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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Every single time we watched the video of our Mr.Lee Kuan Yew crying on occasions such as NDP or his birthday, I just can't help it to stop and think about how would Singapore be without this man.
Image from TheRealSingapore
I am no fan of certain policies in the country these days, but yet I can't deny the fact that I give my respect and gratitude to this man especially for how Singapore is today. Some tell me that he is not the only man that made things happen because he had a team and not all credits should go to him which I can't deny but he is the face of it all isn't it?

We all heard negative stories about him as well but I guess there's no way a man don't attract haters especially at such status. Even I have haters. :p

Amazing it seems but it sure is no David Blaine's magic, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew turns 91 today and he was still seen at the NDP just a few months ago!

The Founding Father of Modern Singapore Tour - aka LKY Tour

In tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, local tour agency MeGuideU has created a walking tour open to the public to be part of it! (More details at the end of article on "how to sign up")

It might sound like a publicity stunt to you (by my company) but the truth is the lady behind this tour sure ain't about that!
This is Miss Chia Bee Lian. I must say this woman is one of the most interesting as well as passionate woman I've ever met. When she 1st created this tour, she came down to the office days after days just to share with us the facts as well as her research. I can't say how much I respect her too!

The tour will bring us down memory lane of 91 years and more. We will also get to see and learn more about Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's father as well as family line. Fun facts that I never was delivered in a light hearted way by Miss Chia. I would have done so much better for my history lessons if she was my teacher!
Miss Chia in action with some of the bloggers during our media tour.
Even as a Singaporean, I must say that the tour was very informative. There's so much that I didn't know about Singapore as well as Mr.Lee. The newspaper cutting that Miss Chia was holding is not reprinted versions from the library but it's the actual prints, which means she has it as her collection all this while. She is some huge fan of Mr.Lee I must say.
Me doing my ah beng thing again not because I think it's cool but it's really tiring. It's a 3 hours walk so I suggest you better bring water, comfortable walking shoes as well as sunglasses. Thank me later for saving your life. :D

 Nope, she didn't bring us to Cathay for any shopping but why is Cathay part of the tour?

What about Queen Elizabeth Walk? Do you know the story about this place?

How To Sign Up

Interested in the tour as well? The good people at MeGuideU (Which includes me) is offering this tour as a tribute to Mr.Lee as well as a benefit to all Singaporean and visitors FREE! Simply sign up and account at the site and apply. It's going to be free from now till end of October. This walk is happening on every Monday 9am!

Here's some other links about this tour:

Mr.Smith, Happy Birthday Mr.Lee Kuan Yew!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

If you haven't heard or see this T-shirt..

Thanks to the good people from FLAB SLAB
And if you don't get the joke, I can't help you either but if you are not sure if that T-shirt looks good or if it's too offending, I am telling you the chicks love you in this. #TrueStory
Chio bu and the beast.
And nope, the police did not catch me.

And if you want to buy some swag... here you go - http://abbakonghee.bigcartel.com/

Here's a good music to start off your week - Mr.Bill

Image from FIBA.com
It was their game to lose right from the start. Team USA did it once again despite not having some of the best players in the league such as LBJ, Kobe and Durant. It's pretty amazing how Rose was able to play and also decided to play through out. Let's hope he can have a smooth season coming 2014/15.

FIBA has always been a Team USA dominated sports and it's no surprise they won again. The only surprise was Spain got knocked out early despite having a good start at the tournament. While on the other hand, France made it to top 3 with the help of the lastest NBA Champion - Boris Diaw!
That's some shit ass ugly jersey. Image from airalamo.com
Can't wait for 2014/15 season to tip off! Comon #Lakers!

Friday, September 12, 2014

So recently I wrote about things to do to get yourself a job which seems like the most important thing for your career but many neglects the importance of ending things on a good note. Yes, I am talking about what you should or should not do when you are leaving a job.

When you get into a job, everyone see something good just like in every relationship but the different part is that getting a job ain't a marriage and it doesn't always have to be till death do us part. People moves around in the corporate world and everyone is or at least should be mature enough to understand that.

