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Friday, July 31, 2015

What's your treasured moment? 1965 movie tickets giveaway

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There's some moment in everyone's life that we each hold dearly. Some we share them, we talk about them while some it is just something you keep close to heart. What makes these moment special? Could it be a moment where you made a mistake or a regret and to you, you will never want to let this go because you want to remind yourself the time you screwed up?

This could be his treasured moment? Or maybe at least his friends'? Like we always say ah, bad decisions make good stories.
Based on my explanation, should treasured moment only be positive? What does treasured moments means to you? Here's my little treasured moment "photo album"

Looking at my photo journey it is very obvious I am one big time family man now. I am as shocked as you are to be honest. I can never imagine me settling down like now where family comes 1st but I guess we all grow up some day. 


I'm glad you ask! Actually this is more than just a photo album creation software or app but it is also your chance to win tickets to watch one of Singapore most treasured moments on the big screen - 1965! 

  • Pick 3 photos of your family / friends, each showing a treasured moment
  • Upload them with a creative caption and state the year it was taken
  • Your photos will be crafted into a personalised photo journey

So KDK is giving away 6 movie tickets each to 50 winners (very high chance of winning!), as well as limited edition KDK fan, flashpay card etc, and all you need is for you to submit nice photos of TREASURED MOMENTS in Singapore. EASY RIGHT? 

Contest ends 3 Aug 2015 so mai tu liao! I am very excited about this movie!! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

4-word saddest story: Chao Blogger Editon

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It was one of those night that I was feeling a little bored and I posted this on my Facebook.

117 sad stories. How sad is your life?
That was almost a month ago. And we fast forward until today and the trend got picked up and smart community managers also added a spin to it!

Happy stories with food! 
And of course, our mothership (literally the mothership of local sites these days. This site is growing massive!) came out with an article of 4-word sad story for singapore journalist!  So my friend Flora was like "Smith, you should totally do a blogger edition!" I was like, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


This is a PS1 Memory Card, if you know this, your life is awesome. I am sure this happened to many of us. Took memory card out to extract images but did not put memory card back and only found out the next event. With the help of WiFi function, this problem is happening less but still, always check before you attend an event!

One of those nonstop topics. Fake Followers. Be it on Twitter on Instagram. Some might have purchased them while some might just be unlucky and got infested with bots. We will never know the answer but it is sad to know that your so call fame is fake.

This is a sad story either way. Good Content and No Boobs so nobody reads it or Good Content and Got Boobs but still nobody reads it because they just visit your blog to look at your boobs and no idea what you have written. meh

This is one of those things that I do not understand. PR, Friends or some random people that you meet for the 1st time at some event feel oblige to tell us that they have read our blog. When asked about which article or about what, they have no clue. Truth is nobody reads your blog. Okay, now I am not sure which is sadder.

Just because we are bloggers and we get "freebies" for review and testing, we do pay for our own stuff. We do pay for food, trips, cloths and stuff like everyone else. So this is really sad especially when you keep hearing it over and over and over again!

So after you get a bit of attention from the internet, people start to get in touch with you and offers you advertorial and paid project. It is all good but when they put it in this way - "what is your rate". That just makes me feel like a whore.  But that is still not the worst...  WAIT FOR IT....

Some potential clients are major assholes(Yes I said it). They like to ask for rates, ask what we can do, timeline and everything but come back with they have no money and hoping to get a free post. Not even a sponsored post or a barter trade. Purely asking for a free post. I mean we do write for free for different reasons but it doesn't make sense at all that I write a post that has commercial value to your business but I get nothing in return. AND IF YOU HAVE NO BUDGET, WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATION TO ASK IN THE 1ST PLACE? What were they hoping to get out of it seriously.

Okay, nothing much to explain for this one.

Just in case my post is not sad enough, here's a really sad song.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Staycation Giveaway - Studio M Hotel

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Giveaway Details at the end of post!

