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Monday, March 23, 2015

Good Bye, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

3/23/2015 03:13:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , No comments
Today is a sad day, a day that will always be remembered.

I actually didn't want to share or talk too much about it until Alvin tag me and I thought I shall share my 2 cents.

I know some or even many might not agree on the "importance" of today. I once did a project calling him "founding father of modern Singapore" and I got trashed because some choose to believe that it is not just his credit as there were many others who did it together. I guess you don't get where you are and become successful without making a few enemies along the way.

The past few days have not been easy for the country. It has been sad not just because of Mr. Lee's condition but also because of all the jokers out there who thinks it is a joke. Fake rumours, people speculating, fake screen shots etc was floating around the internet. I mean I have a very wicked sense of humour and I enjoy nasty jokes but even I don't even think it is funny to joke about a person's death less said someone who is that important to the country. It is really sad to see our country man doing all these.

We will never know the "truth" about many things or who threw who under the bus to achieve whatever based on whatever rumors out there we have heard about. But the success, peace, happiness and many more we have achieved here is nothing but pure facts. Results. That's undeniable, we see it and we feel it so I do not understand why people choose to hold on to rumours over the facts that we are seeing. 

He might be a legend but he is no God. Death is inevitable and a good rest is what he deserves at the end of the day after doing so much for the country and the people. 

Image from Dan's Comic Realm
Nothing is going to change the fact how much he has contributed to the country. 

Thank you and now let the next generation take over. Your legacy will always be remembered. 

Some of his quotes that I learnt from a recent post by Vulcanpost that I really like a lot.

  • “I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind.” (1955)
  • “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.” From the 1988 National Day Rally
  • “I wouldn’t call myself an atheist. I neither deny nor accept that there is a God.”

Until next time... 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Re: 5 Reasons why I hate Punggol

3/19/2015 03:07:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 3 comments
While our Xiaxue is fighting for a better internet against GC and Singtel, I got my own little battle against the half of Punggol. An article which was intended to be a funny, light hearted way to let New Punggolians relate and laugh, got off its track. 

Netizen which most likely do not even stay at Punggol started calling me names and getting personal. I guess this is the kind of potential "backlash" we put ourselves into when we put ourselves on public domain. Im actually totally cool with comments n feedback as when there are those that slam you there will always be supporters that can relate to our article n nod. I guess this is the beauty of self moderation where we do not need to be too affected by what is happening online as there will be people who will step up as long as there are some truth in what we do and in my case I'm very blessed that I do have readers who step up for me. 

As much as I wish to reply some or all of you... I don't see a point because I think I did stated pretty clearly on my post that there are things that I like about my hood but it was just these 5 things that bugs me. I do not even see why there seems to be a need for some to start "proving" me wrong when it was purely my experience. 

And above all, I am too lazy to do it as well. 

But I do have to thank you guys for the history setting number of clicks.
On a total separate note, I was reminded about this joke. 
*In front of coffeeshop 
”不懂leh.. Maybe叫鸡饭lor"

**Disclaimer: I wasn't paid by Tampines, Bedok or even Bukit Panjang to say bad things about Punggol so that you all will prefer to stay in Tampines hor. Do not try to find the brief and expose me because there is no such thing. 

Here's a song for you in case you didn't like this post: 

They saw me rollin, they hatin~ 

In case you wish to read more comments: 

As seen on TRS (Not even sure if I am proud about it) - http://therealsingapore.com/content/five-reasons-why-i-hate-living-punggol 

Comic from Dan's Comic Realm -  Link

Mr.Smith, welcome to Punggol and don't forget to switch off auto roam.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Reasons why I hate Punggol

3/17/2015 01:02:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 74 comments
I mean the word hate is a bit strong but it is really not easy for a person to stay in Punggol after spending most of his life staying in Tampines where we have everything.

So I've shifted to Punggol (not so)recently. New neighbourhood, nice neighbours, nice waterway and fresher air too but not everything is a bed of roses in Punggol.

