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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Dealing with Trolls

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If we talk about internet trolls I guess the very 1st name you would probably thought about is me, followed by Alvin from Alvinology and Winston the Blog Father. I mean that is given that you follow local blog scene. Of course, we have the bigger trolls online these days like SMRT Feedback, SGAG and recently trying very hardup and coming - KNN.

My moment of fame on SGAG some moons ago. 
Why do people troll? Some people troll to make a point, some people troll because they enjoy a good laugh as well as the attention given to them from other users. You know the bully in class that enjoys attention from the classmates every time he makes a joke on the teacher? Yeah, that guy is a troll. And that is me as well.

Are trolls the cancer of social media? Are trolls undesirable? I can't answer you that since I am a troll myself. What I can say to you for sure is that you can't expect everyone to agree with what you put online. We put ourselves out there and we are bound to get people who agree as well as disagree with us. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. This world ain't all about rainbow, flowers, unicorns flying around. Welcome to the real world. This world is dark.

Aiya, sorry wrong duck world. but very cute image right? source: http://con.ca/view/news/81-The-Duck-World-Jurassic-Pond
Anyway someone was trying to troll me this morning and I think i handled it pretty well.

Was I too mean to him?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Attacks of Listicle

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I used to hate listicle so much because they are erm so fake in terms of "Top 10" and "Best" etc etc in Singapore. How would we know what is the best or top? Have you seriously tried it all?

Unknowingly I've been writing quite a bit of them these days because of how "easy" it was. It is just so easy to arrange thoughts just that way isn't it.

OMG. What have I become?

Anyway I've been watching a lot of shows no thanks to the haze and not going out. I think I will skip the "Top 10 Romance Comedy I have watched over the weekend" article for now.

Here's music and lyrics. The one show that got me over the weekend.

"A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. But then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magical."

I really love such shows because the leads always fall in love so quickly but yet not just THAT "easy". It's always like finding the love of their life within a day or two. 

Some call me hopeless romantic but I choose to call myself a girl trapped in a big man's body. Anyway here's the song from music and lyrics. 

I really like the lyrics. 

"I've been living with a shadow overhead,
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed,
I've been lonely for so long,
Trapped in the past,
I just can't seem to move on!"

Trapped in the past. Isn't that many of us? 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

5 Types of Most Annoying Parents Online

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So with my kid on the way it is inevitable I will be promoted to Dad status. (YAY!) While some of us are moving on with life to become parents and retiring our drinking glasses and mugs many of our younger friends are still partying and enjoying their single life.

No easy way to say it but parents-friend on the internet are the most annoying. Yes I said it. I hope this doesn't sound like a personal attack to any parents-friend of mine but generally most of you guys are very irritating. So it's really not personal you see.

I am writing this post as a reminder to myself. If any of these are being violated by myself, anyone who points them out gets a round of drinks on me! (excuse to get myself a drink too.)

1. The Photographer - Oversharing of Baby Photos 

Yeah I know your kid is cute. I believe most/every kid is cute especially if it belongs to you but the world is beautiful too. It is like I love girls in bikinis a lot and i share like 50 post a day. How do you feel about that?

2. The Many Faced God - Changing display picture (and some even username) into your kids' photo and name (or anything like iLoveMyBabyPumpkin)

There's a reason why we have display photos. It helps your friend to remember who you are or how you look. I got really confused once when my friend changed her name and picture to her kids'. yes you love her but you do not need to become her. You guys are two individual. You do not need to become her.

3. The Social Media Manager - Creating Facebook Account for your kid 

Let them have some fun themselves. Let's not get too excited to expose everything about them just yet okay? Your kid can do things themselves when they grow up.

