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Friday, October 31, 2014

How do you say one is fuck up?

Like doing things others ain't?

Or like...

Get email don't reply.

Reply already don't attend

Attend already don't take picture

Take picture also pose like shit

Pose properly already don't edit

Edit already don't blog

Blog also blog like irrelevant much stuff

Irrelevant never mind and still always put sexy pictures of other girls

As if sexy pictures not enough still always talk about Sex

Talks about sex still not the worst, worst is not even funny.

This guy lor

Chao Ah Beng still wanna act one cool. Don't smoke but take picture at smoking point. Poser.
Okay lah... Actually I love myself and I think I am awesome. Just bored and wanted to disturb SEO and Google search words again. LOL.

But I believe there are things we are all guilty of doing once in awhile especially when you start to blog for money and some bloggers are just that unethical.. blah blah blah.. Not fully their fault because nobody ever taught anyone how to be a blogger anyway.  Oh wait, I actually did. And Twice! Actually maybe more..  okay. i just did a search and realized how nagging I am. 

Be happy with what you are doing and if you want to earn money or get something out of it, make sure you are not the only one who is happy because you just traded your happiness to your client for some cash.

Okay bye!

Monday, October 27, 2014

2GB FREE Data for 12months worth SGD$256.80 giveaway at the end of the post; for lazy people please skip ahead all you want

According to the Internet the man below is Maslow.  P.S. Not Albert Einstein

Image from Google Search

So who is Maslow? For those who went to school and studied a little of marketing or sociology etc will know this man. He is the man that came out with this whole hierarchy of need that I swear is one of the few things I actually learnt in school and actually find it useful. The rest of the things we learn are usually just fluff and I actually spent $20,000 for that degree. So what is it? (For those who are smart enough and didn’t pay the school fee, Mr.Smith will teach you for free.)

So this diagram shares with us the things in life that fulfill us as a person with the most basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid. Food, water, shelter. So in his theory, we (normal humans) will usually fulfill these basic needs before going up the pyramid of needs - Friends, Respect and the topic layer which is self actualization – creativity etc.

With all due respect, regardless of how awesome this theory or any other theory is, nothing can stop time. We patch everything and change everything like how I change new jeans because of my new and improved waistline.

Thanks to geniuses on the Internet we have the newer and better Maslow pyramid.

WiFi.. We all need WiFi! I don’t even think I need to explain this.

SingTel Combo Plan

Besides improving the pyramid, the good people at SingTel is always improving too and they are always listening and trying to come out with products to improve our lifestyle and satisfy our need.

Introducing the SingTel Combo Plan!

SingTel Combo is Asia’s first WiFi-enabled mobile plan that you can enjoy unlimited data usage on SingTel WiFi hotspots until Jul 31, 2015. From 1st August 2015, customers on SingTel combo Mobile Plans will get free 2GB SingTel WiFi bundle as well as more minutes of local voice calls and SMS messages each month!

The WiFi network has over 100 hotspots in Singapore! Yes! Over 100!!!

These hotspots includes popular shopping malls and underground MRT stations.

These places include Orchard Central, Bugis+, Bugis Junction etc etc. For the full list, check out www.singtel.com/stwifi The list of hotspot will only be getting longer and longer with 10 times more hotspot by March 2015 and doubling it again by 2016!

And do you know what does that means? It means we will be able to use WiFi on the go and also means we can save on our usual data!


So for those of you who skipped my article and just to look out for the giveaway, SHAME ON YOU! For those of you who read the article, I love you and may the force be with you.

Anyway here is how you can win* a monthly 2GB free data for up to 12months:

Simply share with me in 100 words or less how they plan on using 100 more minutes of out-going local talk time and unlimited data usage with SingTel Wifi to connect more with friends and loved ones. You can choose to post it on the comment box below or on my Facebook page! And do not forget to hashtag #getmorevalue (Although I know Facebook’s hashtag doesn’t really work… :p)

*Terms and Conditions Applies:

1.     You have to be an existing SingTel user and your current mobile plan has to be Post Paid account.
2.     You have to be as awesome as me which is a little difficult so let’s just drop that.