Me and my awesome Neighbours. My friends are always very jealous that I can actually have neighbours that I hangout. it's like fairytale to him.
There are things that i cannot stand and I just have to say it! (And also our election is around the corner ah, so I hope big brother is reading this too.) #NotEvenSorryIfISoundLikeASpoiltBrat

1. Lack Of A Decent "Interchange"

Image from www.panoramio.com
I grew up at Bedok and later spend most of my life in Tampines. We are used to the pattern where we go to school/work, we go back to our "interchange", buy the things we need, have dinner or a coffee and we go back home. This place is usually few bus stops or minutes away from our home. It is almost like a town square where we hangout and run some of our errands.

It sucks that we are living out of that pattern now because there ain't a decent shopping mall above Punggol MRT station. Now we knock off, do everything and anything out side of Punggol and than we have to travel half of Singapore before we reach Punggol. And once we reach Punggol, it means go to bed and good night. Maybe that is also the town plan where we are force to be bored and do nothing but make babies.

2. There are NO Taxi

Punggol is a God forsaken place. There are no Taxi at any point of time. Grab Taxi, Uber, Taxi Taxi or whatever app you have. They will not save your life. Ask @GenkiGenki he knows. LRT and MRT is so much better!

3. No Friends will visit you

You can have a good sofa but you will not have friends.
I used to have friends visiting me almost always. We hangout at my mum's place and we dream about the boardgame nights, movie nights, console night, beer night, poker night or stayovers when it is our own place but NO. Nobody will come to your place unless it is one of those events that they had to show face. Punggol is just way too far for anyone and for some reason there is lack of parking. Not just about free parking but most of our parking in Punggol are like reserved for residents only and your friends and relatives have to park way too far in order to visit you.

4. The Food Sucks

Probably because this place is so young we do not have any anchor food hawker that has 20 years history like in Geylang, Tampines, Bedok etc. We do not have a big mall that have big chain restaurants. The food at our food court and hawker really sucks. The best thing in Punggol is like McDonald's and Master Crab. That is how bad it is. And my favourite Dominoes Pizza doesn't even make delivery to Punggol. FugMyLife! P.S. Punggol Nasi Lemak not even found in Punggol BTW! 


I still get lost in Punggol after staying there for 2 years. I mean what is wrong with Punggol Ave 3, 4, 5? Punggol St 21, 22, 23, 24? I mean it makes more sense that after 23 is 24 as compared to Punggol Field, Punggol Central, Punggol Emerald and why is EdgeField Plains doing in the middle of all the other Punggol road names? Why are we complicating the road names so badly when it can be so simple in a matter of just using some numbers? As if being far, not having parking ain't a bad enough reason for people not to come to Punggol and now you want people to get lost and pissed off with coming to Punggol?


All these being said, we had little choice considering how crowded the country is and resale flats are just way too expensive. I am just glad my wife and I managed to get one of these BTO before the mad demand in HDB and causing the price hike. Okay, end of rant. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Smith and (some of his) Girls.

3/16/2015 04:22:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , , , , 1 comment
I've been known for many things over the years. I mean be it offline or online. I would say that I am one of the most consistent person I know when it comes to online and offline persona. 

Asshole online, Asshole offline. 

Whatever the case, besides this, people also call me the following: 
  • Genius. 
  • Billionaire. 
  • Playboy. 
  • Philanthropist.
About right. 

Smith the Playboy

I mean I can totally understand the rest but I totally have no idea how me being a playboy come about. I am not the most handsome and neither do I have muscles all over me. I am actually quite stingy with the wallet too. I mean unless you guys really think every girl is a sucker for a smart and shameless guy. Probably that's me. 

I asked around and for the silliest reason it might be, the reason might be because of my social media upload. So they say I always upload pictures of other girls and that makes me a bad husband and a fake husband. I wonder if beating my wife behind close door makes me a better husband as long as I do not upload pictures of me and my friends. 

I mean I get it, some people thinks that posting such pictures are disrespectful to my wife and even my mum complains about them but hey, taking picture hor, not having sex leh. 

That being said, I do believe I am not the best husband around especially with this quote I think I heard off some movie, 

" A good husband should only be good to 1 woman. A man who is good to every woman doesn't make a good husband" - Maybe there's a better way to say this but I think it is something along this line. 

Eh Bro, how you know this girl ah? 

