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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Been almost 2 months since #ChriSmith party but it sure seems like yesterday to us. We still talks about it a lot even though the planning was a bitch but boy am I glad the event itself was pretty awesome. #SiBeiHeng #BLUECHEESE

I can't thank enough for these brothers and sisters of ours that made the day really fun and easy for us. Although I actually kinda hated the idea of gate crash right from the start, it ended up pretty fun I must say.

Boys will always be boys and a major to note is that boys should never try to be like a woman. Why?

Because this.

Photo taking FACE OFF! (Literally) Theme 1: DUCK FACE!

We can easily tell who are those who duck face a lot!


Now we know who are the ones who blows very well. LOL.

And final one which is kinda like my favorite!

Here you go! Now you got uploaded onto the unicorn's blog and people will know you.

P.S. Please do not Kiss kill me.

Really appreciates how "onz" these peeps are considering many of them do not know each other prior to that. I've heard so many horror stories about boring brothers or sisters who can't get along like trying to be alpha etc. I guess it pays to be an awesome friend right? :p #Shameless

Thanks everyone again!

Now you guys can look a bit more normal~

Mr.Smith, BANG BANG!
No thanks to the sister's bf I got lured back into the whole Pokemon world. I started playing pokemon when I was 16. I thought I was already too old for this but little did I guess that I am still doing it at the age of 30 but I must say Pokemon did a big big advancement over the years.

 What I played in the year 2000

What I am playing now in 2014

After 14 years of graphics and game play advancement with my favourite being the fact that you can actually trade pokemon online instead of what we did in year 2000 where we needed a silly cable to do it.

But I am going to tell you why Smith is not that happy. The newer pokemons are UGLY!

Dragon Pokemons are one of those that I really like. Being a Chinese, Dragons are cool and after watching GOT, Dragons got even cooler.

Dragon from my childhood (All images from http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/) Not exactly fierce looking but this is one of my favourite Pokemon.

Dragon from year 2014 Pokemon X


Fighting Pokemon from my childhood - model after Bruce Lee

And this is the shit I saw the other day...

Wah Biang. What is this? What is this?

Legendary Pokemons are the coolest because there's only 1 per game and you need to play like X hours before you can catch one. And this is my favourite Legend because it looks like Dragonball's Frieza who is my favourite Villain of all time.

And even the new legendary pokemon looks like.. I don't even know what it looks like.

Seriously, did they like go out of budget and just ask a random kid to design all the pokemons? As much as I am very unhappy with the newer pokemons, I am still playing the game because I need to catch'em ALL!

And below are some other random Pokemon that I really dislike because they are ugly. There are a lot more but I do not want to spoilt your day as well.

P.S. Anyway, I haven't been very myself since the trip. I guess I'm having hangover. I am also too lazy to blog about my trip here since I am doing it on OMY's blog. Check it out there! http://blog.omy.sg/cebu-bohol-getaway/

Kenny Gui Tou
I really like how we photobomb Mr.SeriouslyMan while he was working and we were just erm... Posing. LOL! 
Mr.Smith, I wanna be the very best!

Monday, November 17, 2014

“Hey, check out this game on the App Store. It is damn cool!”



The Need For WiFi

I am not sure how familiar you are with the scenario above but I am pretty familiar especially when you hang out with friends at café where there are no free WiFi. And this feeling will bug me very badly and till the extend that I just want to go home and download the app. Yes, I am weird like this, non-closure bugs me a lot.

Thanks to SingTel new combo plan now you can have unlimited WiFi at selected hotspots!

For those who didn’t read my previous post or has a bad memory like my wife, let me repeat myself.

Quote The Al’ Mighty Smithankyou.com:

SingTel Combo is Asia’s first WiFi-enabled mobile plan that you can enjoy unlimited data usage on SingTel WiFi hotspots until Jul 31, 2015. From 1st August 2015, customers on SingTel combo Mobile Plans will get free 2GB SingTel WiFi bundle as well as more minutes of local voice calls and SMS messages each month!

The WiFi network has over 100 hotspots in Singapore! Yes! Over 100!!!

These hotspots includes popular shopping malls and underground MRT stations.

These places include Orchard Central, Bugis+, Bugis Junction etc etc. For the full list, check out www.singtel.com/stwifi The list of hotspot will only be getting longer and longer with 10 times more hotspot by March 2015 and doubling it again by 2016!”

Easy To Use

On top of having a WiFi that can allows me to download game onto my phone, this WiFi service is actually very easy to use! If my wife knows how to log on, I am very sure all of you can too. :p

The best part is that you do not even need any password to login!