Just in case you are not mature enough or not experienced enough, below are some pointers I would like to share.

1. Never ever quit a job via text message 

And you thought sending a text for break up was bad? This is just as bad and in fact worst. Because you might not meet a person anymore after the text break up but a text resignation means another 30 days or more before you leave.

2. When asked for a formal written resignation letter, it means a LETTER not an email

If you really have no idea what to write, search the internet. You can easily find a proper template that you can copy and paste. You are always at your final step of leaving a place. Why not just do it nicely for documentation sake?

3. When off setting your number of days of leaves, please do remember to prorate the days

For example, if you have 14 days leave and you tender your resignation in July. That means you are entitled to a prorated 14days divided by total months which is 12 and multiply by the months of service which is 7. You are not entitled to a full 14 days because you are not working for August - December.

4. After you show your interest of leaving, always talk to you boss and not take leave or MC to avoid 

Avoiding the talk is easy. Avoiding all feelings is not hard but do remember that after you tendered your resignation letter, it doesn't means it's approved which means there might be some negotiation thus if you wish to leave ASAP, it's always good to ensure your boss or ex-boss-to-be agrees to terms and that means talking it out.

5. You have submitted your resignation but you are still part of the company 

You might hate your job, your colleagues or even just your seat in the office but until the very last day, you are still part of the company. You are not allowed to go MIA on the company or simply come into the office and make it like as if it's your home or even start to talk bad about the company

6. Serve your notice period 

You have endured whatever you hated for however long, be professional and finish the last dance. If it is stated as a month, serve that month unless you are ready to pay out or your boss is nice enough to let you go early. There is no such thing as "I want to leave immediately" because any other company would ask you to pay a sum of money for that and by just forgoing your 1 month's pay ain't a big deal here. Else, do not come in as if the world owes you a living. It's nothing personal, it's just business, don't make things difficult for anyone especially your colleagues who still needs help with ongoing projects.

7. Hand over your outstanding work properly

Imagine you are going to die soon and you don't want people to be at a lost. In fact this point benefits you more then the company. I am sure you do not want anyone to keep calling you and asking you things when you are sleeping tight in your coffin. Write a proper Email send it to someone and not just simply say you have uploaded things onto the server and wait for people to clear your mess.

8. Do not burn bridges 

Work is work and it's nothing personal, do not take it personally and when you are leaving, talk to the people around you including your colleagues. Do not scold people, do not make things difficult for anyone just because you think you are leaving the planet. If someone from the office bought you something, take it along even if you don't like or need it. At least throw it only when you are out of the office.

The whole idea of this article is to remind people the importance of being professional. It's almost like a warrior code that I can't explain everything. There is nothing wrong with doing certain things above but you have to be prepared for the repercussion. I can tell you why it is important to be professional even when leaving, simply because this is not the end. The industry is small, the world is small, you never know when you meet again or when you need help and more importantly we do know some companies call up for referral after your next interview.

I might be wrong, I might have missed out something but here's what I am sharing. Good luck!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

We all love to watch funny videos only simply because it's funny, easy to relate and quick to watch. This is how our life style has become. Anything too long and slow is just not our style anymore. (That's what she says)
Erm.. okay.
Years after Ryan Higa we finally have some nice Youtube channels in Singapore like Wahbanana (which was better when it 1st started) TreePotatoes and NOC. That being said I am still looking for a break through in the industry once again. The whole "type of girl friends", "Type of mahjong players" or whatever type of father/mother and the whole click bait with boobs things is really getting into me.

So to ride along with the wave and also a product of satire, along with 1stjournal and Feliza, I've decided to produce our own home video.

To be honest I know this is not the best idea because it's not even something people can relate but it's just something that I had in mind to disturb the trophy and I am very glad that these guys are willing to jump in and have fun with me.

It was done within a super short notice of less than 24 hours and Max from 1stjournal did a pretty good job in the editing it must say. Less the part that he was using comic sans and forgotten to bring mic up thus the volume of our speech is a little soft.

