just anyhow throw it. And also because being a fat boy, it is very dangerous to climb around and take such picture. Don't believe I got behind the scene picture. But I really like how the picture turn out with the juice and all. Super pretty.

Being a blogger is a high risk job. 

Challenge Two

Just when I thought challenge one was tough. Challenge two was even worst. COOKING CHALLENGE!! I'm really not the kinda guy who follows recipe very well and to top that the recipe has a lot of things that I don't really eat like peanut butter etc. Of course I bring in the wife to help with this challenge. It's actually really interesting to add Florida's natural juice into our noodles! Oh yes, I was too lazy with the pasta and I used instant noodles instead. HAHA.

Even Funko Gizmo wanna try!
Challenge Three

Last but not least, a mocktail challenge! I think this idea is super good because it really helps to fight the hot weather! Unintentional change of plan. Little boo boo by my wife. Ask her buy Soda she buy Ice Cream Soda. HAHA. Although it tasted different for sure, it was all good! Felt totally like those amazing race challenge where your partner makes a mistake and you had to deal with it. But she was super nice and supportive to get the stuff! #NoComplains

TL;DR Version

Product: Florida's Natural - Product of USA!
Functions: Kill the heat, take nice hipsters picture and even cooking! Of course, drink it.
Smith's Challenge: Borderline pass because of the minor hiccups for cooking challenge and cocktail
Final Verdict: WIN! Because I got these orange juice that I usually do purchased sponsored instead. #FloridasNaturalIsGoodFreeOneEvenBetter

Challenge FOR YOU! (Giveaway Challenge)

So the good people at Florida's Natural is giving 1 month free supply of juice to 2 lucky winner! 

To win, all you have to do is follow the few simple steps below:
1) Like https://www.facebook.com/smithankyou
2) Share the giveaway picture on my Facebook page and answer the following question on the post.
3) Question: Name me 3 different flavours of Florida's Natural Juice
4) Keep your fingers crossed and pray to be one of the 2 lucky winners!
Winner will be announced (Friday, 22 May) at 1200hrs (That is 12pm aka lunch time). Come come TARRRR!!!! 
- Contest is open for readers staying in Singapore Only.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Favourite Online Shopping Site

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So I was discussing with some friends about going overseas and what kinda trips is your dream trip. If you asked me this question few years back I would probably tell you I love shopping trips over site seeing or beach holidays. Not exactly because I got into this beach life style but it is simply because shopping online has became so easy and you can almost get and everything online while at the comfort of your underwear!

Shopping in underwear can be a lot less weird if you are doing it at home and in front of your computer actually.  (pictures from google search)
Before you all think this post is a sponsored post by multiple brands I am telling you it is not. Although some of these sites were my sponsors once but I am still spending money with them! #OnlineShopaholic. And also because it is very busy to be a superhero, fighting crime and protecting you all. So I don't really have time to go to the shops and buy things myself. 



Although it has been awhile since I bought something from Lazada but I must say they are the go-to place if you are looking for any gadget, watches or home appliances kinda product. Not only do are the items prices reasonable but their service is great. Their shipping speed and the condition of the items reaching me is perfect.

4. CherryAffairs.com

Because sex toys.

3. Playstation Network Store - PSN

Because you're just jealous of our boobs. PS4
Because Playstation is the coolest console ever. There's really a lot of fun games you can download for you PS3/PS4. Especially the classic games that you can no longer find in stores. And best of all your wife can't keep track of how many games you have gotten this month. :D

2. Carousell 

I know there are a lot of jokes and negative feedback and even a site dedicated to trolls but carousell is really your solution to anything 2nd hand. Ever since carousell, I hardly go to forums to look for 2nd toys or stuff anymore. Carousell is really a good place to look for anything which is off season and hard to find at retail anymore. Best part is it is really easy to use on the smart phone. Who would have though a simple app started by some student can come so far!


Can't get a nice screen grab. This looks like I'm saying "HEYYYY"
No money for getting this correct. They are my "favoritest" client back then and I must say they really change my way of shopping. I will "taobao" to check the price or if I can get it off taobao before buying things from anywhere else. I saw a deck of poker card the other day that was selling at $19.90 in retail and it was $2 on Taobao before shipping and only around $3 after shipping. Tell me why shouldn't Taobao be number 1 on my list? And also because of Taobao, shopping at Bangkok, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan got a lot more boring.

Honorable Mention: Hipvan

They sell really cool and quirky stuff to be honest. Some of their things are like life hacks and really hipster like and make you feel way more unique than your friends but the reason why this ain't one of my shopping site is because they things can be pretty pricey. I guess this works for you if you are rich!

Shop and Save

Not the popular super market. I was introduced to this new service known as Shopback. I haven't try it myself but it looks pretty interesting. Basically it is like a credit card cash back function but specifically for online shopping site where you get certain cashback and they also earn a card for helping their clients (shopping site) to promote shopping on their site. I thought it is a pretty cool site. Maybe I would try it on my next purchase or you guys can let me know when you guys try it.