Trust me, I have guys coming to me saying shit like the reason they are single is because they do not have a proper career, because they are poor, because they are fat or some what ridiculous convenient excuses. Trust me, having those might make things easier for you to get a chick but it ain't the end of the world without these. And people always ask me

"Eh Bro, how you know this girl ah? Intro leh!" 

The magic is that there is no magic. I am going to share with you some of my girls and the story of how we met. Yes, if you are reading this in the future say 2035, This is the story of "How I met YOUR MotherS" 

Who: @Melpig on Twitter
Marital Status: Getting Married Soon
How I Met Your Mother: On Twitter. Got to know her better because of a missing dog that I found and she fostered for a night. We then got to know each other better because we spent a lot of time together being part of Lions Club Singapore. Although we are always suanning each other but I know she care a lot about me. She is one of those friends that will always help me if I need help anytime.

Who: @pingpingss on Twitter
Marital Status: Mystery 
How I Met Your Mother: On Twitter. Technically met her because of work. I was doing social listening (basically stalking about that talks about my company) and she check-in on foursquare at my office area. Went to say hi, met her, basketball fan, lakers fan, lots of things in common. 

Who: @Meiyan on Instagram
Marital Status: Unwanted. Anyone interested can check her out
How I Met Your Mother: On Twitter. (again, I know). She had this bio that says "Geek in short skirt". I wanted to ask her where to buy nice short skirt and I talked to her. That did not happen. We just chat, she broke up, I wanna intro her some friends which I did but nothing happened out of that. We became very close friends and she was my wife's "sister" during her wedding. 

Who: @Cyndixys_ on Instagram
Marital Status: Recently Married. (don't be sad guys.)
How I Met Your Mother: Found her off her blog. Simple reason because she was cute but I felt cheated because she is actually pretty "mature" and not as young as she was supposed to be. But lucky she is really as cute as those pictures. Got to know her better off Twitter and then event. Attended her wedding recently and I love her hubby. Super cute guy lah! Very sorry I only had this very old picture. Point to note, need to take a new one coming meet up. 

Who: @Carriesim on Twitter
Marital Status: Attached for the longest time
How I Met Your Mother: On Twitter. Apparently I managed to find some excuse to know her better. It was something to do with some abandon cats or what which I can hardly remember. First saw her in person at an event at Hardrock cafe. Very young lady who acts really way more mature than her age. One of those that you can party with as well as talk about serious work shit.

Who: @Euniqyou on Instagram
Marital Status: My Ex...Office Wife. 
How I Met Your Mother: Ex Colleague. I 1st attended events that she organized and I did not like her at all. She looks too atas and snobbish for my liking but she is super cute and awesome after I got to know her better. She recruited me to join the Avengers and that was where we shared some tears, laughter and our sandwich lunch. One of my favorite ex colleague of all time.

Who: @Michelleagy on Instagram 
Marital Status: I also dunno.
How I Met Your Mother: At event. She was really really young when I met her. So I heard she was some miss Singapore finalist which she reminded me times after times not to remind people but I am doing it anyway. Anyway, she is the one who got away. As in she have been doing her major MIA since changed of job. Young, ambitious and you might wanna give her a ping if these quality turns you on.  

Who: Joy on my phone book.
Marital Status: erm.... 
How I Met Your Mother: Ex Client. She is one of those very few friends that I met and kept until today despite both our crazy schedule and her not having any social media presence at all. She used to be my "penpal" because we write emails to each other. She is currently outstation very often and i think I might have to revert to that way to communicate with her real soon. So I have no idea if she is single or not to be honest. 

Who: @axixe on Instagram
Marital Status: Single and Ready To Mingle
How I Met Your Mother: On Twitter. One of those random girls that I followed for the longest time and never talked to until one fine day when she needed social media help. So I came... into her life and we quickly became good friends. She kinda guest write for me for a short period of time until she got lazy. 

Who: @Rachist on Instagram
Marital Status: No Clue
How I Met Your Mother: Through a friend. Actually through Carrie Sim from above. Not sure how it happened but most likely because I was a horn dog but she later became of colleague and now she is probably an cowboy at old west or something because I've never heard from her ever since she joined her new company.  