4. That Irritating Auntie - Asking Everyone "When is it your turn" 

Just because you got married and you got a baby doesn't give you the right to keep asking everyone when is it their turn. Remember how much you hated Chinese New Year or any family gatherings because there's always assholes like that? Ya! So don't be that asshole. And also because this. Read This:

This Woman Perfectly Explains Why You Shouldn’t Ask People Why They Don’t Have Kids

5. The Judge - Judging Everyone 

We know how we feel good about being daddies and mummies and the importance of being a good role model. Reminder: That is about being a good role model to your own children but not your peers. I do not see the need to go around and keep commenting on everyone's post telling people what is right or wrong or what should not be on the internet. Trust me, I have encountered this so many times. People asking me to take down certain articles or images because there are kids on the internet. I mean fuck you. You control your own kid on what they see and read, not what I am publishing. And worst, to start every sentence with "Being a parent myself, I think that..." No.. I do not care what you think. Go away.


So ya. These actions are freaking irritating. Do you agree? Which is the worst of the lot? And if I've offended you. You are welcome. A real friend will tell you how irritating you are. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5 Things to Do During Haze

Because Haze has been a bitch and there's no more outdoor activity for old man like me. There's only these much I can do.

Let Mr.Smith recommend you some To-Dos

1. Eat 

That's the good thing about eating. It is weather proof. Can be done anytime and anywhere. So indoor is fine. Picnics are for the crazy people in Singapore. Crazy air crazy weather. And good news is Domino's is now in Punggol. 30 mins delivery!! WOOOHOO!!!

2. Old Skool Movie Marathon 

There are so many good chick flicks movies out there that we didn't watch and it is really a very good time to catch up. Here's a list of shows that you should watch if you are gay romantic like me. I am not sure how you can get these shows online but I suggest you go DVD show and rent. I do not know what is utorrent.

  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Crazy Stupid Love
  3. Sleepless in seattle
  4. 500 days of summer
  5. Music and Lyrics
  6. You've Got Mail
  7. Kate & Leopold
  8. Notting Hill
  9. Love Actually
  10. bHitch
  11. He's not that into you
  12. About Time
  13. As good as it gets
  14. Bucket List 
  15. Jerry Magguire
  16. Valentine's Day
  17. Mean Girls
  18. Sex and the City 
  19. 27 Dresses
  20. The Ugly Truth

3. M100

Not the biggest fan of Mike Chang to be honest but this exercise takes the cake. If you are complaining that the air is stopping you from working out. This one be the only workout you ever need.

4. Playstation 4 

You guys know how much I love my video games and how I am always addicted to NBA2Ks on my PS4 but "Until Dawn" is something really different. Not only is the graphics superb but the game play is something very refreshing. It is almost like watching movies with participation from you. Dying doesn't stop the game. You can actually aim to kill all of the characters and still complete the game.

5. Sex

Self explanatory. About time ya?

I mean of course there's a lot of other things to do like for example shop on taobao, read my dumb blog etc etc but I guess this 5 are my top activity to battle against the haze!! Unless you really wanna do you part you can also fight against it literally.

Image from SuperStore Singapore

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Greatest Comedy Bromance

I am a big sucker when it comes to movies like romance comedy or anything romantic although you probably can't tell or you might just jump to conclusion that I am a person who is into sci-fi etc. I don't blame you. I really don't look like the most romantic person on earth.

And you know what? The good news is that almost every show regardless of the genre of movie will have have a typical good looking male and female lead that will have some romantic attraction. So what is the problem here? The problem is that we do not get enough good comedy bros that can get us through parties. I am not saying Adam Sandler or Vince Vaughn kind of comedy but I am talking like weed head/air head bros kinda of bros.

So why do I love such shows? They are easy to watch, they are happy and don't you wish to have a "bro" like that where you guys can just be happy, no worries and do silly things together with no judgement?

Enough of intro, let's go into my 5 greatest comedy bromance and if you haven't watch these bros or these shows in action. GO DO IT!

Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott - Dude, Where's My Car (2001) 

It is a shame these two guys didn't make more movies like these together.  It was also kinda sad how people start to judge Ashton Kutcher after this show. I thought he was pretty good in shows like Butterfly effect or Jobs. And well SWS was all american pie shit, party animal and all. I guess they are too old now for a part 2.