Coming Soon

If you are excited about this product like me, check out www.singtel.com/postpaid or simply stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing more reviews here!

”Mrs. Smith, more WiFi means more time on phone and less time looking at my face? I don’t think  I like this idea.” LOL
I am not exactly the biggest fan to "pay money and get frighten" but to be honest this year's Halloween Events just gotten better once again. The only thing I like about Halloween is how the girls all dress up in slutty costume and are very very ready to take pictures with anyone.

USA! USA! USA! Barney and his costume.
I am getting ahead of myself. Sorry, I am not talking about Halloween Party but I am talking about Halloween Events like fright house and etc. If you are one of those who loves such places, I am giving you guys a little short review on Spooktacular, Museum of Horrors and Halloween Horror Night. I am rating them by a few standards:

  1. Venue
  2. Scare Factor
  3. Scare Artist
  4. Price
  5. Waiting Time
  6. Safety
  7. Will I pay for it. 

Spooktacular @ Fort Siloso - Laddaland. 

From Official Site:
Sentosa Spooktacular is a signature Halloween event held annually every October on Sentosa island. Since its conceptualisation in 2009, Sentosa Spooktacular has cemented its unique positioning as Asia’s Scariest Fun, featuring only Asian ghosts and ghouls. Organised by Sentosa Leisure Management, this event has steadily grew from 3,000 visitors in 2009 to 15,000 visitors in 2013. Asia’s Scariest Fun is a concoction of horror and humour embedded in the rich history of Sentosa’s early beginnings as a prison camp during the World War II Japanese Occupation, the scare elements of Asia ghosts and tortured spirits, and the humour element that is signature of Asian horror movies and stories passed down from generation to generation.


Venue: Sentosa, A-. Not exactly the most convenient place to be but the Fort Siloso itself has this nature scare factor which was really good! 

Scare Factor: B+. The decoration was really well done and some of them are really amazing but the place is really too crowded for you to feel that it is actually eerie. Could have gotten an A for this. 

Image from Spooktacular.
Scare Artisit: C. Not my favourite scare artist around. They might have good costumes and make up but excessive screaming and predictable corners are quite a turn off. 

Price: B. Not exactly the most value for money to me. Maybe cause I am at the stage of my life where this money can do better things like *cough* drinking. There's only 3 stations this year and I felt like it is not enough for the amount paid. Here is the price chart. 

Sentosa Spooktacular 2014
Jointly produced by GTH
11th , 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, & 31st October, 1st November 2014
7pm – 12 am
Last entry: 9.30pm
Horror Features:
1.      Laddaland
2.      Alone
3.      Countdown
4.      The Swimmers *New Movie*
Advance Ticket /
Buy 5 Get 1 Free Bundle
$56.60 /
Valid between 4 June to 30 September
While stocks last!
Standard Ticket /
Buy 5 Get 1 Free Bundle
$66.60 /
Valid between 1 October to 1 November
While stocks last!
4 June – 30 September
While stocks last!
Yin Yang Pass

Only available on
25th October & 1st November
Valid only for entry after 11pm
Last entry at 12 midnight

Kia Kui Pass
(No Trail Pass)
Valid between 4 June to 1 November
While stocks last!
Top up at $50 on-site to upgrade to Standard Ticket
All-trails Fast Pass
(3 Trails)
Top up $32.00
Valid between 4 June to 1 November
While stocks last!
1-Trail Fast Pass
Top up
Only available for sale on-site  
Tickets Available at:
Sentosa Spooktacular Website: http://www.spooktacular.com.sg;
Sentosa Ticketing Counters.

Waiting Time: D. I think this is a good problem for them but it is seriously long long long Q. I went on media day and the waiting time is already like an hour or so. I have friends who went on actual day and mention that the wait is way too long.

Safety: A. Generally okay. Pretty well lighted up along the way. The only problem might be the "3D" room. It gives you a headache after awhile.

Will I Pay For It: Nope. I guess I am too old for such long waiting in hot Q thing. It might be worth it for youngsters but not exactly something I will do.

P.S. I really feel like watching his shows after the trip though. I am kinda scared but I am still interested. HAHA.

