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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas is around the corner and I have to say Christmas is one of those festivals that I have the biggest love-hate relationship with.  I mean what can be so bad about Christmas right? Everyone love this festival be it Christians or non-Christians. Let me try to be a little positive and start with the good and why I love it.

The Christmas Carol

Christmas will never be Christmas without Christmas Caroling. I don’t go around singing but I do like listening to them despite the fact that I did work in retail outlets years ago. Nothing is going to change my love for “Jingle Bells”!

The Santarinas!

 Nuff Said?

The Christmas Lighting!

Not exactly a fan of Orchard Christmas lighting photo shoot because it is way too crowded but I must say I really love to decorate my own place and feel the love in the air!

The Parties

At our age where most of us are either busy working or starting up their families, such festive seasons meet-ups are really important. Of course, not everyone likes them but surprisingly I do!

See, there are things that I love about festive seasons that makes me not exactly a Grinch but there are things that I really hate about it too?

The extended working hours

Not so much of this these days but back in the days when you are in the retail, events or advertising industry. Xmas is nothing close to being jolly because it’s all about commercial and work!

The Holiday Weight

All these gatherings and eating. I swear it is just the holiday weight.

The Gifting

You would probably think gifting should go under things I like but no, it goes under the things I don’t like and in fact I hate. It’s not uncommon that people hate buying gifts but for me it is more of hating the receiving part.

I hate it when I receive a bad gift, especially from a close friend. Not only it shows that this person doesn’t know me THAT well after all and the biggest problem is “what’s next”. Because it is a gift, I am not going to throw it away or sell it away and it is going to be there for awhile? I’m a shopaholic so it shouldn’t be that hard really. From anything sports-related, humourous, sexy and practical. So how can you actually buy me some stupid paperweight or pen? Like really?

Gift Idea – Oral-B Power Brush

Talking about a practical gifts, useful and at a reasonable price – nothing beats the Oral-B Power Brush this Christmas season. I mean since you are meeting some friends it is always better to have a nice smile right? Everyone needs to brush his or her teeth so I would say this gift is almost failproof!

There is a discount of $50 off the product but there sure ain’t any discount on the function. In fact it offers up to 100% more plaque removal vs a regular manual toothbrush. It is not just about being “lazy” to manually brush but the fact is that the power brush is way better! 
So if you are looking for a gift for someone, check out this link and buy one today at  http://goo.gl/nK4smu!

P.S. I already have one so please do not buy one for me cause I only have one mouth. HAHA.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Traveling has never been my thing because I just have too many things going on at home and I just hate backlogs. I can’t say enough how much I miss home while I was away.

Philippines and Maldives are really pretty. I had a fun time lazing around, taking pictures, eating and boozing but it is just not home.

Not like I am a major patriot but I do miss the fact that we know everything is under control in our own country and of course the internet connection and WiFi!!! 

You guys have no idea how much time we spent at their small little WiFi zone trying to upload just a picture or tweet.  It was so hard to get access and so damn slow!  I know I should disconnect during holidays but I just want to showoff share how awesome my holiday was!

I really miss having Singtel Combo plan where you do not just access 4G/LTE easily and fast but also have access to FREE WiFi around 100 Hotspots in Singapore.

These WiFi hotspots are there so easily available that sometimes you just take it for granted! You do not even need to search, switch or login. Everything is automatic as long as you have your WiFi on your phone turned on!

If you are also an Internet addict like myself, you should totally check this out!  www.singtel.com/stwifi 

Get the Singtel Combo Plan today and showoff share everything you are doing instantly and hassle free!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

I’ve never really been a traveler earlier part of my life. The world was “bigger” when I was a child and even when I was a teenager as it was harder to travel. It was so expensive and hard to travel that my childhood dream was to be superman not because I find the red undies sexy buy because I want to fly from country to country without paying.

Superhero woes.

The kids these days are getting it easier. We had little knowledge of the world without Internet back then. The only safe way to travel back then was probably by tour groups since little research could be done about the place less say what to do or how to travel about. In fact I was very worried about flying by plane back in the days because I always feel like the plane was gonna crash some how.

Why do we travel around the world? Some travel for work, some for the love of travel while others just want to escape their daily routine? What excites you the most when traveling? The view? The food? The culture? For me, it is always about meeting new people.

Traveling might be advice these days but maybe just not THAT advice yet.

With the help of technology, we can learn much more about every country with the help of Internet. We can even see pictures and read all about a country before flying there. The world is getting smaller, there are more options to travel around, there is always more than one airline and there are more options to stay in each country. You no longer need to be a superhero or a rich man to travel the world.