We spent less than 2 hours shooting the scenes and direction, lines, props and all were very quickly done up. So can I say I am a director, producer and actor? #Shameless

I guess if you guys wish to be in such videos and have some interesting ideas, do send them in and let's have some fun together. We might not be famous YouTubers or a million dollar production house but the experience of doing such videos is actually pretty fun!

Send in your request at Smithleong@Gmail.com ! No, I am not kidding. Let's take this as a community project! You can be the director, producer and actor too! With social media platforms like this, anyone can be everything they want! You can have your own youtube channel and be a Youtube Star TOO! (Only selected candidates will be contacted. For anybody based in SG only)

Mr.Smith, ten type of things I could be! - YouTuber lah! Send in TODAY!

Monday, September 08, 2014

So I went to Xin Yao 32 the other day and I must say a few things

1. I was very impressed by the local Xin Yao Community.

2. Star Theater might be able to fit in 5,000 pax but the structure sure wasn't ready for it. The carpark was over flowing, lift was jammed up, escalator was over flowing as well. If there were to be a terrorist attack to happen there or maybe even a fire, everyone will die. DIE!

Enough of Digress.

I can't say I am a very big fan of Xin Yao because there were a lot of songs that threw me off the stage as well and I had no idea what song they were but they were all very good songs. So today I would like to share this song or rather songs that was performed by Jim Lim the other night. Yes, Jim Lim, I am sure a lot of you have no idea who he is right?

Considering how everyone should know the guy who looks like me, better known as Calvin Soh because of his acting career I can safely call Jim Lim "one of the other guy from dreamz fm".

I always felt very wasted for the 3 of them. I always call them the local Beegees, good voice and very talented but I guess too bad for them that they are not exactly marketable. They are neither the most handsome nor the guys with some X factor. They were born in the era fighting against people like 5566 , energy and F4. How to fight? To be fair I did buy 2 of their 3 CDs!

Of course everyone remember their 不值得 and maybe also 天天好心情 and 守护星 but the truth is they made very nice music.

Jim was very humble that night, before he performed his song he actually mention that maybe most people would not know this song which is 代替 but that was actually my favorite song in the 881 album. Yes, we bought that album as well. We always believe in supporting local artist! I guess local artists are really not getting enough attention for their talent.

He did not just perform that song but he also made a mashup between this song and one of Liang Wen Fu Laoshi's song which is 秋心賦. I've never heard of this song but I was totally WOW by this song. If we think that 方文山 and his 中国风 is really solid, all i can say is that this song is nothing too far away from that standard. 

Check out these two songs and try to imagine a mashup if you could. This is one thing I love about live concerts, special songs and the voices! 

Mr.Smith, talent talent everywhere!!


Friday, September 05, 2014

In the spirit of teachers' day as well as being inspired by Flora's post about being a military person's wife, I thought it's kinda interesting to write something of my own!
My wife's moment of fame before I got her onto NTUC photoshoot. Channel 8 caption was taken out of context by me. LOL
Being a teacher/educator is never easy these days because it's not just about teaching anymore. The entire nurturing journey is getting harder and responsibility seems sky high no thanks to how fast pace out education system is becoming. (Not complaining)

1. You can never travel cheap

I'll be a millionaire if I get a dollar every time someone says "teacher very good hor? Go 1 whole month school holiday". Hello geniuses, teachers do not get annual leave and they do not get to choose which days to clear their leave. They only get that sad few days in between holidays because they still have admin work, planning and CCA to handle and travel will always be peak period price and the planes will always, always be packed with kids. Lucky?

2. 10pm is sleeping time
A picture by my brother years ago show how unhappy he was with his wife's working hours. Yes, he married a teacher too!
You hardly get date night on the weekdays less say sexy time. Your partner needs to turn in at 10pm because she needs to wake up at 5am. It's very painful especially for someone like me who doesn't need a lot of sleep. Of course you can stay awake and do your own things but sleeping at the same time as a couple is something I really like and that's also why we have queen size bed right?