Quick Poll

P.S. Anyway in case you find this shopping post boring because you don't like to shop online, here is a MTV For you - Thrift shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Smith Leong - International Man of Mystery.

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It's Monday and I just feel like writing something although I'm not exactly inspired these days. I've been focusing too much on NBA playoffs and also work.

I think I've talked about this too many times but I guess it still amuse people. The fact that not many body knows what I do for a living. Every single time when people ask me about it at any social setting. It just become too long a conversation. I wish I could like just tell people using one word like most people. "I sell property.." or "I teach at a school".

Don't have to be a shame about not knowing what I do if you are a close friend because even my mum doesn't really know what I do. In fact from what i gathered, my close friend doesn't really read my blog.

I mean sometimes I do tell people things like I'm a superhero, money launder or even like I'm actually James Bond. But people choose not to believe me so I also bo bian right?

I was also voted by popular local sites like OMG.SG, TheNotSoSmartLocal, Asia362, FatherShip, SuperAdrianNotMe to be the best James Bond ever. 
And being a secret agent is not easy because that means I need to wear many identities in order to confuse people also.

Bob the Dragon Boater 

Like for example my most recent piece of work. I was Bob. Bob is cool. Bob loves dragon boat but just not too sure about when to do it.

Watch full video here.

Masturbating Man 

I think I should be done with stroking my own (no pun intended. ya right)  ego with my short appearance in the movie Rubbers but I wanna do it again to ask you guys to watch the show and support condoms! 

Jia Hua The Blogger

So many people like to ask me if I am a full time brogger but I guess that doesn't work very well with my bank account so I drop that Idea. It is really more of a hobby.

Why are you invading my media! 

That's what some of my friends and neighbours have been laughing at me. I did not go into full time acting (lucky for you guys) but I guess I got lucky with knowing people around and given opportunities. Many people asked me why have I been doing things like this but I guess it pays very well it is really more for the fun of it. I can tell you these shoot like the one with Mediacorp, I wasn't paid and the rest of the projects didn't pay me enough for a drinking session. It was really fun seeing myself here and there. Some people ask me if I am doing this for fame but to be very honest, I am already in my 30s, not too handsome and not that talented. Getting famous is something I don't think I can or want to try. 

Some people also tell me about how this can be affecting my image. Some people feel that I should be doing something where my staff, my clients or even my kids in the future that they can take me seriously and more professional. 

Bio Lab Researcher
Nuff' said? 

- Blog Awards 2015 - 

Anyway, not sponsored or told to do it but do check out the awards as it is here again. If you guys are into blogging and feel like you deserve to be on the bigger stage, sign up and try your luck today! 

Mr.Smith, after reading this, still not sure what I do lor...  

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Basketball Never Stops

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Weekends are precious to me as I do not need to work and also because I get to play basketball with my homies.

I was never the most athletic boy back in my school days. I could hardly complete my 2.4km much less anything else.

Who knew how my life would take an unexpected turn when I was selected by the Green Lantern and was given the power to watch over the galaxy.  As a superhero you really do not get much rest and definitely, no playtime. The upside is that you become really fit and you start to enjoy sports.

Besides going to the gym at least twice a week I will try to meet up with my homies and play basketball. But things get harder as time goes by as everyone has their own commitments and we do not get the chance to play and practice on a daily basis.

In fact it is one of my biggest regrets in life that I did not put in much effort when I was younger to make full use of my healthier body to play better basketball.

How do they even play in such conditions?! 
This is the kind of basketball courts that some other kids have to play at some other places around the world. They do not have proper attire, balls or shoes. In fact they do not even have a proper basketball court and rim. Some of these courts are sand pitches, dangerous and very dirty.

Unlike what I have here. Can sit around and act cool summore.
Wahhh… we really have to be thankful for our clean and safe environment here in Singapore… 
This is the kind of courts we get in Singapore: clean, well-maintained, with bins allocated. I’m fortunate to have such clean and well-maintained sports facilities, yet I took them for granted and did not fully make use of my youth to fulfill my love for basketball. I guess I wasn’t that into it when I was younger as compared to my brother.

I guess the passion really kicked in when I got healthier and stronger after receiving my superpower. But like my friend, Parker’s late uncle said, with “great power comes great responsibility”. I get really agitated when some players dirty the basketball court. They simply leave empty bottles or snack wrappers all over the ground when rubbish bins are just a few feet away. I mean, does anyone really want to arrive at the court and spend their time picking up trash before they start their game???

Despite the fact that we have cleaners I think everyone should still be responsible and do their part to clear up after themselves! After all, if we enjoy using nice clean facilities, we should be considerate to fellow basketballers and leave behind a nice, clean court for them to enjoy their game in too. C’mon, it’s really not difficult to clear your own trash after your game.

I might be a bit older, a little slower and have a body that has more injuries but my passion for basketball will never die. I will always love this game.

Like how basketball legend Michael Jordan put it:

Even when I'm old and grey, won't be able to play it but I'll still love the game. Love how the game is played, love the feeling of the bouncing ball on my hands, love the team plays, the competition, the adrenaline and love the air up there. (okay, not that high since I can’t dunk or jump)

Basketball never stops!