If you do not get what I am saying, watch this! (The Singtel Wifi Video)

Wah biang, they ask my friend Howard to do the video and never ask me, not even one of those carelefare that met him for food at the restaurant. Meh. Simply because I am not handsome lor.  MEHHH.


What else can I say? It is totally valuable for money especially if you are someone who spends a lot of your time out of office or home! GO GET IT TODAY!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Dear all,

I would be gone by the time you are reading this...

I will be at a far far away land.. Actually not really because I am just going on a holiday with the #OMYSBA2014 Winners and finalist. We will be at Cebu and Bohol! It is just a few hours away!

Actually I might just be in the mid air when you are reading this. LOL.

This will be my Monday - Friday. I will be doing my Ah Beng pose all over the island while you are...

Stuck in the office crying and missing me because there will be no updates on Smithankyou.com. You can always check out my Instagram and Twitter for LIVE! updates!

And BTW, I might not be coming back if...

I bump into any of them and fall in love. Please tell my wife I miss her. maybe. maybe not. ;X

P.S. Do not ask me help you give money to the poor guy who got scammed. I am going Philippines and he is from Vietnam. DIFFERENT COUNTRY LAH!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Real Friends

Nobody can deny the importance of friendship in life. We all know the importance of friends. They will be there for you through thick and thin, share the laughter as well as carry you through the dark part of life. The question will always be how do we know who are the fair weather friends and who are the real friends to keep?

Everyone has different theories and my friend, J has this especially interesting one:

“A real friend is one who changes your tires when you punctured it on the road.”

I mean of course we have many other versions and this is probably my favorite.

No Question Asked.

Tyre Queen

Based on my friend’s theory, your new best friend should probably be Tyre Queen.

Who is tyre queen?

Many many pretty zeh zeh on the page. :)~
TyreQueen is an Online shopping portal that gives customer the convenience to save their time spent at the workshop. All you have to do is simply log on to their website, choose your preferred tyres, compare, purchase and choose your preferred workshop location and head down on the selected day and time. TyreQueen also offers an installment plan for up to 36 months for any tyres purchases of above $500! #SongBo

TyreQueen offers more than 20 brands of tyres for your selection and has an extensive selection of rims. Tyre brands include Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Apollo and Vredestein etc.

TyreQueen is also the sole distributor for Apollo and Vredestein Tyres in Singapore!


Apollo Tyres was established in 1972 with a turnover of $2.34 billion as of FY 12-13. Apollo established an R&D facility in the Netherlands, worked on the new tread patterns and rubber compounds to improve the performance and longevity of the tyre.

Apollo Tyres Ltd is in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres since its inception in 1972. Over the years, the company has grown manifold, establishing its footprint across the globe.

Apollo Tyres launched three new passenger vehicle tyres recently.
These 4th generation (4G) tyres from Apollo’s stable - Aspire 4G, Alnac 4G and Amazer 4G - are the most advanced range of high technology passenger vehicle tyres across segments.

The European designed and engineered Apollo Range of 4G tyres has a minimalistic design to provide good handling in wet and dry weather conditions, also improved in the traction and provide a quieter drive to drivers.

It comes with 5 years warranty too! 

With a heritage older than 100 years, brand Vredestein's unique story is best captured through its tagline "Designed To Protect You", which is also its brand promise. A winning combination of Dutch dedication and Italian elegance, Vredestein is best known for its premium high performance passenger vehicle tyres, especially in the winter tyre segment.

Moreover, it offers a wide array of equally exclusive and performance driven tyres for the agriculture, industrial and bicycle categories. Manufactured out of a state-of-the-art facility in Enschede, in The Netherlands, its products are sold largely in the aftermarket. Vredestein tyres can be found adorning a whole range of luxury vehicles across the European Union, the United States, the Middle East and China.

Giugiaro Design is responsible for the design of the tread and the sidewall of the Ultra High Performance tyres of Vredestein. But of course the engineers of Vredestein have the final say, as a tyre is a product that is essentially for safety, therefore safety and design have to go hand in hand for the Vredestein Tyres. The tyre tests that were done internationally have proved that the tyres not only is stylish but also demonstrats outstanding performance, on top of that, it has won awards time after time.

Freebie System

To be honest, these tyres looks pretty much like almost every other tyres for a noob driver to me. They are round with a hole like donuts, they push the car forward and I would probably only feel the difference during rainy day etc and I believe that it is almost the same for most end users like me. I am sure if there is a survey result somewhere out there,  it will probably shows that most of the end users select their tyres based on what their friends recommend or simply because of convenience. Basically agreeing to anything the mechanic offers and tell you is the best value which could very much because that are the only 2 to 3 brands they carries.