3. Watch your words
You better watch your words or I'll find you and kill you.
I'm not saying all teachers are boring, pretentious or a nerd. I've friends who are teachers who smokes, party and tattoo and all. I'm not saying those are vices but I'm saying teachers are human too but me being me, I'm a little rowdy and very opinionated when it comes to social issues and the warning I get before meeting any of my wife's colleague is always "you better watch your mouth ah. Don't say all the dirty things." Ok lor. But I'll publish it online. :p

4. You are your partner's 360 agency
One client from hell that you can't just walk away on.
As an educator you are trained and prepared to teach but for some reason when you are at school, you too need to plan event, plan party, create artwork, create website, choreograph dance, decorate the classroom and also buy things. I'm not saying that a teacher can only teach and shouldn't go beyond call of duty but some of the things i mentioned is really above their capability especially when you are not the most creative person. So what happened? As a nice husband you try your best to help partly because you can't say no. You have no idea how many fights we got because of these silly things and us not having the same idea on certain things.

5. No teacher and student role play
Eeeeeew. Just no.

There you have it. I mean I might be complaining a fair bit but I'm sure there are perks like for example they get to knock off early at times and can help you run some office hours errand. :p

Being a teacher is a noble trade, it's not about the money and it's never easy. You do not get much  recognition either. And being a partner of a teacher is not easy as well. So here's one for all the teachers and their noble partners out there! Have a happy teachers' day!!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

The picture above is a picture of my tattoo some months ago. It was a simple inspiration by Lao Tzu. To be honest, it's not really him. I was reading Phil Jackson - Zen Master, the man with 11 rings who coached some of the biggest name in the hall of fame which includes - Jordan, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe. 

I was inspired by how he was inspired by Zen. The importance of Simplicity, Patience and Compassion. Why was I so inspired it was partly because these are my biggest short fall in life. 


I was never a patient man to begin with. I do things fast and I want to see result fast. To make things worst, the ever changing pace of the world is making things so fast that I get so comfortable with the pace getting faster and faster that I realized my patience for anything slow and anything that doesn't makes sense is getting worst. 

I can no longer read anything more than 140 characters. 

I can't play Mahjong the whole night. 

I have no patience to read the whole book just to find out when is Winter coming. 

I have no patience to play game when it comes to who are real friends and who are not. 

I have no patience to shop for shoes with the wife and tell her which is not nice and which is nice only to find out she will still make her own decision without listening to any of mine.

I still have patience if you are shopping for bra and I get to go into the changing room with you. *send in your application TODAY! I will be a gentlemen and good with you, save your selfie in case you become part of #TheFappening #LeakForJlaw

I got allergy to bull shit. Like seeing people buying big cars, getting on papers on tv and radio and call that success. 

I can eat captain obvious for breakfast.

You don't come to me and tell me how awesome your night was and who you met and how much you earn because these stories don't mean anything to me at all. Exaggerations bore me...

I can't take it that people makes mistakes that shouldn't be made because you should have already learnt that lesson before.

Do you love me? Shall we just cut the chase and do the things we want? This is my advice for any friends who wants to jump into a relationship but yet ain't very clear if the other party feels the same. The best way is still to ask. 

I used to be one of the best account servicing people around (I would say), I explain, I educate and I make sure they are entertained while getting things done but now I can hardly handle clients who doesn't know their work or a little slower these days and which was why I left account service to planning and now leaving the industry entirely. 

Have I changed? Does not having patience means it is bad? Does having patience means it's a virtue? Some times I guess patience is just for those people who are worth it.

Not sure if this quote is really by her but it makes a lot of sense to me and I wish to share this...

“I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I’ve become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases me or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who do not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me. I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense, hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that’s why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I have difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience.” _ Meryl Streep (I 1st saw it here:ioadicaeu.wordpress.com)
Funny story is that this words are actually by  José Micard Teixeira and not Meryl. Source: Obvious Magazine

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

School holiday is around the corner once again and the sad news is that as parents you do not get the holiday as well. So what can we you guys do as parents since it's almost impossible to bring them for a get away?

