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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Inspired by Singapore (so far as I know) only female motor-journalist on her list of FAQ, I decided to do a list of my own too! Doing normal FAQ is kinda boring since I already did one where I gave simple tips about blogging. Instead I'm gonna do one about irritating questions!

1. Is this (product) Sponsored?

I'm so rich I print my currency okay? That's @MinuteManSG
It is true that we get a lot of sponsored items on and off but to be honest we still pay for our food, the things I wear and what not so if it's sponsored I will let you know. So stop asking me if it is sponsored. It gets irritating.

2. You get paid or not? (That's how Singaporeans usually phrase this question)

The man said it, it's true but we do not get paid for every article because writing a blog is not a job but a hobby. Some of the times you do but not always. It's something like sex. Oh wait.. oops.

3. You think you can help me get this for free? (Yet another Singaporean phrasing) 

As the saying goes "there is no free lunch in this world" but I will always say YES! ..... As long as you give me a good free blow job too.

4. Did you get invited for xxxx or not?

"Eh Eh VIP ONLY LAH DEY!" - RIP David Bala
There are three groups of people who ask this very often, 1 - your friends who wants to score an invite so they ask you about it. 2 - people who wants to bring you along. 3 - people who just want to know if they see you there. They all get on my nerves regardless of which because 1. I will not bring you if you asked, if I want to bring you, I would have asked you. 2. I hardly want to go to any party that I need to request for access. 3. If you see me there you will know I am there, knowing before hand ain't gonna change anything unless you have something to pass me. It's very possibly that it is just me being aloof about the whole "let's go together" thingy.

5. How do you find business?

Like my friend says "The driver don't choose the car.."
There's a few ways that "business" happens for bloggers.

1. The client google you.
2. You google the client and email them or FB msg them which I do not really agree with. If you like something buy it unless you have an interesting marketing plan and collaborate.
3. Other bloggers got a deal and share it with you

No, I do not hire telephone operators and do cold calling.

But generally my believe and education is always "Do good at what you like to do and good will find you."

6. You mean you have a full-time job?

Photo and Caption both by Yongwei.

7. Do you know Xiaxue?

She is so famous of course I know her lah!! Only thing is she doesn't know me(I think). And sorry Sophie.. I had to cover you with my bad photoshop for my friends. HAHA.

8. Since we "friend-friend" can help me blog about this(for free)?

Friends with benefit they say? You probably didn't see this coming but my answer is actually yes. If you followed my blog closely there are actually blog post on and off that I blog with tags like HelpAFriend etc. I mean if it's for good cause or helping SMEs I will always do it. My reach is there and if I can use it to do good, why not? BUT, if you are from some big company and you want me to do something commercial but yet you do not wish to pay...

9. Are you going to blog about this?

Every single time when you have people/friends out with you and they do something silly or stupid, they go "OMG.. THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING.. ARE YOU GOING TO BLOG ABOUT IT?" NO. The answer is fucking NO. Nobody cares about how you sneeze while eating noodles and how it came out from your nose.

10. Oh sorry, I think I missed that on your blog

It's not exactly a question but I get this statement a lot. Mostly in scenario where someone is trying to make a conversation about my blog and ask me questions like "what do you blog about", "Did you write about this before" etc etc they will find an obligation to apologise that they miss something on my blog or act like they read it before but miss something. To be honest you do not need to. As much as I like it when people read my blog, I do not hold it against anyone that doesn't (besides my wife). So really, if you do not read, don't be sorry.. cause I really don't care.

Are you a blogger as well? Are these some of the questions you get? How do you answer them and how irritating are these to you? Do you have more silly questions from others? Hope to hear from you too!

Mr.Smith, I usually only ask if their breasts are real.. Who cares about the rest..

13 days before NBA tipoff but NBA fever has already hit me hard! My life is basically

Eat. NBA. Sleep. Repeat. I actually missed gym last night because of the game! ROAR!

As a Lakers fan, I'm happy I traded for Davis, Gasol and Durant. Yes! FACIAL! EAT THIS HOWARD!
Besides the fact that I really love NBA and NBA2k15, there are some things about this game which really pissed me off when I first started playing it. I break it down a little here.