Things are different now, besides the fact that Tyre Queen has more than 20 brands for your selection, they also have a freebie system! With a system rewarding shoppers, I guess the choice is pretty easy, simply buy at Tyre Queen!

I seriously like how they are using Xiaxue the Blogger Queen as their face. Tyre Queen, Blogger Queen. Geddit?
How does it work? You will earn 1 TQ point for every S$1 spent at TyreQueen.

Customers can then exchange their TQ points for a wide range of freebies available! 

Freebies include a series of Car accessories and even OSIM and GNC products

Check out TyreQueen.com for the conversation rate!
More than just Tyres

That’s not all, Tyrequeen also offers other services like Free Balancing, Puncture Repair, Tyre rotation, Car Servicing, wheel alignment service etc.

And they are also having this promotion where they are giving away 4 FREE tyre rotation and FREE nitrogen for life with every 4 tyres purchase at Tyrequeen.com

Simply check out TyreQueen.com or their Facebook Page for more information!

Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 10am to 7pm
Weekends: 10am to 5pm


Blk 13 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #01-05 Bartley Biz Centre Singapore 417807
210 Turf Club Road Lot A48/A49 Car Mall @ The Grandstand Singapore 287995

Mr.Smith, online shopping addict at a whole new level, tyre shopping!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I have been calling myself "Ah Beng" but what does Ah Beng means? Is being Ah Beng something to be proud of?

My favourite Ah Beng has to be broadway Beng. Bringing the broadway and musical culture to a mass market level where everyone including the old and young can accept and enjoy. Not to forget his effort in bringing dialect back!

I mean not all "Ah Beng"s are nice and funny people like us. The "actual" Ah Bengs are usually referring to young gangsters who pretty much get themselves into trouble 1 time too often.

15: The Movie

Not too sure how many of you actually watched this show or heard of this show. It is a show by Royston known as 15 and also known as "Ah Beng Story" to me.

Royston Tan Ah Beng
One of my favourite Scenes.
I guess if you have friends like them or cross path with them before you will actually find this show kinda close to heart. For example like myself.

I must say this is actually one of the best local shows I've watch. Jack Neo? Hmmm.

Ah Bengs

So are Ah Bengs bad people? To be honest these guys are the best friends one can have. They are loyal and they will always help you when you need help. They do not care about what car you drive, what school you went or how much you earn a month. They are not pretentious and you can be who you are and say what you want.

Where are they now? 

So I heard stories that they got into quite a bit of problems because of this shows, ratting out some information that they shouldn't. They might not be the best actors but they sure did bring out the very real and candid side of the whole culture.

They are not my friends but I hope they are doing well or at least alive. Anybody has a clue? Of course I tried google with no results.

Anybody with information please do let me know. Just out of curiosity. I am not head hunting them.

Friday, October 31, 2014

How do you say one is fuck up?

Like doing things others ain't?

Or like...

Get email don't reply.

Reply already don't attend

Attend already don't take picture

Take picture also pose like shit

Pose properly already don't edit

Edit already don't blog

Blog also blog like irrelevant much stuff

Irrelevant never mind and still always put sexy pictures of other girls

As if sexy pictures not enough still always talk about Sex

Talks about sex still not the worst, worst is not even funny.

This guy lor

Chao Ah Beng still wanna act one cool. Don't smoke but take picture at smoking point. Poser.
Okay lah... Actually I love myself and I think I am awesome. Just bored and wanted to disturb SEO and Google search words again. LOL.

But I believe there are things we are all guilty of doing once in awhile especially when you start to blog for money and some bloggers are just that unethical.. blah blah blah.. Not fully their fault because nobody ever taught anyone how to be a blogger anyway.  Oh wait, I actually did. And Twice! Actually maybe more..  okay. i just did a search and realized how nagging I am. 

Be happy with what you are doing and if you want to earn money or get something out of it, make sure you are not the only one who is happy because you just traded your happiness to your client for some cash.

Okay bye!

Monday, October 27, 2014

2GB FREE Data for 12months worth SGD$256.80 giveaway at the end of the post; for lazy people please skip ahead all you want

According to the Internet the man below is Maslow.  P.S. Not Albert Einstein

Image from Google Search

So who is Maslow? For those who went to school and studied a little of marketing or sociology etc will know this man. He is the man that came out with this whole hierarchy of need that I swear is one of the few things I actually learnt in school and actually find it useful. The rest of the things we learn are usually just fluff and I actually spent $20,000 for that degree. So what is it? (For those who are smart enough and didn’t pay the school fee, Mr.Smith will teach you for free.)