What about catching a meaningful animated show?
Image from Walt Disney's Facebook Page
Planes: Fire & Rescue
For those who did not catch Planes part 1 fear not because there are little importance of part 1 besides a few recurring characters. You still have time to rent the DvD and catch up if you are planning to watch this on 4th September or next week during the school holidays. (Funny story, Part 1 was aired on 5th Sept 2013 and this year it is 4th Sept! 1 year!)

If you were to ask me which show is better I would say Part 2. Just a short summary of part 1 for comparison sake is that it's a typical underdog story where you can achieve anything as long as you believe in yourself and our hero will win. Tar Dar~
PLanes 2 smokejumpers wallpaper
My favourite characters! Pincone, Drip, Avalanche, Dynamite and Drip! 
So here comes the question, what's going to happen next? Is he going to continue flying, reoccurring villain and he fly and fly and beat him again? No. To avoid spoiler I would say the story line is bigger than this and it is rather meaningful because it's a tribute to fire fighters and besides that it also includes a little of the classic injured-athlete story which is pretty interesting to someone like me who is into sports.
You might be the best in your field(pun intended) but there's always someone out there with something to teach you. Stay humble and be a team player.
It has really witty lines besides the touching storyline. There's this line you have to watch out for when they were in a bar and this car use a very cheesy pick-up line on a female car and the female car went "Tsk, pick-up truck" HAHAHA, GEDDIT? But that's not my favourite line because my favourite has to be this,
Planes 2
"When others fly out, heroes fly in"

To the family
I went for this show with my "kids" aka my 2 nieces and nephew. Of course there's no way I could handle all these 3 little ones myself, the gangster wife and their mum came along.
Sometimes people mistaken them for my kids..I would be proud if they were.. Some day I would want a daughter too (i think)
I would say this cartoon is more than just another cartoon for them because the main character is a plane. The kids relate planes to their late father, my brother because he was a pilot. Little Abby would look at the sky as well as planes and call shout out to papa from time to time. 

Before I digress on, this show is worth watching. It is worth paying even for weekends if you are bringing the kids. If you are going on a date it's actually not too bad for a laugh and light hearted evening but if you are two bros... According to the bro code page 84, section 7, paragraph 3, 2 bros shall never go and watch any cartoons alone... UNLESS you have plans to pick up some girls at the cinemas. ;) 

And if you can't wait, here's the trailer. Also stay tuned to their Facebook Page for updates! 

Mr.Smith, I heard there will be Planes 3! YAY!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sponsored Video

I guess one of the biggest thing about man that woman can’t take it is man and their ego but yet it is this same sense of confidence that keep woman coming back for more.  I guess it IS something very close and similar.

I guess being competitive is who I am. The process of fighting and getting to the top is sweet only when you get at the top of the end of the day. This is one of my favorite quotes these days – Go Big or Go Home. We will not compromise on quality or anything close. We will only do the best, be the best and that is the only way we get better and we can stay as the best.

Jude Law
Just like in this video, as how Law puts it: “The film is about improvement and progress and this is something I try to do in my work and my everyday life. I had to learn new skills shooting this film and that combined with the places we visited and shot in, alongside working with Jake and with Giancarlo, made it a truly rare experience.”

Besides me and Law, I am lucky to say that this is what Johnnie Walker Blue Label is about. About being the best. Only sublime, rare whiskies are used in the blending of JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL, with only 1 in 10,000 casks containing whisky of sufficient character to deliver its remarkably smooth signature taste. JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL is a Scotch Whisky born of the art of the Master Blender.Each is hand selected by the JOHNNIE WALKER Master Blender himself, part of an unbroken lineage of Master Blenders stretching back over 190 years - it is the ultimate expression of whisky making today and an remarkable achievement for the modern era.

Presented in individually numbered bottles, it is reminiscent of the 19th century style of whiskies. The Master Blender uses his decades of experience to select some of the rarest casks from the JOHNNIE WALKER reserves for their quality, character and flavour to create the powerful, complex, smooth character of BLUE LABEL.