Although technology has yet to reach a new hike of time traveling, they did reach a new hike to the ways you look for a place to stay overseas. It’s no longer all about hotels or dodgy hostels.


Introducing Airbnb. You might have heard of it but not too sure what it is or you might have used it. Regardless of how well you know Airbnb, this video will still blow you away. It is simply out of this world.

Believe it or not, this video was shot in one take and without any computer generated imagery. 30 people spent five weeks building the 85 square meter
train set at the heart of the production. More than 2400 craftsmen hours were spent creating a landscape out of 20 square metres of plywood, 12 litres of glue and more than 160 sheets of poly board. All with one goal: to help a wider audience understand Airbnb.  It is not just about getting a room to stay or just traveling the world but it is also about meeting new people and creating a whole new travel experience!

“As you board the train in this film, you’re transported into a magical world that represents the very heart of Airbnb," said Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb's CMO. "As you wind your way through some of the amazing listings Airbnb has to offer, you get a different perspective on the world. With each viewing, you see something unique and interesting that you didn't notice before, mirroring the experience that many people have when they travel with Airbnb."

Impressed by the video?  That is not all that is impressive about Airbnb! Check out their YouTube, Facebook and Website for more information!

Link Title
Shortened Link
YT Channel
FB Page

P.S. Holiday are here and I am traveling again.  There will be a lack of update while I am away so don’t miss me too much! ;)

This post was sponsored by Airbnb but all thoughts are my own

Friday, December 05, 2014

Besides playing my Pokemon games and shitting rainbow , I also spend a lot of time partying drinking, and listening to loud music. So don't be surprise when you pick up my head phone and the music is always loud. Because I think i am already quite deaf sometimes. 

And also partly because of all the gun fight I get myself into when I was trying to save the world. I guess it is that price to pay when you want to save the world and in our modern world, sword fight ain't exactly the most popular way to fight. 

Bang bang you shot me down, bang bang. I am a super hero.

Movie Going

Despite the fact that I self proclaim hearing fail, I still believe that a movie experience will not be complete without a good sound system and effect. Isn't that the whole idea why we pay for movie tickets to get into the cinema? Alternatively we can just download buy DvD or get it off Netflix isn't it? 

I am sure this conversation is very common in your daily life when you discuss about a movie, 

A - "Is the show nice?" 

B - "Not bad" 

A - "Worth watching in the cinema?"

B - "Ya ya, you better go watch in the cinema, the sound effect and experience is wayyy better" 

A - "ok ok, if it is just some comedy with no effect or no action I will just watch on video" 

Dolby Atmos 

But do you know that even at cinemas you get different sound quality too? You know how we always call it "surround sound", "sub woofer", "digital", "5.1" etc. What does it really means? 

You might be able to feel the difference from your laptop like how we did in the cinema but this video very much explains to you how did they make the whole surround sound works and how Dolby put their technology to a bigger hike, not just surround sound but also bringing you "into the movie".

Like mentioned in the video, Dolby Atmos is a cutting-edge, sound technology that gives us listeners the experience of enjoying sounds that are realistic, immersive & 360 degrees! We can now even know who farted just from the sound! 360 Degree FTW! :x 

Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1

Are you here to fight with usKatniss Everdeen: I am. I will.
Many commented that this part of the movie is not as exciting as the previous parts because of the lack of fighting scene as compared to part 1 where the hunger game was the main focus of the show.

I guess I got the longer side of the stick to really enjoy the show thanks to Dolby Atmos. I really enjoyed those scenes where I see the people got united, stand together, singing the song of angry man. (oops, wrong movie) and marching on for democracy. Those scenes were so intense to me that all my hair were standing and I do not know how to explain it but I just feel a sense of motivation and I was really very touched to be honest. 

The realistic war scenes were totally brought to live with Dolby Atmos technology. You can feel the planes zooming pass your head and bombs dropping right beside you. The experience was phenomenal.

I really like how to story was put together at the same time with the clarity of the sound that really transported me into the movie and I felt like I'm one of them from district 13. (Oh wait, you didn't know there's a district 13?) 

For those who have yet to watch the show, go catch it, catch it at a Dolby Atmos movie theatre like Vivocity or JEM where I did. Yes, it is worth watching in the cinemas but only with Dolby Atmos. Trust me. 

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
They strung up a man
They say who murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met at midnight
In the hanging tree.