Kal Penn and John Cho - Harold & Kumar Film Series (2004, 2008 and 2011) 

I would say these guys are pretty "indie" considering the fact that they ain't exactly big hollywood names. I love how their shows are so out of the world but yet leaves a very deep impression even after a long time. I also like how they uses their race as a minority in the states and make jokes about it as well. They had 3 movies together in the span of 7 years and Kal Penn actually had another movie "dude, where's the party" which I've yet to watch but probably should! And I totally wanna go to the white castle.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter - Bill & Ted Film Series (1989 and 1991)

I watched this when I was a very young kid and think to myself, woah, these guys are the coolest. They have each other and they time travel. A time travel show, how cool is that? I would say this is one of those shows that most would have forgotten if not for news of them making a 3rd show in 2014. But to be honest I have no clue what happened or is going to happen to this project.

Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane - Ted Film Series (2012 and 2015) 

Not exactly a two man team but Ted the graphical bear is more human then anything. LEGALIZE TED! They might not be as high as the rest or they are supposed to be in the show but these thunder buddies shouldn't not be left out of this list!

Seth Rogen and James Franco - Multiple Movies (Still Active)

I believe there's no argument here if I say they are the biggest and best bromance currently. They have made so many interesting movies like the more recent, "The Interview", "This is the end" and even "Pineapple express". I like to watch their shows because they are very silly and it is always about Weed, parties, sex and crazy shit. It is so easy to watch and their shows make me really happy! I totally wanna be like them!

And they actually spoof Kayne West Bound 2. How cool is thattttt!

I mean besides the movies bros we have the Ted and Marshall, Joey and Chandler, Leonard and Sheldon but those are sitcoms and they are different. And of course we have other airhead comedies like these as well but they don't have a bro you see, like Will Ferrell in Anchorman, Jack Black and his whole Jack Black thing, The Hot Tub Time Machine guys or even Jump Street. But I just don't feel the whole Jonah and Channing team being one of my favourites. Maybe the girls will disagree but that's just me.

So here's my list of greatest comedy bromance!! Have a happy holiday and maybe you should watch some of these shows this holiday or weekend if you have no plans.

Which of these bros are your favourite?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Embrace Changes, Be Happy - #Changedestiny Movement

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Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Are there something that you are supposed to be doing in life or is it true that everything has been planned for you and you are just going through motion?

I never ever liked that thought.

I do not wish to discuss anything regarding religion or the reason why we are here on the internet. We can choose to debate about this until the cow comes home with no answer but I simply do not like the idea that I am not in control. You can call me a control freak but I believe in being the master of myself.

Hi, I am Smith and I was an Engineer. 

Some of you might have heard this story one time too many but for most it always comes as a surprise when they hear it for the very 1st time. I hope I doesn't sound like I am stereotyping engineers but this is the sentiment I get every single time when I told people I was an Engineering student back in school.

Given how outgoing and my experience in events and the communication field, many would have jump into conclusion that I was a comm student or at least a "business student" back in the school days. I even got comments such as "you are too fun to be an engineering student". #TrueStory

So What Happened? 

Well, back in Secondary School/High School, I used to love programming and I thought the idea of creating something from nothing was like magic and amazing. I had my 1st computer and I was creating some mIRc Scripts, ICQ and Winamp skins and I thought being able to create things like this was really fun. How did the internet just allows upload and download? I have a million and one questions about life technology and I thought Engineering was the way to go. Moreover, I kept reading on the news about the whole dot com and how engineer could be earning big bucks.

I spent 6 months in an engineering company during my internship and I knew it was a mistake. I have no idea what I was doing and I don't even fit into the company culture. I dragged myself to work. I was sad.

I was kinda worried about changing my path because of the time and money I've invested to try to be an engineer. Lucky for me I had the 2 and a half yrs in army to think and make a decision. To add the cherry on top, I have very supportive parents and family that gave me the freedom to choose my own path and be who I want to be.