What about you?

Take life one day at a time? Hate your job because it is just a job? No clue where you are going next? Always thought that winning is not important and neither is being the best? Why not be inspired by Johnnie Walker and do things differently from today onwards?

This post has been sponsored by Johnnie Walker Blue Label
I’ve never been on an Android gadget long enough to say it is good or converted me into a fan. I’ve been on an Android phone of another brand before but the hardware was disappointing. It has charging problem, speaker issues and all these were within 6 months of unboxing it. No surprise I “let it go” within the 1st 6 months.

So when the opportunities came along for me to have an experience with the all new Samsung GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE -- I call it the #SmithVsSamsung experience. I’m not a fan (yet) so I want to know how this Tablet can actually impress me as a gadget.

To begin with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S comes in two sizes, 10.5 inch as well as the 8.4 inch. They also come in LTE version as well as the Wifi version.  Below is an interesting table I got off Hardwarezone to have an interesting overview.
You may or may not know but these two Tablets are not just purely tablet but they do have calling as well as SMS functions too. The super sexy Super AMOLED Display screen size is perfect for a tablet and although it is not exactly your typical mobile phone size, you could still use it as a phone. Trust me, you can look cool like us unless cool isn’t your thing then maybe you can just use the earpiece.

So I was talking about the Super AMOLED Display screen. To be honest I’ve never seen a screen like this. We actually did a comparison side by side with Samsung’s previous tablet and it made everything else looks really bad. The colour is so rich and vibrant. Given the genius in me, I would assume it uses more battery but the interesting thing is it actually offers a longer battery life! #WhatKindaSorceryIsThis

Another function would be The Adaptive Display!  You know how irritating it gets when you move around from places to places such as under the sun, in the bedroom or even in your office where the light environment is so different and you have to adjust the screen brightness manually to fit the environment? Now, with the Adaptive Display everything is done automatically! WOAH!

I think this video says a lot about how good this screen is.

Look at how bright my wall paper looks! I can stare at it all day!

Slimmer and Lighter Design

Being out of office most of the time meeting partners and clients, dragging around a big laptop is no joke. I mean I do lift but lifting a heavy laptop and lifting in the gym is two different games.

Dimensions: 212.8 x 125.6 x 6.6mm.

So slim and sexy. No joke. I really like this 8.4 inch one because I can still hold it with 1 hand and read on the crowded train.

Fits into my palm perfectly! I really like the size for reading as it is not too big and heavy like other tablets nor is it small like phone.  It is slightly larger than a Kindle whitepaper but has a lot more functions so when you are bored with reading, you can play some games.

It comes in two colours, the Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze! I thought the Titanium Bronze looks really good or maybe it’s just me who is looking for a change because I’ve way too many white gadgets at home.  

Half Time Conclusion

I can’t say I am converted into a big fan yet but I must say I am pretty impressed by what this gadget is offering and how it is changing my lifestyle. I never liked to bring an extra gadget out because I like to travel light and because my previous tablet is kinda huge but now I would bring it out without feeling that it is a hassle. 

If you like what I am sharing here, stay tuned for part 2 as I share with you guys more about other benefits of the Samsung GALAXY Tab S else, check out http://www.samsung.com/sg/galaxytabs/​.

And if you are already sold and can’t wait to get one, this is how affordable this is!

Retail Price:
  • GALAXY Tab S (8.4") LTE: SGD 698
  • GALAXY Tab S (8.4") Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
  • GALAXY Tab S (10.5") LTE: SGD 948 
  • GALAXY Tab S (10.5") Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

And if you doing it quick enough…

  • ​FREE Samsung Book Cover worth $78/ $98^ with every purchase of GALAXY Tab S.  Valid while stocks last
  • # For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (8.4") 
  • ^ For purchase of GALAXY Tab S (10.5")
Thank you Samsung for letting me have this baby! It's awesomeeeeee~ 

Mr.Smith, Smith Vs Samsung, will Smith become a Samsung Fan boy at the end of the day? STAY TUNED!