More Information: http://www.spooktacular.com.sg/

Museum of Horrors @ Scape - The Relic

Venue: *Scape, B-. Very convient kinda place, right smack in the middle of Orchard Road but seriously not very scary unless they close down the mall and uses the whole mall like one of those L4D stages. 

Scare Factor: B-. Not the most scary walk I've been to partly because *Scape is mainly for kids and youth. Obviously I do not belong to both that group. That being said, I must say that their venue is actually pretty nicely decorated up despite the limited resources. They are actually pretty detailed with the decor. 

Scare Artisit: A-. I must say their scare artist are the best this year. They know their timing on when to scare very well. It's not all about screaming and all. The little girl's laughter creeps up my spine. They are not afraid to be spotted by you because you have no idea when they are going to attack anyway.

Price: B. It is a short walk no doubt but it is also kinda affordable. The whole walk is only a short 20mins but I guess it is about okay for parents to bring their kids for a taste of halloween. 

Waiting Time: A+. Not a good news for them I guess. I was there on launch day and the Q was pretty decent. Short 10mins wait or so and they send you into the walk in small groups which happens pretty quickly.

Safety: A. Generally okay. Pretty well lighted up along the way. And they have the same 3D room but shorter. Despite it being shorter I feel like it is still very dangerous.

Will I Pay For It: Yes if I am bringing my underage girl friendsss nieces or teenager I am actually "baby sitting". For 1 is venue is kinda easy to get there, price is fine and AIR CON! (ok, i am very spoilt)

P.S. I have no idea what is the link of their theme "The relic" cause during the walk you don't really see anything about the relic.

For more information: http://www.scape.com.sg/moh2014/

Halloween Horror Night @ USS 
Picture stolen from a chio bu.
I did not get invited to this thus I did not attend this and I have no idea how to give you a review besides sharing with you what I heard.

My chio bu friend who visited this place felt that it is too crowded and not scary. Not too sure if you can trust a pretty girl so I guess it is better you check it out yourself.

Most interesting thing is that Safra members get discount! WOOHOO!

More information: http://halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/


I guess you have to take my review with a pinch of salt if you are a fan of halloween as I am one of those too old too lazy for such things. All in all I had a good time at the 2 events that I went. I would say I was all brave and did not get any shock at all because the truth is I did. And I would never want to visit Fort Siloso alone for any of the walk, especially the one with the title - Alone.

I wouldn't say there is a clear winner between the two events I attended but it is more of which place suit you a little more. Go try and have fun... If you dare...

Mr.Smith, MUAhahAHhahAHHAhhHAHHAHA *Evil Laughter.mpe*

Friday, October 24, 2014

There was this phenomenon in the 90s where people's life were lead by the chase of the "5Cs" For those too young or too old to remember:


Still pretty relevant now, got more expensive and most people are using it as a transport over luxury as compared to years ago where our trains and bus were less crowded and works well without much break down like now. Or maybe just the lack of Social media in 90s to keep all the bad news under the blanket.


If you have gotten a good condo in the 90s and hold on to it till now, it should fetch you a good price by now. It's a little expensive these days and the property market is a bit slow but still a good investment.


I guess Leo just said it all.


I always thought credit card was like some magic to me, buying things without paying cash like really! I mean that was when I was really young and then I realized that you actually have to pay the bill and now credit card is really more credit to me than magic.


not my image. From usa.djmag.com
Not this kinda club but country club. The place where you can swim, go gym, spa and etc etc. It's cliche now and nobody really cares which club membership you have.

Fast Forward 

Anyway, moving forward to 2014 and as you can see, not all the Cs are still valid. We move with time and we change and things get better or worst with or without choice. In a very common local slang, we like to say "lan lan suck thumb" which actually means "no choice", can't say a word with thumb in your mouth, just do it.


There many changes in life that we hardly have a choice to for example age and death. Ageing and death is inevitable as of now. We know we can look young, feel young but time doesn't stop that way. Even Michael Jackson died a few years back and we know some day basketball legend like Michael Jordan will die eventually and probably become a religion of its own.