I like how they draw my tek tek so big! 
What are some of the weird habits you have when you stay at the hotel? I am not too sure about you but there are quite a few weird habits for myself. I love to mess the room up and all because I can't really do that at home.

So after being the "masturbating guy" on local r(A) comedy - Rubbers, I am hitting your media space once again and this time I am baring it all. Sorry not sorry that I am disrupting your usual programs again! :D

Says who that only female chao brogger can bare it all?

So what is this all about? I actually did a video with Studio M Hotel. In fact, Studio M was one of those hotels that I had a staycation with my wife prior to this video. I really like the fact that they have "2 levels" within the room. I really love the whole loft feeling. Something that is really different from our daily "pigeon hole" HDB.

Enough of talking, you can check out the video here; (I would embed the video from Facebook but I don't know how so I downloaded and uploaded it onto my YouTube Channel.) Giveaway after video!

Staycation Giveaway

Yes! They are doing a giveaway and now you can stay at the nice room with loft too!

NO! I am not shitting you! It is true! 
How To Win

Simply visit Studio M Hotel Facebook Page (LINK) then LIKE the video and share your story in the comments on the video post by 2359hrs, 31 July and the BEST 3 entries will each WIN a weekend staycation for 2 at our Premier Loft! Winners are selected by the management not me! So GOOD LUCK! 

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Singapore's Best Bloggers

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So recently one of my favourite blogger that became some sort of a news site wrote this article about top bloggers based on SimilarWeb Stats. And after that, a food blogger also wrote about it and even make sure it keeps up to date and updates it frequent enough. My guess is that they are not the 1st and will not be the last to write such articles.

Previously there were some other sites that talk about stats based on Alexa ranking etc as well.

Why? To tell people they are on the list of course!

So I did my part and share my thought about being on top (yeah, not everyone likes it on top but.. nvm) and also how sad I did NOT make any of the lists.

To be honest, I have no idea what I wrote in the last 2 articles.

Being sour and sad I will say things like numbers are not everything. Although I am a believer that there are more than just numbers, it is undeniable that I said it feeling all sad and tears rolling out at the corner of my eyes.

Someone once told me that stats can be orchestrated while good content cannot. There are many other reasons that one blog can get many clicks but such is life. We are so numbers orientated. It is not just you or me but it happens to everyone. We can click on an instagram and assume that this person is famous as he/she has over 100k followers but at the same time wonder what happened as their pictures ain't that nice.

Numbers has always been important. Since middle earth days.
Same thing when I clicked onto some blogs and I fall asleep almost immediately but apparently very searchable content and good click bait titles. Maybe, maybe not, maybe I am just sour again.

So, yes, numbers ain't everything but it is always good to have numbers isn't it? Well that is fact about things being tangible and how people can calculate their return of investment easier.

We always want to make sure we pay for the right returns.
Of course, besides number, we also have awards by different organisations, be it a one time thing or an annual affair to find out who are the "best" bloggers in each field. That includes the upcoming OMY Blog awards which I was lucky enough to be included as one of the award winners last year. Thus making this blog, one of the many "award-winning blogs". (Seriously, this title is really overkill).

So to end it once and for all and stop all arguments...  My buddy Melva and Rayman decided to bring peace to the realm and name me king of the north...


And it comes with a card with very *cough* nice hand writing.

So very sweet lah this two person. Knows that I like very impractical stuff that makes me laugh and stroke my ego at the same time. So you see, all it matters is that you are the best in the eye of those that you care right? #DidntWinSoSaySuchThingsLor

So ya... I AM THE BEST!

YOU CAN BE THE BEST!! - Hall Of Fame.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday - 1st Anniversary

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It is time of the year where I actually allow posting on my Facebook wall. (most of the time I disable it because people like to post funny things on my wall for some reasons) With advance technology like Facebook, we no longer forget people's birthday and I really appreciate it. It is not the motion of remembering my birthday but it is the motion that you took the time to write something that made me happy.

I didn't reply all the replies one by one because I really dunno what to say and I find saying thank you over and over a lil silly so I decided to write this post to thank everyone.