Of course, I am not advocating that we should keep changing things around us the very 1st moment we meet hardship or anything tough. I might not be a successful businessman (yet) but here's my 3 advice about embracing changes or at least make the best out of it.


I have friends who are forever in between jobs not knowing what to do. And on the other hand, I have seen people who are stuck in the job that they have been complaining about for the longest time but still stuck there. Waiting for opportunity, waiting for bonus, waiting for bad economy to be over and waiting for death. I think the 1st step for all changes is a plan. Set a target, set a timeline, plan everything that needs the motion to go through and sticking to it.

Be Brave 

Many good people are too worried about changes. The only constant in life is change. Nothing in this world is constant. Uncertainty can be scary. Take the leap of faith and embrace on changes. Being in the comfort zone might be, well comfortable but the satisfaction of getting what you really wanted in life beats that in folds.

Be Tough 

I could have gotten a decent $1.8k starting pay as a diploma holder in an engineering job that requires me to work 5 days a week of 8 hrs a day but I did not. I wanted so much to be in the events/entertainment industry. My pay was $1.3k and I worked round the clock. I worked an average of 12hrs a day and 6.5 days a week. Setting up, tearing down, standing by on event site. It was tough, tiring and I was poor but I was happy because I know I was working towards to what I want.

No matter how sucky the change can be at the start - suck it up because there's a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. I am not saying it is easy, I am not saying that it will always work but I am saying we have to try, start somewhere and do it.

I hate to sound all preachy or teach you how to live your life but at the same time I hope this blog post comes as an encouragement to anyone who is feeling down in life or lost. Life ain't as short as how we perceive it to be but it ain't exactly very long either. We all try our best not to live in regrets. Believe in yourself, take the leap of faith, change your destiny and be truly happy.

If I haven't been the most convincing, here's another story -

Priscilla Shunmugam left her job as a lawyer to find her true calling to be a fashion designer speaking for the beauty of Asia, and she was proud and happy to have taken the step to change her destiny. What about you? What will you say to the ‘old you’? Watch Priscilla’s video here -

P.S. All views spoken belongs to me, video belongs to client/SKII, and your life belongs to you. Have Faith and make the change today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hi, my name is Smith and I am a Super Hero.

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"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

That seems to be one of the favourite questions we get when we were kids and this question is one of the classics that are still being used over and over in today's classroom context.

What was your dream when you were younger? Did it change along the way? Did you manage to be who you wanted to be?

What are some of the typical answers you get from kids?

Soccer player?

Cough* soldier.. Cough*


I always wanted to own a candy provision shop because you have food and drinks and all you do is count money and chat with the neighbourhood aunties. Or at least so I thought as a kid.

Over the years, things changed. I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to be a celebrity, I wanted to be a superhero and I wanted to be an events person (what was I thinking?). I think I'm one of the few lucky person that managed to cross out some of my "dream jobs".

Anyway I was very lucky that I was given a chance to be at a school today to share about my work to 8 classes of kids. What do I do? I am a man of many hats and I guess it is almost impossible for kids to really get what I do. Of course I choose to be interesting and share with them how cool it is to be a  Superhero "social media marketer".

In a nutshell, "I write things on the internet helping people to promote and sell their things."

To be honest, I was really impressed by how knowledgable some kids are!

Thumbs Up Man!
I think schools these days are damn cool to have such programs. Not sure how many were paying attention or even get what I was trying to said but I truly hope I did inspire some (or at least 1 out of 200 over kids) kids with an alternate career options besides police or soldiers.

And I was too very entertained that a kid told me he want to sell Prata when he grow up. Kids! That's so freaking cute right! haha.

Okay, until next time. meanwhile, let Mr.Smith brings you to the candy shop!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

8 Family Services AXA Smart Family Provides.

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"AXA? You mean A - X - A?"
"Nope, AXA is a name and A-X-A is an abbreviation!"

