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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Do you like Magic? (If you do, stay tuned as I am giving some tickets to a really awesome magic show.)

You might not know but my bro - Barney Stinson is actually a magician.
When we talk about Magic we will talk about David Blaine right?

My very 1st impression of David Blaine would be his floating trick as well as how everyone was trying to crack his "trick".

The impressive part of magic and/or trick to me is that breaking it is no big deal because that is simply reversing engineering of a well plot plan but what about you coming out with a good plan and at the same time executing it and impressing everyone?

It takes hours, days, weeks and even months of practice!

So what if you know the trick? Can you do the same thing or can you even see what happened there?

If you can't see it clearly what about seeing it live in Singapore?


And you can see him in person! For more information check out

Ticketbooth as well as Davidblaine.asia

The Giveaway 

1) Like https://www.facebook.com/miracleentertainment
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3) Share the giveaway picture on the Facebook page and comment on it as not all shares can be seen due to privacy settings of the user profile.

4) Keep your fingers crossed and pray to be one of the 2 lucky winners! Each winner walks away with a pair of tickets to watch David Blaine in Singapore!
Winner will be announced next week (Thursdays, 31 Jul) at 1200hrs (That is 12pm aka lunch time). So what are you waiting for?? 
- Contest is open for readers staying in Singapore Only.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To be honest I am not the biggest fan of anything Korean, I mean besides these 3 things,

Especially this rice cake thing. Image from:http://aeriskitchen.com/
Running Man
My fav is Gary! Image from: http://zilpasilas.com/
And of course, last but not least - Her!
I can look at this gif 10,000 times and still feel so happy.

To be honest I was quite excited when I got an invite to catch the show 'Obsessed" (despite the fact that I've mentioned how I am not the biggest fan of anything Korean) by Song Seung Heon 宋承宪, best known for his TV dramas such as AUTUMN IN MY HEART, MY PRINCESS and DR. JIN which I obviously do not know but I copied and paste from the release. 

So why am I blogging about this? 

I actually read the story and it is an r(a) show it's about this forbidden love affair. Yes! I love all these love story movies. (Yeah, big man, beer and tattoo but I'm actually a little woman inside. )

Have you ever fall in love with anyone that you know you can't, you shouldn't but you still did?

Yes, timing is a bitch.
If you haven't felt that before, congratulations because that is not a good feeling and we all know the ending is always the same, people getting hurt.

Anyway, here's the trailer:

Can't wait to see how this unfold and if you are interested as I am, don't forget to watch the show this coming 31st and also stay tuned to my blog as I will be doing a review after I watched it on 25th July.

Song Seung Heong in Singapore

And for those of you who are a fan of KDrama and Mr. Song, don't forget to catch him this coming 25th July!


25 July 2014 (Friday)
Level B1, Fountain Square,
City Square Mall

Mr.Smith, I know you all love me many many also but sorry I'm married... 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Growing up in neighbourhood left me with a mouth full of bad taste when it komes to experience with anyone from the other race. I kan't say it's because they are rowdy or was it because of difference in culture but I guess I have to kredit it to our kommunication or the lack of it in fact.

I wasn't the most well spoken kid in school when it komes to English speaking and from my memory I was pretty sure they can't speak much mandarin either and I guess that's where miscommunication and unhappiness were developed.

I hardly have any Malay friends even until today but I was very lucky that I found my favourite Malay Kakak at the most unexpected place - work.

To be honest I do love some things about our Malay friends, their food and of kourse all the minahs minahs. (malay chicks in my understanding)

I've no klue who are they. Picture from Google Search - Minahs. But pretty hot right? Regret, never had a malay minah girl friend.
Bazaar at Geylang Serai

So when my ex-colleagues told me they were going to Geylang Serai Bazaar I was pretty excited cause I was pretty sure I kan have some Malay food and also fest my eyes with some minahs. Of course also have a good time gathering with my ex-colleagues.

#TeamMinah with Mel, Squid and my favourite Wad Da Fad~  A bit different from the minahs above but still can. :p

One thing we have to know about the Geylang Serai Bazaar is that it is the mother of all bazaar. You kan find anything you kan imagine and you kan't imagine. You will also see people selling funny things like toilet bowls and also kar. Other than that it would be the more normal stuff like food, karpet, kurtains and lights! 

Seriously, who needs Zouk when you have lights like this in Geylang?

So besides the lightings and all I guess the highlight has to be these Malay Kuay Kuay. It feels like Chinese New Year but only better because their Kuay Kuays are really sweet and the Makcik (Malay Aunties) are really very warm. I mean as long as you can speak or understand Malay. That's one thing that turns me off sometimes. Some of these aunties kouldn't speak English which is why we need Minah friends! YAY!