Thank you everyone for taking that time to post something on my wall, whatsapp or some even go the extra miles trying to catch up with me and sorry I am unable to meet everyone.

It is never easy to write a good birthday message to me, just like how you always attend weddings and stand at the entrance too long thinking what to write on the wedding guest card and still went back with 早生贵子...

So I would like to share a few that I thoughts was pretty funny! (Those that didn't get picked, please try again next year okay?)

Some of my friends took the chance to remind me i'm old. 

Some who knows how much I love to troll and things which doesn't makes much sense

And my favourite. Those that are blind

And of course, those that goes way back, those that brings back memories

old old friend but still kept up with me squating

yeah, my old skool online identity on IRC before becoming Smithankyou

Tagline I was given when I was at my 1st job

My intern
And of course those that went extra miles to buy me gifts, surprises and buying me gift that I requested. HAHA.

Surprise party after bball with wife, BBFF and new friend Jeremy Oh. 

Surprise gift from @Melpig

The best munckin ever.
Being 31 ain't exactly the hardest in many ways. By the age of 31 we have already opened a lot of hand cards. Although we always say that "it ain't over until it is over" so there's still a lot more to come but I would say it is much better than when we were 25 where everything was uncertain.

By this age I am blessed and lucky to say that I've already gotten quite a fair bit of things settled down. Not the biggest house but I got a roof over my head, not the biggest pay cheque but I have found a job and a career path that allows me to sleep soundly every night, not a victoria secret wife but this wife has got no secrets, might not be the most famous or popular guy in town but I know I have friends that I can count on when I need them and not the fastest car but my car comes with a loyal and beautiful driver so I guess I have nothing much to complain. I hope that using my birthday wish, everyone that I care for can find what they want in life and be happy as well. Not everyone is as blessed and as lucky as I am so I hope the best for everyone.

I guess the time we want to be young wild and free is over. So I was thinking about this and I thought I wanna share it here again.

But often enough, we still question our presence. What are we doing here on earth. What are we suppose to achieve. Who am I in an alternate universe?

Anyway, here's my current ear worm questioning about life.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Typical Gossips In The Industry

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Being a great mind is never easy but I guess/hope we all try our best to be one. Being a blogger or even a celebrity in Singapore is a bit easier because we do not have paparazzi like those in Hong Kong or Taiwan. I guess it is partly because the market is too small.

But that being said, it doesn't mean that people do not gossip or talk. Being in the advertising, blogging, kinda like media/entertainment industry makes things even more dangerous. I mean I am sure that other people in other industry talks a lot too but things ain't that bad because those industries are probably bigger and at the same time not as public. Our industry is so small that everyone probably knows everyone. Like how we always joke if nobody knows you, you are probably not doing things right or maybe just not doing anything at all.

Of course I am guilty about being a little bitch one time too often but all I have to say is watch your back and who you are bitching with because you cannot trust anyone too much in life. The wall has ears.

So today, I wanna talk about some very stupid things that people talk about each other over coffee, tea or alcohol.

1. I Think He Is Gay

He is so cute and why is he still single? He is always hanging out with this guy. He must be gay right? I mean who cares unless you are interested in him and you are a girl? Else, even US is okay with it so shall we just give these guys a break? And we are not even in High school anymore.

2. He Bought Likes and Instagram Followers

Fake likes, bots, fake readership, fake what not. Very often we choose to believe what we want to believe. We can tell people anything but people always choose to believe what they want. So what if GA shows you some numbers but you choose to believe other wise? So what if this person have 300 likes within the 1st 10 mins and go stale there after with a following of 21k fans?

Always goes back to the same question, are numbers everything?

3. I'm Sure They Gossip About Me Too Since They Always Hangs Out

IT WAS THIS BIG! Because Jac and Smith always hangs out, they talk about everyone around them. Sorry to disappoint you all because Jac and Smith are very self centred people. We meet and keep talking about ourselves, about how cool we are. We hardly even have enough time to talk about ourselves, how to talk about you all?