Who: @Waddafad on Instagram 
Marital Status: My Malay Girlfriend 
How I Met Your Mother: Ex Colleague. My favouritest malay girl friend of all time. She is super fun to hangout with. She is like my Jukebox before we have Soundhound and YouTube. Ask her any songs and she will know the title. She is also very punny with her jokes. Miss sharing office with her where she will always ask me what I want from the pantry but never delivers. 

Who: @Priscias on Instagram
Marital Status: Single
How I Met Your Mother: At Event/Twitter. She is one of the 1st batch of Friends I made off Twitter. I met her at an event where it is for Twitter users so ya. Twitter/Events. She is also one of those regular that I will drink coffee with at Tampines before I decided to move to Punggol where I do not get to see my friends ever again... EVERRRRRR.. 

Who: @behindthebasics on Instagram
Marital Status: My BBFF
How I Met Your Mother: During Zumba Lesson. Long story short, I got challenged by a group of female bloggers to join a Zumba lesson and there I was dancing and so was she. We soon became good friends because people find us weird while we find others weird. We have confessed our love for each other very quickly and we are now #BBFF (Blogger Best Friends Forever) Status. Patent Pending. 

Who: @Odetothemuse on Instagram 
Marital Status: Waiting for you. 
How I Met Your Mother: Ex Client. Very nice client. Started talking about work and what not and realized that she has an Ah Lian inside. Obviously we became good friends and we are currently working on some projects too. Ooops, if you are her son, sorry to break the news to you that your mum is a ex-lian. 

Who: @xbecksbeckx on Instagram
Marital Status: Single like a Single Line Book
How I Met Your Mother: On OkCupid. You read that right, I was on OKC too. I downloaded OKC back then when I was working on some social app. For research purposes, *cough*, I managed to make a friend off OKC but I only 1st met her recently during Halloween as we were both at the same place.  

Who: Silver Ang leh, how can you not know her? #MyFamousFriend
Marital Status: Attached. 
How I Met Your Mother: At an Event where I was the sponsor and she was an invited guest! To be honest, when I met her I also dunno who she was because I was stuck in the army during the whole SuperStar Period and TV was nothing but history to me. I only know she was pretty and she caught my eyes and there after we bump into each other a few other times during events. I can haolian and tell you hor, celebrity also human cause she also very lame off screen, eat the same food and also will say "excuse me, I wanna go washroom" . 

Who: @MelvaSG on Instagram
Marital Status: Single. Not for the weak
How I Met Your Mother: On Facebook. Met her at some event but she didn't see me or didn't even know I was there. Added her on Facebook there after and we soon became drinking kaki. Simply because... because alcohol? What other reasons do you need? 


So there you go, here are some of my "girls" that I want to show off. So what is the point of this post? My point is that opportunity is all over the place. Regardless online or offline you get to meet people if you wear the swag. Although through my "case studies" I have shared, I met many of them off Twitter but that is also because that was the in-thing previously. 

Of course I also wanna share with you some of my single friends that you can target and talk to right? Just let me know who you wish to know and don't go message them yourselves off Facebook, that is just creepy. 

Yes, being creepy is the reason why you guys are single. Not because you are fat or poor or do not have a career. What matters most to a woman is that you make them feel comfortable and you love them the way they want to.

And no, do not 'Eh Bro' me if you wanna know them. You already failed before you even started. 

My Wife?

So many have asked me about my wife's opinion about me and "the girls" and here's my 2 reply to you. 

1. My wife is more confident about herself and us than you can imagine. 

2. I really uploaded these pictures because I look good. 

And kids, now here are the stories of how I met your mothers. 

P.S. Do not be sad if you are not featured here, simply because we do not have a nice picture together so next time we take nice nice pictures okay?

Friday, March 13, 2015

New Layout

3/13/2015 10:02:00 AM Posted by Smith Leong , , No comments
It has been awhile since I last updated my layout. In fact it is one of those feedback that I've gotten from Singapore Blog Awards judges that my layout ain't exactly the best and I know that. BUT, i am too lazy to do anything to it.

I know having side bars, having all the internal links will attract people to click around and get more clicks and viewership internally but I just thought I want to keep it clean for now. Who knows one day I might just move to wordpress as well.