So this diagram shares with us the things in life that fulfill us as a person with the most basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid. Food, water, shelter. So in his theory, we (normal humans) will usually fulfill these basic needs before going up the pyramid of needs - Friends, Respect and the topic layer which is self actualization – creativity etc.

With all due respect, regardless of how awesome this theory or any other theory is, nothing can stop time. We patch everything and change everything like how I change new jeans because of my new and improved waistline.

Thanks to geniuses on the Internet we have the newer and better Maslow pyramid.

WiFi.. We all need WiFi! I don’t even think I need to explain this.

SingTel Combo Plan

Besides improving the pyramid, the good people at SingTel is always improving too and they are always listening and trying to come out with products to improve our lifestyle and satisfy our need.

Introducing the SingTel Combo Plan!

SingTel Combo is Asia’s first WiFi-enabled mobile plan that you can enjoy unlimited data usage on SingTel WiFi hotspots until Jul 31, 2015. From 1st August 2015, customers on SingTel combo Mobile Plans will get free 2GB SingTel WiFi bundle as well as more minutes of local voice calls and SMS messages each month!

The WiFi network has over 100 hotspots in Singapore! Yes! Over 100!!!

These hotspots includes popular shopping malls and underground MRT stations.

These places include Orchard Central, Bugis+, Bugis Junction etc etc. For the full list, check out www.singtel.com/stwifi The list of hotspot will only be getting longer and longer with 10 times more hotspot by March 2015 and doubling it again by 2016!

And do you know what does that means? It means we will be able to use WiFi on the go and also means we can save on our usual data!


So for those of you who skipped my article and just to look out for the giveaway, SHAME ON YOU! For those of you who read the article, I love you and may the force be with you.

Anyway here is how you can win* a monthly 2GB free data for up to 12months:

Simply share with me in 100 words or less how they plan on using 100 more minutes of out-going local talk time and unlimited data usage with SingTel Wifi to connect more with friends and loved ones. You can choose to post it on the comment box below or on my Facebook page! And do not forget to hashtag #getmorevalue (Although I know Facebook’s hashtag doesn’t really work… :p)

*Terms and Conditions Applies:

1.     You have to be an existing SingTel user and your current mobile plan has to be Post Paid account.
2.     You have to be as awesome as me which is a little difficult so let’s just drop that.

Coming Soon

If you are excited about this product like me, check out www.singtel.com/postpaid or simply stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing more reviews here!

”Mrs. Smith, more WiFi means more time on phone and less time looking at my face? I don’t think  I like this idea.” LOL
I am not exactly the biggest fan to "pay money and get frighten" but to be honest this year's Halloween Events just gotten better once again. The only thing I like about Halloween is how the girls all dress up in slutty costume and are very very ready to take pictures with anyone.

USA! USA! USA! Barney and his costume.
I am getting ahead of myself. Sorry, I am not talking about Halloween Party but I am talking about Halloween Events like fright house and etc. If you are one of those who loves such places, I am giving you guys a little short review on Spooktacular, Museum of Horrors and Halloween Horror Night. I am rating them by a few standards:

  1. Venue
  2. Scare Factor
  3. Scare Artist
  4. Price
  5. Waiting Time
  6. Safety
  7. Will I pay for it. 

Spooktacular @ Fort Siloso - Laddaland. 

From Official Site:
Sentosa Spooktacular is a signature Halloween event held annually every October on Sentosa island. Since its conceptualisation in 2009, Sentosa Spooktacular has cemented its unique positioning as Asia’s Scariest Fun, featuring only Asian ghosts and ghouls. Organised by Sentosa Leisure Management, this event has steadily grew from 3,000 visitors in 2009 to 15,000 visitors in 2013. Asia’s Scariest Fun is a concoction of horror and humour embedded in the rich history of Sentosa’s early beginnings as a prison camp during the World War II Japanese Occupation, the scare elements of Asia ghosts and tortured spirits, and the humour element that is signature of Asian horror movies and stories passed down from generation to generation.


Venue: Sentosa, A-. Not exactly the most convenient place to be but the Fort Siloso itself has this nature scare factor which was really good! 

Scare Factor: B+. The decoration was really well done and some of them are really amazing but the place is really too crowded for you to feel that it is actually eerie. Could have gotten an A for this. 

Image from Spooktacular.
Scare Artisit: C. Not my favourite scare artist around. They might have good costumes and make up but excessive screaming and predictable corners are quite a turn off. 