4. I Think They Are Fucking Each Other 
My friend with boobs very hot so she is out of my league. And yours too. Attached liao. LOL 
Because Smith is like the sexiest man on earth and every girl I hangout with wants to bed me and I am a fake husband. SURE OR NOT! DO I LOOK THAT SEXY TO YOU?

This person promoted so fast! This person got all the sponsorship even when her blog is so lousy! I am sure she had sex with someone or suck some dicks!!

I mean jokes aside. I am glad my wife is a very open and trust me a lot, else such gossips can ruin relationships so I hope people think clearly before they talk.

5. You don't like this (insert name) right? 
Some people hates rivalry but I like rivalry. The love hate relationship of this other person that you believe that he is so good. Every move he makes pissed you off and you want to make sure you beat that person in every way. We see it too often in movies and comics that life can be very boring when one clearly won. And clearly I haven't really find anyone I can call a rival. It is really not easy to find someone your level.

I have people I dislike, we all do. But that doesn't means that I have to burn bridge and scold him or his mother. Seeing this person at business event or on the street doesnt require me to slap him in the face just because I do not agree with him. It is about being mature and not creating trouble at the same time. There are people who likes to ask me things like if i hate this person or hate them. I think the word HATE is too strong. The furthest I would go is to say that there are a lot of things that I do not agree but we are not here to make everyone have the same believes, we ain't a religion. There's really nothing wrong about not being best friend with some people, and that doesn't mean we need to chew their head off too.


Sounds all too familiar to you? I guess we grow old and wiser to ignore such bs or else life can be difficult.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Are you a food expert? - A Lovera Collections Post

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(Additional Discount at the end of article! )

I am sure we all have the pretentious foodie friend of ours that will tell you how nice is certain food and talk about everything they eat like a food expert.

Or like how people always laugh and say that being a food blogger is really easy because you just have to eat and take picture which is really not true in my case. I suck at writing about food if you guys haven't noticed. I just can't pretend to tell you all the food I ate are nice, I do not have enough words in my dictionary to tell you how nice a bowl of rice taste. IT IS NICE! AND THAT'S ABOUT IT!

So sometime ago I saw this video and I really love it. Re-presenting mcdonald's into fine dining food! Just watch this shit will you?

So like how the Chinese always say, a good plate of food is about "color", "fragrance", "taste". With this logic, I believe that presentation is really important. So I decided to have some fun too.

Did the burger just look nicer? Or maybe my photo taking skill just not as good. Sorry for being a very rubbish blogger where I can't write about food and also can't take pictures to save my life.


Mee Siam just taste better in this plate over a purple plastic plate. 

2nd attempt for my burger. 
Because it is trendy to take picture from top down. 
So given such nice crockery, people can really take very nice pictures. Just look at their Lovera Collections' IG. Everything just looks tasty!!

Super nice right their pics! So if you are also a food expert foodie who likes to take picture or serve your guest in nice nice crockeries and plates you can check them out. I guess this is also a very nice gift to your friends if they just shifted to Punggol a new place.

Their stuff are not just nice but also unique. So if you guys (like myself) would probably thought about going to other shopping sites to look for cheaper source or another supplier, it is almost impossible. Most of their plates, cups and crockery are all hand picked by them during their trips. Founder of Lovera Collections used to be a Cabin Crew that flies around the world and that's where she started having this hobby of buying and collecting such things. After she stop flying, it became a business and she still flies around to source for them!

Besides being on IG, they are currently on Carousell and Shopee too where you can make your purchases!

They are currently having a 10% sales with the Shopee app. Link 

That's not all! (insert tv media sales man voice into your head). If you are visiting their shop room, buying anything from them, you just have to quote my shopping code and get an additional 10% off! 

**Codes Expires End of July 2015**

Discount Code: SmithXLovera

I think their stuff are really pretty and their price ain't at all expensive! 

Here's another poll for today!