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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

*Disclaimer: This post is in no way trying to insult anyone. Simply for laugh. If anyone is offended, please let me know and I will add you to the "I am offended by Smith" list and wait for review. In any case, Sorry in advance.

I am not too sure how much attention do you guys pay to the little introduction of yourself on Twitter or better known as the Twitter Bio.

I actually do pay a lot of attention to it. Not just everyone's else but also my own. I always seems to have problem filling it up not because I am too awesome and have too much to tell but it always seems so difficult to find the right tone.

I wish to tell you what kinda person I am, I want to be quirky and put up something funny which is totally irrelevant but at the same time I feel like there is a need to brag a little about myself in order to impress someone within the shortest time.

So I thought what the heck, why not let me try putting myself into some templates of famous Twitter accounts in the local scene to see how I sound like?


Of course! I'll start with the Blog Father. @MrBrown 
Smithankyou aka Jiahua Leong, Sexblogger of Singapore. Bathroom Poet, MRT Traveler and YouTuber. Loves Selfies and Basketball. Uncle of Joy, Faith & Luke. (Really, my nieces middle names are really Faith and Joy too.)
Local Blog Queen - @Xiaxue 
Bastarding now comes in 7 inches
Top Food Directory - @LadyIronChef 
My job is to make you horny.
Who else other than our local face of Twitter - @Ladyxtel
Product Director @MeGuideU for Singapore. Wrote @OmySG. Loves being l ame and enjoys fermented wheat. Always talking.
 An interesting local name in the local scene - @estellekiora 
Love-maker, #Girl Finder, #Sexy Creature, Aspiring #Entrepreneur & #SG Top #Lifestyle #Blogger 2014 aka Humsupman. I want to make the world a hornier place!
Must be one of my favourite follower, Miss Singapore - @Valerie__Lim 
Bipolar. Fatness fan. Best Lifestyle blog 2014. BMT Platoon 2nd 2004. singapore blogger smithankyou.com Instagram @Smithankyou 
Local real director - @jackneojackneo
Blogger of Thai Pub Culture, Why is Pandora So Popular, Story of Alvin & Yuki... Blogged 1187 posts. Uweekly Singapore Called me The Unicorn
 What if I were a brand? - @StarhubCares 
I'm here to pissed you off: 9am - 11pm from Mon - Fri | 8am - 12pm Sat & Sun excluding PH. Visit Smithankyou.com & read my nonsense.
 What about copying something from my friend? - @Hpility 
@Smithankyou's Official Twitter | Smithankyou.com | IG: @Smithankyou
 What about being like one of Singapore's hottest man? - @TommyWee 
Product Director. Independent influencer. I support hot girls and underdogs. Fat but improving. Say hi at Smithleong@gmail.com, Linkedin/Instagram@Smithankyou
I guess at the end of the day there is no better way to brag talk about yourself in your own way. Nothing of these really makes me feel like myself or even close. Some are just too much for my style while some are just too direct and "meh" to me. Which one do you prefer or do you have something you can come out with which is better for me?

What is your style? Humble? Show off? Direct? Your favourite quote?

Here's me for now.

If you are not following me on Twitter yet, see you there!

Are you ready for the new league? Are you ready to play as Lebron and Love at Cavs? Paul Pierce at Wizards? Kobe,  Lin and "the others" from Lakers? I sure hope the Lakers can get some win this season and not just happening on NBA2K15. October, please come quick!

I just can't wait for it to be here! YAKKEM!

P.S. - was watching classic games LA Lakers vs Kings 2000/01 game. I can only say Shaq is dominating, a bully and what I call the REAL Centre.

Sorry Chris Dudley, I had to use this gif. gif-erized

Monday, August 25, 2014

There are 3 facts about me that sounded more like a myth to most people.

1. My age.

I am 30 this year but I get carded at clubs all the time and people telling me I look 25. I guess the baby fats did help. I remember how my client was rude enough to tell my boss in front of me that "I am too fresh and young" for her project. meh, but definitely a compliment in time to come.

2. I am broke.

This is a funny one. Considering how much I eat, drink and buy. People think I am rich. They always like to find me to borrow money, investment, buy their things, invite me to wedding or even buy them dinner (actually I am very okay with that). The thing is I have a HDB, isn't that the biggest clue about my finical status? Debt. Look on the bright side, still a compliment.

3. I am married. 

I am not too sure if this is a compliment but I get this a lot. Not too sure if it is because I am too ugly to look married, looking too young to be married, too much a flirt to be married or simply act and look too single for my own good.

Truth is I am very married and my wife is a gangster. Most people are usually #TeamChris instead of #TeamSmith simply because I always seems like the bad boy and the one bullying her. For example how many female friends I have, flirting around with girls and always talking about sex. Truth is she is the silent killer not many people know. Everyone like to go "Wah Chris, I have no idea how you tahan your husband." Eh Eh Eh! Don't like. I am a very nice husband okay?

Very sweet looking right? It's actually a lie! 
Fine. Even for those who knows, they are still on her side. Just look at these status on Facebook and how many people actually liked these conversations. I realised all my friends like it a lot when my wife owns me. like what? who's your friend here hello?

She sets trap for me.

She doesn't let me spend money. Which is actually not too bad at times when you meet impulsive buys.

She can be very lame when it comes to just the both of us.