But I am pretty sure there are things that can be changed according to our choices isn't it? Like how we always say your life your choice, you can choose to be healthy or fat or in fact anything.

#YOLO! Make your choice wisely please.

What about the way of life? We all know what comfort zone is and from the word comfort it simply means doing things that makes you feel really good but what if my comfort is actually making myself feel uncomfortable? Is that still my comfort zone?

There are two main groups of people in this scenario, 1 - those who only likes to do things that they are good at. Things that make them feel good about themselves. Might not be the most satisfying thing but it is something they are good at and they enjoy doing the same thing over and over again, thus comfort zone.

Some typical example would be people staying in dead end jobs or bad relationship because changes is just too much to handle.

What about the opposite group? "Uncomfortable" people?


I choose to use the word "challenge" to express this other group. I can't exactly call them ambitious because the enjoyment of being challenged doesn't really means converting something into achievement. Some times it can even be just about the adrenaline rush you get.

This group of people enjoys being challenged, doing things different, solving puzzles, learning new things and meeting new people. I once went to a workshop which talks about learning environment and we all agreed that the best learning environment might actually be your uncomfortable zone. Comfortable makes you slow and lazy (although happy) because you know what is happening where else comfort zone forces you to be alert, to be ready and that is the only way to survive and you know what they say about what doesn't kills you makes you stronger

Some typical example would be people who likes to pick up girls, trying to turn lesbians straight, people who always pick up different sports etc. As for me I love the excitement of job changing. LOL.


I wouldn't say one is better than the other or anyone makes a person a better person. End of the day I guess it is just a way of life choosing how you prefer to lead your life. I guess what is the most important is that you are happy with your choices. We make choices in life, good ones, bad ones and those that makes us regret and suffers for years. Some people prefers easy life, some loves a life which is full of challenges because overcoming each challenges makes you feel like you are on the top of the world!

I really hate this kind of challenge
Pick your battles 

I love a good challenge no doubt, picking up a hot girl, heading a new project, helping someone to quit smoking, playing a good game of basketball or solving a good puzzle but there will always be some battles that we can't win. Always pick you battle wisely and if need to, lose a battle in order to win the war!

I am quite sure he didn't say this first but there you go. Something to think about in life. To run or to fight? Pick your battles wisely people.

Mr.Smith, Keep calm and hakuna matata

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Istana in Singapore has open house 4 times a year for public visit. Locals need not pay while tourist have to donate $1 in order to enter. Can't remember where the dollar goes to but it's for good cause I believe.

It's surprisingly a big place despite it looking kinda normal from the outside. We were blessed by good weather.

No photo taking was allowed in the main building itself so all we did was taking photos around the open area.

Chin Chai upload some lah hor.

And just to irritate my wife...

The next open house would be on 2nd day of Chinese New Year 2015! Go check it out!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inspired by Singapore (so far as I know) only female motor-journalist on her list of FAQ, I decided to do a list of my own too! Doing normal FAQ is kinda boring since I already did one where I gave simple tips about blogging. Instead I'm gonna do one about irritating questions!

1. Is this (product) Sponsored?

I'm so rich I print my currency okay? That's @MinuteManSG
It is true that we get a lot of sponsored items on and off but to be honest we still pay for our food, the things I wear and what not so if it's sponsored I will let you know. So stop asking me if it is sponsored. It gets irritating.

2. You get paid or not? (That's how Singaporeans usually phrase this question)

The man said it, it's true but we do not get paid for every article because writing a blog is not a job but a hobby. Some of the times you do but not always. It's something like sex. Oh wait.. oops.

3. You think you can help me get this for free? (Yet another Singaporean phrasing) 

As the saying goes "there is no free lunch in this world" but I will always say YES! ..... As long as you give me a good free blow job too.

4. Did you get invited for xxxx or not?

"Eh Eh VIP ONLY LAH DEY!" - RIP David Bala
There are three groups of people who ask this very often, 1 - your friends who wants to score an invite so they ask you about it. 2 - people who wants to bring you along. 3 - people who just want to know if they see you there. They all get on my nerves regardless of which because 1. I will not bring you if you asked, if I want to bring you, I would have asked you. 2. I hardly want to go to any party that I need to request for access. 3. If you see me there you will know I am there, knowing before hand ain't gonna change anything unless you have something to pass me. It's very possibly that it is just me being aloof about the whole "let's go together" thingy.