The Good 

Graphics - The last game I played was NBA2k14 on the PS3 so the PS4 graphics is a big jump for me. I love how the Jersey moves around when the players run!

Movement - The movement of the players are getting more and more realistic. Shake and Bake, post up. SMOOOOTH!

MyTeam - I really love the MyTeam game mode. MyTeam allows you to play through the game facing off different teams and doing different challenges. You can play a normal league game and create a dream team but it's just not as addictive as winning the cards. I guess being a CCG player really got me addicted with this game mode. Buying, and selling it off the auction house adds so much life to the game. Usually I will only play the MyPlayer and the normal league mode but this just blows me away. It's not exactly a new mode but this mode is way more smoother as compared to the previous instalment.

MyPlayer - Instead of playing through a player that gets drafted like the few previous game, you actually get to play a life of someone who didn't get drafted at all. Your agent (Jerry Maguire) will try his best to land you in a team with a start of 10 days contract. Stay alive kid! It's an interesting new storyline!

Sharing - This ain't exactly the game, it is more PS4 but I have to say this, THE SHARING FUNCTION IS FUCKING AWESOMEEEE!!! Print screens and Video! W000t!

The Bad 

Server - The server is a mess. Unbelievable bad. I had a pre-order bonus pack which I didn't managed claim until almost a week into the game which actually wasted me a lot of time. I will touch on this on the "tips" segment.

Playstation Plus - I guess this is more of a Playstation direction kinda thing. Online games now requires you to sign-up with Playstation Plus before you can play it. You can't play a few game modes unless you sign up for this and pays a monthly subscription fee.

AI - The AI in this game sucks. I am not too sure if fiddling with the playbook will help much because it doesn't seems like it did for me. Pick and Roll makes thing very easy for the opponent as switching of your AI teammates are very badly programmed. They hardly boxout, crash board and they just allows the opponent's backcourt to run pass the paint easily.

MyPark - To be honest.. I still have no idea where is MyPark game home and what is it. I can't find it, I can't connect to it but I am not really complaining now since MyTeam is keeping me entertained.

Here's a video of me stealing a ball and making a random 3 point! 


Pre-order pack

If you have a pre-order pack, always redeem it. You will be given a few overseas players to select from and add to MyTeam. Players includes Dirk, Rookie Durant, Parker, Manu and etc. 

Image from YouTube screen shot 
Early game in the MyTeam mode can be pretty much a pain in the ass as you are only given a bunch of common cards, (Players with low stats) and a Uncommon card and you are put up to face some really tough guys. So getting a boast with this pre-order player will really help. Choice was pretty easy for me and I went with Dirk as front court is a very big problem in this game as mentioned earlier.

MyTeam Game Mode 

Within MyTeam, there are a few ways to play. Domination and Challenge are readily available without the need to sign up for Playstation Plus unlike the Playoffs and "Play with Friends" mode. I got mislead by the game that the Challenge mode is the easier mode because the very 1st game you will be asked to complete is the challenge game mode but the domination mode is actually the easier game mode to both earn some MT Credits as well as additional bonus packs. I actually wasted so much time losing at the challenges and losing "contracts". Each players have certain contract which can be refilled using contract cards. Contract cards comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze as well. +5, +4 and +3 games respectively and is usually obtainable in each pack. So do not worry that your favourite player will run out of contract and be unplayable because you will always get some contract cards. Save your credits, do not buy contracts card from the Auction house. 

Sell unwanted players and be patient at the Auction House 

One of the best thing about this MyTeam game mode is the Auction house. You can use two types of credits, MT credits and VC credits. VC can be purchased over at the Playstation store, earned from MyLeague, MyPlayer, MyGM and even mobile app where else MT credits can only be earned via MT game mode. You will need some good players to help you to win the game and opening random packs over and over might not be the best thing to do with the MT Credits. The random packs can be purchased using both MT and VC Credits but you can only spend MT at the auction house. You know what I mean, save MT for auction house. 