She sets trap for me once again. 

She can be very competitive too. 
So now you know under this sweet looking face she is actually quite a witch right?

old picture from 2009 thus old watermark. 
Whatever the case, thank you for being there for me (most of the time), allowing me to be who I am (besides restricting the amount of tattoo I have), being supportive of the things I do (but did not vote for me during SBA, doesn't really read my blog nor like my instagram pictures), always cooking for me (despite the fact that you can't really cook and it's not always edible but I still appreciate it.) and always trying new things with me. (when you feel like it and only those things you approve because they do not throw your face or not too dangerous which makes it left with not exactly a lot of things.)


Happy belated Birthday Post to my Smartie Pants Wife!! 

Mr.Smith, Eh wah Eh wah Eh wah~

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I guess I do not need to say too much where this came about nor explain what is ALS or the challenge since it is already so famous.

Time for something new. 

Disclaimer: I am no ALS hater world wide but I just feel that more people should also care about their local charity instead of doing ALS blindly just for the sake of PR value as well as following the trend blindly. For me, I've been call out by one of the cat welfare group in Singapore to do the Cat Bucket Challenge! Learn more and Donate today! I am going to donate because I am late but truth is I do monthly donation too! You do not need any challenge to have a good heart! www.simplygiving.com/nonprofit/luvkuching Next, @HeySayFey +Luna , @Nadnut +Miu Miu and @Dap + Kikko (instagram). And a shout out to bro @minghao ! #WatchMingBeatCancer

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The wife's birthday celebration continues. After some pussy fun at the cat cafe, we hit to Carvers & Co to get my wife some meat.

You will be greeted by random old story books at Carvers. Do not be alarmed, their menu ain't that thick. It's just the front and back that offers food, as well as drinks.

We choose the seats outside because that's how I like it. I don't really like to be seated inside unless it's a hot day, lucky for us it was a cooling evening. #HappyWifeHappyLife

Here comes the food. We ordered the "The Carvers" which says MEAT. Important note. The picture below shows the serving for ONE! Do not be greedy and order for two!
Ham, Chicken Leg, Roast Pork Belly. With potato sides as well. 
Sweet Potato fries
This is heaven. As ugly as it looks, but it taste like heaven because it is bacon. Bacon chips FTW! 
Our dinner. Total Damage from left to right, $6, $35 and $10.90.
The meat were very well done. Tender and tasty. Totally worth every single cent of my money. I would totally go back and try the rest of their offerings on the menu!

The guys knew it was my wife's birthday and they even offered her a free champagne! How nice!

Carvers & Co 
Address: 43 East Coast Road near the famous 328 Katong Laksa
Postal Code: Singapore 428764
Operation Hours: 11am - 10pm on Mon, Wed - Fri. |||| 8.30am - 10pm on Sat & Sun. Weekday kitchen closes from 2.30pm - 6pm. Weekend kitchen closes at 5pm to reset for dinner.
Parking: Parallel parkings are available along the street but if you prefer multi-storey parking, you can park at I12 Katong or Katong Shopping Centre. It's not too far away.

Mr.Smith, I don't usually blog about food, but when I do it's because I love it and I wanna share!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It was the wife's birthday and I decided that I should bring her to some where she might enjoy herself - the cat cafe.
Getting a kiss from her favourite cat which happens to be ginger again.
As a cat lover and an owner of 2 adopted cats, I can't say I agree to this business model to begin with. My very initial question will still be "what happen to all these cats when your business is going to wind up?" Each cat's avg life span is slightly above 10yrs +- but each cafe's life span should very much be around 2-3 years when the lease is over.
I sleep.
That aside, I am also pretty concern about the welfare of the cats. So I am sure they have a list of do and dos at each of these cafes. No manhandling blah blah blah but is it good enough?
I can't say for ALL (can you believe it? On a small island and we are having 5 cat cafes) the cat cafes but I really didn't like the one I visited at Bugis.
Fine, the cats are cute, the environment is chillax enough for me to stay there, it is clean and the staff are kinda nice but I can't say the same for the cafe-goers. I don't mean all and I really don't blame them. You pay a good $15 to enter the cafe for a drink and you kinda want to make sure you "get the value" back. You follow the cat to take pictures and you give them a few gentle strokes.
I am not too sure how many pax can they sit but I will give an estimation of approx between 20 - 30ish and the place seems always packed. At least from what I saw since 3pm - 6pm on a Saturday. The poor cats need a chill and slow environment but these people makes the cat so panicky I felt. The cats were walking around non-stop looking for a quiet place which seems hard to find. Yes, they had created some high ground but I don't think it's enough.
I think cafe-goers need to be educated that you wait for the cats to come to you and not go to the cats. You need to treat the cafe like a normal cafe that has cats instead of a cafe that you are going because you want to play with the cats. To make things worst there will always be some people who wants to touch the cats but are kinda scare themselves. I can't even watch.
Of course some can argue that these cats are better in the cafe than to be running around as strays with no good food and shelter but if you ask me, there are times I rather die an honourable death than to live a life in fear.
Anyway enough of ranting and I really do hope that such businesses really can prove me wrong and they are actually doing more good than bad to the pets. I also hope that cafe-goers can be more informed and not terrify the poor kittens. In case you do not like my post, below are more pictures for you. Go Meow yourself out.