But for now, RESPONSIVE DESIGN! My blog will change according to your screen size.


Mr.Smith, very free hor?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Food at Far East Square.

3/11/2015 11:52:00 AM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 9 comments
*Far East Square Vouchers Giveaway at the end of article!! WOOHOO!!

If there’s one thing every Singaporean have in common it has to be our love for food. I’ve never met any Singaporean that said that they hate food in Singapore. Singapore is like one of the best place to find good food and good food from all around the world. Believe it or not I’ve a friend from Japan who told me our Japanese food is even more authentic than what she had in Japan. #TrueStory

A Beng Gonna Squat Where A Beng Gonna Squat

So today Ah Beng want to introduce to you this very awesome place located in the heart of Singapore known as Far East Square. Some of you might get confused with Far East Plaza, Far East Shopping Centre or Far East Flora. To help you remember this easily, just remember that Far East Square is the one near China Town and they have lots and lots of good food! And if you are around the area during Mon – Fri lunch time, they also have many many eye candies. #Bonus

Lunch Time Favourite – Tucker Box

Chirashi Don

This place would be my go-to place if my office is around the corner. It is like Japanese Healthy Fast Food. Easy to get, buy back and it is totally tasty and value for money.  I am now dreaming about moving my office near the area.

Fine Dining Experience – JIN Fine Dining

Saga Beef Amiyaki

I was just telling my wife how much I am not into steak. I mean I love meat but I just feel that steaks are good by default but you just can’t find a lot of places that serves me good beef and I refused to get disappointed. But at Jin, I am never going to get any disappointment from this Saga Beef Amiyaki. The beef just simply melts in my mouth! And yes, I’m going back for more.

Ikura Chawamushi

This is the one Chawamushi that tasted like heaven to me. I’ve tasted many Chawamushi which tasted like nothing more than just eggs but this tasted like seafood, freshness all in one! This is surely a place you will bring someone to if you want to impress this person.

Family Gathering – Ju Chun Yuan

Pan Fried Pork Bun

Family gathering just became more important these days when you have moved out from your parents and sister. It’s one of those occasion that when you catch up you just wish to get everyone sat around the table and talk and not your mum rushing in and out of the kitchen cooking. Ju Chun Yuan not only have a nice menu of offerings on Chinese food but also a very interesting list of Fuzhou Street Food like Pan Fried Pork Bun, Pork Skin Dumping Soup and Red and White Glutinous Cake etc.  One of those places that puts a smile onto your parents!

Weekend Dating Special – Rustic Bistro

Truffle Mushroom Fritters

Rustic Bistro is one of those places where you would love to spend with you boyfriend/girlfriend over the weekend. It is not just pretty and laid back but it also has a very interesting food menu to offer. They have Laksa Pasta, Smoked Duck with Mushroom Aglio and my favorite Pork Belly with 63 Degree Egg! I think we have to visit this place like 3 or even 4 times just to try everything!

Ah Beng Good News!

Besides these places that I’ve visited I have some good news for you! Shin Kushiya at Far East Square is having some promotions that you can’t resist!

Shin Kushiya at Far East Square

  • 50% off 2nd bottle of Sake
    • Available for dine-in daily from 6pm onward.
    • Offer applies to the lower priced bottle. 
  • Kids Dine Free on Saturdays
    • On every Saturday, for dine-in lunch and dinner only.
    • Complimentary Panda Bento set will be given to every 2 dine-in adults with a child of   0.9 metre height and below.

NOTE: All promotions are valid for a limited period only, please call to enquire further details.

Ah Beng "Good-er" News - Giveaway!!!

So the good people at Far East Square is giving $50 vouchers each to 2 lucky winners! 

To win, all you have to do is follow the few simple steps below:
1) Like https://www.facebook.com/smithankyou
Share the giveaway picture on my Facebook page and answer the following question on the post.
3) Question: 
Name 3 F&B outlets located at Far East Square.
4) Keep your fingers crossed and pray to be one of the 2 lucky winners!
Winner will be announced (Monday, 16 Mar) at 1200hrs (That is 12pm aka lunch time). So what are you waiting for?? 
- Contest is open for readers staying in Singapore Only.