5. How do you find business?

Like my friend says "The driver don't choose the car.."
There's a few ways that "business" happens for bloggers.

1. The client google you.
2. You google the client and email them or FB msg them which I do not really agree with. If you like something buy it unless you have an interesting marketing plan and collaborate.
3. Other bloggers got a deal and share it with you

No, I do not hire telephone operators and do cold calling.

But generally my believe and education is always "Do good at what you like to do and good will find you."

6. You mean you have a full-time job?

Photo and Caption both by Yongwei.

7. Do you know Xiaxue?

She is so famous of course I know her lah!! Only thing is she doesn't know me(I think). And sorry Sophie.. I had to cover you with my bad photoshop for my friends. HAHA.

8. Since we "friend-friend" can help me blog about this(for free)?

Friends with benefit they say? You probably didn't see this coming but my answer is actually yes. If you followed my blog closely there are actually blog post on and off that I blog with tags like HelpAFriend etc. I mean if it's for good cause or helping SMEs I will always do it. My reach is there and if I can use it to do good, why not? BUT, if you are from some big company and you want me to do something commercial but yet you do not wish to pay...

9. Are you going to blog about this?

Every single time when you have people/friends out with you and they do something silly or stupid, they go "OMG.. THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING.. ARE YOU GOING TO BLOG ABOUT IT?" NO. The answer is fucking NO. Nobody cares about how you sneeze while eating noodles and how it came out from your nose.

10. Oh sorry, I think I missed that on your blog

It's not exactly a question but I get this statement a lot. Mostly in scenario where someone is trying to make a conversation about my blog and ask me questions like "what do you blog about", "Did you write about this before" etc etc they will find an obligation to apologise that they miss something on my blog or act like they read it before but miss something. To be honest you do not need to. As much as I like it when people read my blog, I do not hold it against anyone that doesn't (besides my wife). So really, if you do not read, don't be sorry.. cause I really don't care.

Are you a blogger as well? Are these some of the questions you get? How do you answer them and how irritating are these to you? Do you have more silly questions from others? Hope to hear from you too!

Mr.Smith, I usually only ask if their breasts are real.. Who cares about the rest..

13 days before NBA tipoff but NBA fever has already hit me hard! My life is basically

Eat. NBA. Sleep. Repeat. I actually missed gym last night because of the game! ROAR!

As a Lakers fan, I'm happy I traded for Davis, Gasol and Durant. Yes! FACIAL! EAT THIS HOWARD!
Besides the fact that I really love NBA and NBA2k15, there are some things about this game which really pissed me off when I first started playing it. I break it down a little here.


The Good 

Graphics - The last game I played was NBA2k14 on the PS3 so the PS4 graphics is a big jump for me. I love how the Jersey moves around when the players run!

Movement - The movement of the players are getting more and more realistic. Shake and Bake, post up. SMOOOOTH!

MyTeam - I really love the MyTeam game mode. MyTeam allows you to play through the game facing off different teams and doing different challenges. You can play a normal league game and create a dream team but it's just not as addictive as winning the cards. I guess being a CCG player really got me addicted with this game mode. Buying, and selling it off the auction house adds so much life to the game. Usually I will only play the MyPlayer and the normal league mode but this just blows me away. It's not exactly a new mode but this mode is way more smoother as compared to the previous instalment.

MyPlayer - Instead of playing through a player that gets drafted like the few previous game, you actually get to play a life of someone who didn't get drafted at all. Your agent (Jerry Maguire) will try his best to land you in a team with a start of 10 days contract. Stay alive kid! It's an interesting new storyline!

Sharing - This ain't exactly the game, it is more PS4 but I have to say this, THE SHARING FUNCTION IS FUCKING AWESOMEEEE!!! Print screens and Video! W000t!