I am sure we are all very familiar with this radio ad by now and this has to be one of my favourite radio ads ever. I mean till date we have people arguing how to pronounce brands like Agnes B, Louis Vuitton and many others. So why not listen to it from the horse mouth right?

A-X-A? That's not my name! 
So the other day I was telling my friend that I am going to an "AXA" event and her immediate reply was ,

"Hur? Si bei (Damn) Boring leh. Launch of insurance program. I mean how cool can that be right?"

So how cool was that?

IT WAS THIS COOL! Image Credit: AXA Insurance Singapore
Not only were there jokes, entertainment and celebrities, there were DRINKS! Drinks not like your coffee and tea but Alcohol drinks! BOOMZ! WHY nobody told me daddy(to-be) and mummy bloggers go to such awesome parties. LIKE PARTY TIME!!! (But later I found out it's not always like that. So I guess I have to thanks AXA for this!)

And regarding celebrities, I get to see some of my favourite TV personalities up close! Like Jaime Teo and most amazingly Jacelyn Tay!

Been awhile since I last saw her anywhere and I thought she looked like this when I was a kid and now I am a dad to be and she is still hot like this!

Anyway I digress...


If you ain't a person who are very good in policy like most of the population, AXA Smart family is not just any other insurance plan that insured you and your kid(s) and compensate you with MONEY when situation raises BUT also there for you in terms of service.


The 8 services includes - 

Child Guardian - Arranging and paying to fetch your children to and from school.

Home Nursing – Arranging and paying for a nurse to attend to your follow up treatments or therapy at home.

Everybody's favourite nurse. No, don't worry, not him. I mean her. Him. Okay..
Consultation with a Therapist – Making appointments and payment for your therapy or rehabilitation services.

Doctor's Home Visits – Arranging and paying for a doctor’s visit for your follow up treatments.

Home Modification – Arranging and paying for modification to your home to accommodate your disability.

Now he feels useful
Transportation for Medical Appointments – Arranging and paying for transportation (i.e. taxi service) to the hospital/clinics for follow up treatments.

Housekeeping & Meal Services – Arranging and paying for professional house cleaning and meal services.

House keeping helpers give very good advices too.
Consultation with a Psychologist – Making appointments and payment on your behalf for psychologist consultations. 

Now you can talk to real people and it is on AXA.
Of course you will ask me how and when can such services kick in. Just like any insurance, there will be an evaluation process and also threshold in order for such coverage to kick in and me being NOT an insurance consultant might not be the best person to explain this to you. If you are interested you should talk to one of the friendly consultant at AXA!

And here's an interesting infographics!

Sorry for the small text. 
And of course there are other important things to note like annual premiums ya dar ya dar which I don't think I wanna put you to sleep with for now since I am really not good at explaining this.

Updated on 22 Sept -

Good people at AXA made this very interesting video! But aiya. never invite me. LOL.

If you are interested you can also read more about the campaign here. LINK

So for more information on AXA Singapore and AXA SmartFamily, please visit www.axa.com.sg

Final Words - 

Monday, September 14, 2015

My Budget Hong Kong Trip in Numbers.

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1st of all I would like to thank skyscanner for sending me to Hong Kong! This is NOT a sponsored trip. I won a single two way ticket to Hong Kong via a Instagram contest. That's all. Rest of the meals, hotels and even air ticket for my wife was paid by ourselves. (This disclaimer is getting a bit tiring but no choice.)

As per my BKK Trip, I am just gonna share my trip in numbers because I am not a fan of travelogues and I hope I did not miss out any details that you are interested in. 

This is not my first visit to Hong Kong and I did not go to touristy places which might be the reason why my trip is even more budget than budget babe. 