Collecting players and items might be fun but it might not be the best thing to do early game. Selling players you do not need to earn credits and buy a better player is totally worth it as it helps you earn more credits. I sold away a bunch of common and uncommon players and bought a cheap rare card and it totally changed the game! 

Auction house cards can be pretty much over priced as everyone wanna earn those MT credits so always be patient and look for a card for the best priced. I got Paul Pierce at 5000 MT which I thought it's pretty cheap and it totally changed my game. 

Once you have 1 or 2 decent players you can start to keep some of those common and uncommon players and try to collect more cards.

Take Jump Shots

The new NBA game comes with a new jump shot bar as compared to the previous game and turning it on makes thing way easier. Going to the basket is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the game and neither is passing into the lay. You will stack up too many turnovers before you know it. Take those jump shots. Which also means if you are going to spend your MT credits, spend it on a good mid range shooter. 

Download the Mobile App 

The mobile app game might not be the most fun but it gives you daily VC Credits. Daily lucky pick credits which is pure luck and also daily game credits up to 500.  


I hope this review gives you some insights about the game and can help you better plan and spend your MT, VC and also time. 

All in all I will rate this game 7/10. I really hope they can solve the server and AI issues in the next game. 

I might be wrong about somethings and you might have some other insights to share too. Feel free to comment, send me an email or drop me a tweet at @Smithankyou 

Mr.Smith, YAKEEM!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rave parties have never been my thing despite the fact that how much I like to party. I went to Zouk Out once some years ago and I call it a day for a few reasons.

  1. Too many people
  2. Long Q for drinks
  3. Drinks quality sucks 
  4. Dancing on Sand for 5 hours is really not good for my skin. (Sorry for sounding like a bitch)
  5. Too many boobs rubbing. I am not kidding. It's true, really too much and they didn't even ask my permission. I feel violated more than anything. 

I went to Illumination last week and it was awesome. The crowd was good, it's not too crowded, good music and good fun as well. I really feel like going again! And remind myself not to make the same mistake again.. bringing my wife.. because there are really too many hot girls! Just check out hashtag #Illumination #IlluminationSG #BecomeTheLight Damn solid lah! 

Anyway here's some pictures. I think was taken by William82Sg. 

I thought those pictures were rather nicely taken until... 


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The PR Companies

Getting in touch with someone on the internet that you have never ever met before via a phone call or Email is really nothing much easier than picking up a girl from the bar. In fact, if I may I would say with my good looks, picking up a girl can be easier at times. *cough* Let's not debate about that for now. 

My point is that it is never easy to get connected to someone you do not know randomly even if you have that person's phone number or email and less say to get them to do something. That brings me to the importance of having a GOOD Public Relations (PR) Company. 

A little background for those who are not in the industry or have little knowledge of how the system work. Sometimes when you have a story or in some cases product to share to the public, you get in touch with magazines, journalist, news site, bloggers and try to get their help to get the news out. As often as we think that news just goes onto our blog, news or papers it doesn't. There will always be people to bridge this and the PR guys are the hero behind everything. 

Their jobs of course not only includes bridging people, it includes a lot more like selecting, profiling make sure your stories go to the right place, having the right news angle , writing the release and ya da ya da. 

I am no master in the field to tell you which is the best but I can you what is not a bad PR pitch for 
sure. Like those that will never turn my head. 

Smith The Diva

Being a blogger and putting our email addresses online can means opening a door to endless opportunities but also endless bull shit at times. I always try my best to reply all my emails even if I am not interested in the project, I always believe in rejecting people rather than leave them hanging. 

I hate to sound like a diva sometimes but other times I just get really pissed when people send me ridiculous requests or some requests that seems like abusing us. Blogging is a hobby to me, not a business but I don't see how cool it is to abuse us for our time simply because "there are no cost involved" anyway. Hello, time is money please. 

Money and time aside, I always feel the importance of being responsible to my readers. Can you believe if I actually start to write anything really useful and makes your own toilet visit reading hobby way too serious? No way! 

This is you reading my blog. Source.
Bad PR Pitch

There are a lot of things that pisses off different bloggers or journalist, I've seen a lot myself but this is one I have to share. No better way to share than to just share. 