The Bad 

Server - The server is a mess. Unbelievable bad. I had a pre-order bonus pack which I didn't managed claim until almost a week into the game which actually wasted me a lot of time. I will touch on this on the "tips" segment.

Playstation Plus - I guess this is more of a Playstation direction kinda thing. Online games now requires you to sign-up with Playstation Plus before you can play it. You can't play a few game modes unless you sign up for this and pays a monthly subscription fee.

AI - The AI in this game sucks. I am not too sure if fiddling with the playbook will help much because it doesn't seems like it did for me. Pick and Roll makes thing very easy for the opponent as switching of your AI teammates are very badly programmed. They hardly boxout, crash board and they just allows the opponent's backcourt to run pass the paint easily.

MyPark - To be honest.. I still have no idea where is MyPark game home and what is it. I can't find it, I can't connect to it but I am not really complaining now since MyTeam is keeping me entertained.

Here's a video of me stealing a ball and making a random 3 point! 


Pre-order pack

If you have a pre-order pack, always redeem it. You will be given a few overseas players to select from and add to MyTeam. Players includes Dirk, Rookie Durant, Parker, Manu and etc. 

Image from YouTube screen shot 
Early game in the MyTeam mode can be pretty much a pain in the ass as you are only given a bunch of common cards, (Players with low stats) and a Uncommon card and you are put up to face some really tough guys. So getting a boast with this pre-order player will really help. Choice was pretty easy for me and I went with Dirk as front court is a very big problem in this game as mentioned earlier.

MyTeam Game Mode 

Within MyTeam, there are a few ways to play. Domination and Challenge are readily available without the need to sign up for Playstation Plus unlike the Playoffs and "Play with Friends" mode. I got mislead by the game that the Challenge mode is the easier mode because the very 1st game you will be asked to complete is the challenge game mode but the domination mode is actually the easier game mode to both earn some MT Credits as well as additional bonus packs. I actually wasted so much time losing at the challenges and losing "contracts". Each players have certain contract which can be refilled using contract cards. Contract cards comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze as well. +5, +4 and +3 games respectively and is usually obtainable in each pack. So do not worry that your favourite player will run out of contract and be unplayable because you will always get some contract cards. Save your credits, do not buy contracts card from the Auction house. 

Sell unwanted players and be patient at the Auction House 

One of the best thing about this MyTeam game mode is the Auction house. You can use two types of credits, MT credits and VC credits. VC can be purchased over at the Playstation store, earned from MyLeague, MyPlayer, MyGM and even mobile app where else MT credits can only be earned via MT game mode. You will need some good players to help you to win the game and opening random packs over and over might not be the best thing to do with the MT Credits. The random packs can be purchased using both MT and VC Credits but you can only spend MT at the auction house. You know what I mean, save MT for auction house. 

Collecting players and items might be fun but it might not be the best thing to do early game. Selling players you do not need to earn credits and buy a better player is totally worth it as it helps you earn more credits. I sold away a bunch of common and uncommon players and bought a cheap rare card and it totally changed the game! 

Auction house cards can be pretty much over priced as everyone wanna earn those MT credits so always be patient and look for a card for the best priced. I got Paul Pierce at 5000 MT which I thought it's pretty cheap and it totally changed my game. 

Once you have 1 or 2 decent players you can start to keep some of those common and uncommon players and try to collect more cards.

Take Jump Shots

The new NBA game comes with a new jump shot bar as compared to the previous game and turning it on makes thing way easier. Going to the basket is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the game and neither is passing into the lay. You will stack up too many turnovers before you know it. Take those jump shots. Which also means if you are going to spend your MT credits, spend it on a good mid range shooter. 

Download the Mobile App 

The mobile app game might not be the most fun but it gives you daily VC Credits. Daily lucky pick credits which is pure luck and also daily game credits up to 500.  


I hope this review gives you some insights about the game and can help you better plan and spend your MT, VC and also time. 

All in all I will rate this game 7/10. I really hope they can solve the server and AI issues in the next game. 

I might be wrong about somethings and you might have some other insights to share too. Feel free to comment, send me an email or drop me a tweet at @Smithankyou 

Mr.Smith, YAKEEM!!!