Price: B. Not exactly the most value for money to me. Maybe cause I am at the stage of my life where this money can do better things like *cough* drinking. There's only 3 stations this year and I felt like it is not enough for the amount paid. Here is the price chart. 

Sentosa Spooktacular 2014
Jointly produced by GTH
11th , 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, & 31st October, 1st November 2014
7pm – 12 am
Last entry: 9.30pm
Horror Features:
1.      Laddaland
2.      Alone
3.      Countdown
4.      The Swimmers *New Movie*
Advance Ticket /
Buy 5 Get 1 Free Bundle
$56.60 /
Valid between 4 June to 30 September
While stocks last!
Standard Ticket /
Buy 5 Get 1 Free Bundle
$66.60 /
Valid between 1 October to 1 November
While stocks last!
4 June – 30 September
While stocks last!
Yin Yang Pass

Only available on
25th October & 1st November
Valid only for entry after 11pm
Last entry at 12 midnight

Kia Kui Pass
(No Trail Pass)
Valid between 4 June to 1 November
While stocks last!
Top up at $50 on-site to upgrade to Standard Ticket
All-trails Fast Pass
(3 Trails)
Top up $32.00
Valid between 4 June to 1 November
While stocks last!
1-Trail Fast Pass
Top up
Only available for sale on-site  
Tickets Available at:
Sentosa Spooktacular Website: http://www.spooktacular.com.sg;
Sentosa Ticketing Counters.

Waiting Time: D. I think this is a good problem for them but it is seriously long long long Q. I went on media day and the waiting time is already like an hour or so. I have friends who went on actual day and mention that the wait is way too long.

Safety: A. Generally okay. Pretty well lighted up along the way. The only problem might be the "3D" room. It gives you a headache after awhile.

Will I Pay For It: Nope. I guess I am too old for such long waiting in hot Q thing. It might be worth it for youngsters but not exactly something I will do.

P.S. I really feel like watching his shows after the trip though. I am kinda scared but I am still interested. HAHA.

More Information: http://www.spooktacular.com.sg/

Museum of Horrors @ Scape - The Relic

Venue: *Scape, B-. Very convient kinda place, right smack in the middle of Orchard Road but seriously not very scary unless they close down the mall and uses the whole mall like one of those L4D stages. 

Scare Factor: B-. Not the most scary walk I've been to partly because *Scape is mainly for kids and youth. Obviously I do not belong to both that group. That being said, I must say that their venue is actually pretty nicely decorated up despite the limited resources. They are actually pretty detailed with the decor. 

Scare Artisit: A-. I must say their scare artist are the best this year. They know their timing on when to scare very well. It's not all about screaming and all. The little girl's laughter creeps up my spine. They are not afraid to be spotted by you because you have no idea when they are going to attack anyway.

Price: B. It is a short walk no doubt but it is also kinda affordable. The whole walk is only a short 20mins but I guess it is about okay for parents to bring their kids for a taste of halloween. 

Waiting Time: A+. Not a good news for them I guess. I was there on launch day and the Q was pretty decent. Short 10mins wait or so and they send you into the walk in small groups which happens pretty quickly.

Safety: A. Generally okay. Pretty well lighted up along the way. And they have the same 3D room but shorter. Despite it being shorter I feel like it is still very dangerous.

Will I Pay For It: Yes if I am bringing my underage girl friendsss nieces or teenager I am actually "baby sitting". For 1 is venue is kinda easy to get there, price is fine and AIR CON! (ok, i am very spoilt)

P.S. I have no idea what is the link of their theme "The relic" cause during the walk you don't really see anything about the relic.

For more information: http://www.scape.com.sg/moh2014/

Halloween Horror Night @ USS 
Picture stolen from a chio bu.
I did not get invited to this thus I did not attend this and I have no idea how to give you a review besides sharing with you what I heard.

My chio bu friend who visited this place felt that it is too crowded and not scary. Not too sure if you can trust a pretty girl so I guess it is better you check it out yourself.

Most interesting thing is that Safra members get discount! WOOHOO!

More information: http://halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/


I guess you have to take my review with a pinch of salt if you are a fan of halloween as I am one of those too old too lazy for such things. All in all I had a good time at the 2 events that I went. I would say I was all brave and did not get any shock at all because the truth is I did. And I would never want to visit Fort Siloso alone for any of the walk, especially the one with the title - Alone.

I wouldn't say there is a clear winner between the two events I attended but it is more of which place suit you a little more. Go try and have fun... If you dare...

Mr.Smith, MUAhahAHhahAHHAhhHAHHAHA *Evil Laughter.mpe*