Email from XXX: 

Hi Smith,

My name is XXXX. I am working in the marketing team for XXXX (formerly YYYYY). (Which btw, he got YYYYY wrong, I used to work with that company closely and he got his own company's name WRONG!)

Not sure if you have heard about our ZZZZZ which is an ongoing campaign over at our XXXX

Brief Introduction of ZZZZZZ:

What we need from you:
blah blah blah, nondisclosure material blah blah blah: we hope that you would blog about us on your social media portals; mostly of the attention to be shed on blogs.

It will be great if you can share me on the following statistics:
-          Fan Base
-          Click throughs
-          Content shared
-          Credential level (certifications or awards/testimonials)
-          Interaction level
-          Engaged what kind of audiences

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

------------------------ END OF EMAIL-------------------

Being someone with marketing background as well as digital marketing, I feel very sad for this company/person. I've worked with many different bloggers over the years of my working experience, I've never asked nor got asked before about such stats. 

- Fan base? Not readership, not twitter follower but fan base? 
- Click Throughs? Not my daily unique clicks but click through? Do I look like a banner to him? Does he even know what is click through? 
- Content shared? Type or what? 
- Credential level?  Do I need to show my bank account or get a witness to make sure I'm credible? Blogging certificate? 
- Interaction level? I think he mean engagement rate if on facebook. I don't even know how to answer him. 
- Engaged what kind of audiences? This is the best. Like what? What kind. Demographic lah deh! 

Game Of Troll

I mean of course I did not just let it go or just ignore the email. I mean what he was actually sharing with me was actually pretty cool. It is something that worth up to $2,500. $2,500 vs a chance to troll? I'm sure you know which one I chose. 

Answer by Smith 

Hey XXXX, 


Anyway here are some of the things you are looking for. Not too sure if these are the stats you are looking for because the terms you using here is a little different from how we usually do it, let me know if I got it wrong. Sorry in advance if it's too much trouble. 

-           Fan Base (I wouldn't call them my fans but if you are looking for some numbers,  Twitter - 2,240. Facebook Likes - 1,574. Facebook Friends - 1,631, Instagram Followers - 1,417, G+ - 644)
-          Click throughs ( Im not sure what it my Click through from other links, i guess if you mean page views for my blog it's avg 30,000 per month with peak was 80k for 1 month)
-          Content shared ( you really need to help me with this. Type of content? Number of content? Which platform? I really don't see what you mean here? like 5 blog post a month? 30 tweets a day? We hardly keep track of these numbers cause it doesnt reflects on our KPI)
-          Credential level (certifications or awards/testimonials) Besides the numbers as credential i think calling it credential number is a little interesting, Singapore blog awards finalist for 3 yrs, 2 yrs in best WTH Blog, 1 yr in Best Lifestyle and also 2 yrs in best twitter account. Won 2014 Best LifeStyle Blog. Also part of the committee member who did Twestival for 2 yrs, Social Media Festival 1 yr, Food Revolution under Jamie Oliver 1 yr, featured on UWeekly, ST, Today, MyPaper etc.
-          Interaction level ( mid? low? high? which platform? My readers for my blog hardly leaves comment but my readers on FB and Twitter is pretty active. If you talking about Engagement Rate, I don't have those stats because we hardly measure the number of post over the number of fans and how many reply but I would say they are pretty interactive.) 
-          Engaged what kind of audiences (Humans mainly but if you are asking about demographic I would say mostly people in the Media and Blogging industry. Age btw 25-35, 70% Female and 30% Male) 

I hope these stats helps. And btw, do you guys use any digital/social media agency you are working with? I happen to have some friends in the industry always looking for business, let me know if they can come in and support you guys. 

                                      ------------------------ END OF EMAIL-------------------

For those reading, I am sorry if you feel like I am a cyber bully, troll, diva or simply rude and pain in the ass. The truth is there are somethings that are very important to me and that is work ethnic. No doubt, a job is a just a job but if you are paid to do something, do it right. If you are not going to make an effort to be good and what you are supposed to, you will learn it and in his case learn it the hard way. I did not write this post to name and shame him but instead my point here is simple, put your heart and soul to what you are supposed to do and do it well. We have google and we have agency out there for a reason. #SorryNotSorry

Obviously I did not get a reply from this person at all and I blew my $2,500 worth of sponsorship away and did I regret it? No. I believe my principles in life worth more than that. 