0 is the number of 

things I was allowed to buy at Ladies Street. Because my wife says everything is cheaper on Taobao which is true. #HappyWifeHappyLife

1 is the number of 

"Shake Shake Noodles" I ate (4HKD per ingredient. Add as much as you like)

Egg Tart I ate (10 HKD)

Polo Bun I ate (Don't remember sia)

Ji Dan Zai I ate (I think it was like 15 or 20 HKD)

Street Side Shark Fins I ate (Which I believe there's no real fins) (Also don't remember. below 20HKD)

2 is the number of 

Smelly Tou Fu I ate (18HKD Each)

Grilled Sotong I ate (18HKD Each)

friends I bump into in Hong Kong ( AndyStorm! BELLO! and my expat friend Joy!!)

3 is the number of

Fried Pig Intestine I ate (12 HKD per sticks)

friends I went to Hong Kong with

nights I spent at my Hotel - Silka Seaview, previously known as Dorsett Seaview

times I've been to Hong Kong

4 is the number of 

days I spent in Hong Kong

5.45 is the number of 

1 SGD to HKD Exchange rate I got from City Square Mall

7 is the number of 

actually it the time. 7 freaking am is the time I see hooker along the street looking for business at temple street already.

9 is the number of 

incense sticks we each used at Wong Tai Sin Temple! (Free "tourist" attraction")

13 is the number of 

because 4 by 3 is nicer then odd 13. teehee
MTR Stations we went

16 is the number of 

HK post I uploaded on my IG

21 is the number of 

HKD I spent on Porn Mag. It's not nice. I just bought it because I can. I left it in the hotel.

32 is the number of 

HKD we spent for each set of breakfast at the famous Australia dairy company

75 is the number of

HKD I paid for a pint of beer

78 is the number of 

HKD I paid for a superb kebab at Lan Kwan Fong (Another free tourist place that is a must go. People watching is fun!)

90 is the number of

HKD I paid for 2 pax for airport transfer. Basically it is a train from airport to city. Tickets purchased at the airport. Take 1 stop from airport to chin yi and switch train to go to Yau Ma Tei where my hotel was.

118 is the number of

HKD I paid for Data Sim Card at Airport. It gives you 8GB of data for 5 days! brand is 1010

179 is the number of

pictures I've shot and uploaded onto FB

281 is the number of

SGD I paid for my wife's 2 way air ticket on united economy. Not the cheapest because of the short notice period. Use SkyScanner to get best rate already!

300 is the number of

HKD I paid for 2 octopus card (Their EZ link card) with 100 HKD value and 50 HKD deposit each. Can be purchased at any MTR Station after transfer from Airport Transfer.

368.29 is the number of

SGD I paid for my hotel room which is located between Jordan station and Yau Ma Tei

472 is the number of

photos I've taken using my DSLR for this trip

1302 is the number of 

my room at Silka Seaview

3887 is the number of

Total HKD we spent in 4 days

9999 is the number of 

KG I think I put on after the trip.

835658123791527 is the number of 

Epic High 5 Miss.
times i heard mint, colin and yongwei collectively complained about Hong Kongers being angry and rude.

So the key to saving money for me is that I kept visiting "touristy" area that are free. Places that I've seen and heard on TV that I can kinda feel local culture without spending much money.

For example:

Goldfish market to look at pets
Wong Tai Sin to look for god
Temple Street to look at hookers, street singers and fortune tellers
Poland Street to look at local street
Wan Zai to look at clubs and strippers
Causeway Bay to look for Chen Hao Nan
Lan Kwai Fong to look for "喜爱夜蒲“
Sham Shui Po to look for "Law Ba"

So my trip was very driven by the HK Dramas that I've watched and I do like countries like this that is pretty fast paced where people dashes around and always requesting decision making very quickly but I guess this is just their lifestyle that I embrace on. I guess as long as you know that and don't take it personally and it will be okay?

I didn't even set out for this trip to be a budget trip but I guess it just turned out this way. And as you can see I really didn't do much shopping besides a few small gift for friends.

Hong Kong has always been and always will be like a 2nd home for me.

So do you love hong kong?