If you like what you are seeing do remember to drop by Far East Square and experience the good food yourself! There’s literally something for everyone and it is impossible for you not to find anything that suits your taste! I will also be sharing a little more over the next few months so don’t forget to join me on Ah Beng’s food adventure at Far East Square!

Monday, March 09, 2015

#MusicMonday - 2015 1st Qtr

3/09/2015 09:00:00 AM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , , , , No comments
Haven't been the most hardworking person to talk about my playlist for awhile.

Most of these songs ain't from 2015 but they are what I'm listening to. So here we go.

1. Echosmith - Cool Kids

Because I wanna be a cool kid~

2. Taylor Swift - Shake it Off

What is there not to like about this song? SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE~~

3. Meghan Trainor - All ABout That Bass

Because my mama say "eat boy lah boy. so skinny". So now I am a fatty boy~

4. Mark Ronson - Yptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Because "That Ice Cold Michele Pfeiffer~"

5. Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang 


6. Calvin Harris - Outside ft Ellie Goulding 

It is 2015 and no song list is complete without Calvin Harris right?

7. Maroon 5 - Sugar

I really hate how they lie to us about the MTV even though it was very obvious. I just felt that it was not needed. But I have to say this song is very catchy. Thank you mr.sexy auto tune.

8. Calvin Harris - Blame ft John Newman

Hey! It is Calvin Harris again.

9. Hozier - Take Me To Church 

I don't even know who is he and apparently this song is quite old but I heard it on Spotify and I love it!

10. Katy Perry - Firework 

Yes, this song got its way back onto the list. In fact it was never on my list and just got it because of...

Katy WHOOO~~~ 

The list can be a little "bimbo" but I like these happy beats. I bring them into my gym to give me that extra boost! YAY! #BitchPlease

Monday, March 02, 2015

Dine with Cats in Cat Cafe Singapore? BETTER!

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The year is 2015 and the biggest thing online ain't about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee anymore. The biggest thing online is actually - CATS. Not the play but the real cats. The real pussy!

Meet my 3 little naughty boys. (Left to Right) Marshall the scaredy cat (literally), Ted the Bully and Brover the dog who thinks he is a cat.
To be very honest, I have never been the biggest fan of cats because of my mum. My mum will always tell me about how dirty cats are when I was a kid and that's how I got this very bad impression about them. I only get to know them better around 5-6 years ago when I met a friend with a cat. He was so cute and smart and I instantly fall in love with them and gotten myself a pair and life was never the same again. Yes, I became a cat slave and the best part is I'm actually happy about it.

Cats behaviours are very interesting and I can just spend a full day watching them and be entertained so I am not surprised they became so big online.

So talking about their behaviour, do you remember how much I hated cat cafes? I cannot stand the fact that people pay money in and wants to "break even" by touching the cats, hugging them, taking picture excessively by chasing them. I do not blame these people because they are not familiar with the animals because these animals are not like dog. They need their space to do their own things. So some of you might ask me if they cannot do anything why are they at the cat cafe? I think the best way to enjoy the cat cafe is to be there, read your book, play with your iPhone and wait for the cats to come to you. If they want some attention and manja they will come to you.

Dining with Cats. 

If dancing with wolves ain't your thing you can consider dining with cats.(pardon me for the bad pun) Our friendly neighbourhood Cat Rescue Team has a new program and you will totally love it if you are a cat lover!

This is Gurly, one of the many cats you get to mee. Photos by Furry Photos.
So basically you pay a small sum of money, you get to eat awesome food from Garden Slug and surrounded by nice lovely cats. These money will not just go into their own pocket but these fund will actually go to more cat rescue work! Super awesome right??

And the best part is that you get to meet the good people behind LuvKuching. Elaine and Andy are very passionate people and you can definitely learn some cat care tips from them!

I don't think i can say it better than them so read the full story here! 

And if you are there (or even if you are not) do remember to share this story with your friends and spread the word of cat rescue and live saving! You can be a super hero too! (Cheesy ending line, checked.)

Here's a song dedicated to all the stray and abandon cats out there!