Will I scare other PR companies or potential client away because of this post? Maybe I would but I guess it never harm to show that you care and if anyone is being scared away by this post, I can only say this post works as a very good screen. 

If you are not scared or in fact like my working style, please feel free to contact me Smithleong@gmail.com for any projects. Trust me, I always give value and I've credential from other agencies that kept returning projects after projects. 


Signing off with my current ear worm. 

Why you gotta be so rude?

Don't you know I'm human too?
Why you gotta be so rude?
I'm gonna blog about it anyway

Monday, October 13, 2014

Probably the "worst music video" I've introduced so far but here we go. My very own wedding video montage as well as morning highlights.

To be honest I really enjoyed the gate crash considering how much I actually hated it before going through it.

In case you are wondering, we were eating BLUE CHEESE and Bitter Gourd. #ProTips - Do not blend juice, juice are easier to drink for the guys, let them bite and chew.. that is painful.

And also why the bad singing, it is actually a challenge for me to piece up 10 random keywords into a song within a short timing. I thought it was pretty good, just bad singing. LOL.

Oh man.. I still miss the wedding day!

Friday, October 10, 2014

A lot of my friends like to ask me how my wife stand me and my habit of having 10,000 female friends. Especially how much I really really enjoy taking pictures with them and them as my display picture on Facebook.

Truth is I always do it only when I think I look good in the picture and not because they look good. #TrueStory, I love myself more than you guys.

So recently another hot friend of mine wrote this article about "10 Reasons Why All Girls Need Guy Friends." which sounded very legit.

This is Jac and this is how cool we are when we hang out.
I think I am misunderstood very often for being a flirt despite having a very nice wife but the fact is that every guy still need 986751283 a few bitches nice female friend. Let Mr.Smith tell you why.

1. Because Bros don't like feelings (And don't listen)

Guys being guys doesn't really talk about feelings because we feel that it is too "gay" for two guys to talk about feelings or maybe we have too much ego in ourselves to share our problems. A guy doesn't go to another guy and share their feelings because your bro will very much just buy you a beer or simply laugh at you. Man ain't exactly the best listener around when listening to another man's problem.

2. Because your selfies look better with a girl

Because hell has no place for two men doing selfies together. And I really need to have an eye candy so my instagram pictures will have more likes from all my tiko guy friends.

3. Girlfriend/Wife Emotions Emergencies 

Erm. Ya that. One of those days when you go home and you have no clue what hit you.

4. Girlfriend/Wife Present Buying Emergencies

Buying present for a man is always way easy for a woman than a man because we man are easy like this. When it comes to woman we have to buy something nice, something romantic but yet maybe useful and sometimes we can't spend too much either but yet we can't be cheap. There's almost no winning for man unless another woman comes to the rescue.

5. Because you need someone else to laugh at your jokes

Every woman loves a funny man and a every funny man needs woman to laugh at their joke. A joke is not funny until someone else laughed at it. #TrueStory.  Girls tell me I'm funny but no, not my wife. My wife hates my joke and she rolls her eye at my joke after 12 years. Even How I Met Your Mother got a little less funny after 7,8,9 seasons. Fine, it is still funny to me.

6. My Friends are Hotter than yours

As much as bros "love each other", man being man, we are always competitive. My car is nicer than yours, my watch is more expensive or my house is bigger. You can earn those but it's really not easier to tell people that my female friends are hotter than yours. I might not be rich but I win in life. LOL.

7. To remind you that your wife is awesome
Man and woman handles relationship very differently. You go to your guy friend with a relationship problem and they will always back you up. It will always be your wife's fault or your gf fault. Sometimes they don't even listen (point number 1) and they will just bring you out for a good time and forget about it.

While on the other hand your female friends will always give you advices and give you some insights on why is your gf/wife like that and how you should appreciate her more. They always see something good and gives good advices when it comes to things like these.

8. To remind you that one wife is enough

No doubt after the 7 reasons above, I must say I love to hang out with ladies. I go out with them occasionally to catch up with them and also when my wife is too busy for me but it is also them that reminded me that one wife is enough. It can be a pain in the ass when you go on such "dates" with another woman. I thank God that I do not need to constantly going on date, searching for "the one" and go through the process of asking them what to eat over and over again. While the process of dating can be exciting, having a stable relationship is really a blessing. (sometimes)

9. Because Sexting. I mean texting

Because when you are bored while waiting for something to happen. Guy only text guys with important stuff like where to meet, what to do and NBA scores where else you can bitch with a girl anytime and anything. But I can't show you print screens because... I keep secrets. :p

P.S. My wife is like a man. We hardly chat on text because she is like that.

Mermaid Theory 

With due respect to my bro Barney, I must say that the Mermaid theory ain't all that true. Every woman/gf/wife need to allow their partner to have a female friend or two. They ain't going to turn into a mermaid at the end of the day. Platonic is real and in fact as stated above it makes a relationship better. Although we always say that there should be no secrets between couples, there are things we do not bring up and discuss to the wife, like for example how much you dislike her chewing loudly or parents in law issue. We all have a bad day or two that we need someone else to listen for a 3 opinion.

Mean while I am going to be like Jac and leave you guys with a music video too!


Part 4 - Final Chapter, Home. Nothing beats having a place you call your own. 

There you go! And if you missed the rest:

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Remember the last time I went for a screening like a V.I.P all thanks to Carlsberg? Not too sure if it's going to be the same or most likely even better this time and the good news is that you can be part of it too!!

This might sounds a little bit (just a little bit) complicated but I ensure you that it is totally worth it! So there are two ways to do it and you can join both the contest to double your chance! Show you the prizes and get you excited first!

And you are not winning tickets for just one party but TWO!! 

So what are you winning? (You win tickets to both the parties.)

Prize 1: You are going to join league legends to watch a soccer matches at a private screening with free beer and food at The Cube, Asia Square on the 8th Nov. You will get to meet players like Robbie Fowler! 

Image from dailymail.co.uk
Prize 2:

You get to watch a match up of Master Vs Master! Yes! UK Legend us SG Legend on 15th Nov at Jalan Besar Stadium. None other than our favourite FANDI AHMAD!! I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS MYSELF!! AHHH

Liverpool in Singapore

If you are very pessimistic about winning and still want to watch it, you can buy your tickets here!

Else if you are quite confident about winning, check out the two ways below that you can win! 

Method 1:

If you are a big soccer fan and you think you can do better than any of the commentators on TV, here's your chance to prove yourself as well as win the tickets to meet some of the league's legend which includes Robbie Fowler, Steve Harkness, Patrick Berger and Paul Parker! 

Simply upload your commentary video to their microsite here,  or do an insta video and hashtag it #CarlsbergUltimate !! If these legends are not your favourite players to meet, think about the food, the pretty models, beer (of course) and you also have a chance to see the BPL cup itself! 

SWEE BO! Image from foxsportsasia.com
Method 2:

If you are shy shy like me *cough* and don't think commentary kcontest is for you, I got a simpler method. All you have to do is to show your loyalty to me your favorite soccer club! Follow the steps below:

P.S. THIS IS NOT A SELFIE. Selfie is taken by yourSELF. 
Step 1: Like Smithankyou Facebook page. (MUAHAHAH SHOW ME YOUR LOYALTY!)
Step 2: Take a selfie with your Favourite Club's Soccer Jersey. 
Step 3: Upload it onto my Facebook page, be it the page itself, reply to the giveaway post or even your own page and tag me. (P.S. remember to change your sharing setting to public or else I can't see it!)
Step 4: Pray you get selected! 
#Protips: This is not a lucky draw, I will pick the most creative entry! 

Terms and Conditions

  • This contest is open for Singapore residents only. 
  • Contest Closes at 27th October 
  • Only Winners will be contacted 
  • Organizer (aka lim bei) has the right to transfer the prize if winners did not reply before 1st Nov
  • My decisions are final. 

Wish you guys good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.