Because we can!
Just sample only. Free lah sia! 
Kookies that looks like donut! Pretty much. 
And you know how we chinese gives these red packet thing for kids during CNY? They have something similar too but look at those designs! POWER!

"Malay Red Packet" - Cantik!
Pretty Lighting is Pretty~ 
The reason why it is the mother of all bazaar is because it's really huge, it's so huge it is like few bus stop worth of shops and I heard each of these stall can Kost you up to $10,000 SGD a month. W-O-A-H! 

Being mother of all bazaars, they have seats by the road side that you can sit around and lepak. Or if it ain't really your style you can always check out koffee shop around the area!

It was a random meet up indeed but it sure was fun. It's always fun with these friends. Why? Is it because we kommunicated better as kompared to how I did when I was a kid or is it because we are way more open minded than everyone else? I wouldn't say we are geniuses but I would say we take life easier. We do not go all sensitive and on and on about how you are insulting my race or aku religion like people online. We laugh at each other's kulture and at the same time learn from it. I am glad I have Fadilah as a friend, I've learn many malay words and also about their kulture while we laughed at it. hahaha.

Like Rachie's best joke - "You know why the Malay guys go to Mosques on Fridays? Because Thanks God It's Friday." You have to admit this is pretty funny.

kan't wait for our next adventure together!

I am Abang Smith, people on the internet, take a chill pill lah siol...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Where is the love? That's what I am asking. Considering the fact that I am a heavy user of the internet, this thing is seriously getting into me and I'm really feeling a little painful to be online reading articles or just surfing through Facebook or Twitter.

I mean like we all agree that everything has pros and cons just like ying and yang but is our balance a little bit lope sided these days? As technology zoom pass us, it is pretty much a gift. We shrink the world, information get sent across the world so much easier and faster. Talents like Justin Bieber get to fame so much more easier. People gotten a voice, people no longer need main stream media to speak for themselves, everyone can speak for themselves and everyone can defend themselves.

I always say,
"everyone has a voice but the problem is not everyone has a brain." 

We must understand a fact that everybody has their own ideas and thoughts for everything. I can call myself an idealist and so do you but our ideal situation might not be the same. The truth about differences is that everybody is different, we do not need to make everyone think like you. 

This is one thing that people fail to understand thus having so many pointless online arguments.

You can fight for your right and I can fight for mine but I do not see the need to change another person or even trying to prove the other party wrong.

I am pro LGBT... you are not. done. We do not need to go on to insult people who pro LGBT are blah blah blah and people who are against LGBT are blah blah blah. As much as we point fingers and say that people who are against something are narrow minded, the fact is that so are we when we are doing that. If we are really open minded, we will understand the fact that why some people cannot accept certain thing. It just happens. This is how the world works.

I am feeling too much negativity on the social web especially locally these days. We complain about CPF, we complains about SMRT, STB, HDB, ERP, COE and to join the rank and in fact I must say this is one of the longest running rage online ever - NLB.

This is so painful that I do not even wish to weight in my thoughts because it has been overly discussed over the last weeks and I really tired and whatever I want to talk about should probably be written by others already.

Yes, I would say some "good" did come along with such happenings because some people get more informed and the situation has created more awareness. Some people made some good points and some didn't. But the thing is did they achieve what they want? In fact more and more books are getting pulled out isn't it? The fact is that it's not just about a book or two, it's about the principle of it. Yes I hear this loud and learn.

I feel like very often people are abusing the fact that they have "a voice" and they are fighting for the sake for the fighting. They are fighting for things that has been there for the longest time but they just wish to be heard and they feel the need to satisfy that need of theirs.

Racist, Gender, Animal Abuse, Money, Gahment and everything else. It's just too much..

Ya ya, let's fight for every smallest thing. 
Is it really necessary?

I like this article I saw on Facebook. Full of satire and yeah.. just read it.  By Joshua Chiang: (I think, I saw it on his FB which is shared by a friend)

It's time we colour-blind people stand up against the outright discrimination against us by almost all nations of the world. That's right, we're talking about how we have been unable to drive due to traffic lights having colours many of us can't tell apart!

We are thus organising a Green Dot event to protest this social injustice. We have chosen green as our official colour because red-green colour deficiency is the most common among all colour deficiencies, and green is also the colour that says 'go' in most traffic systems.

There will be speeches and color-guessing games based on the Ishihara charts and then we will form a giant GREEN DOT in the centre of the venue. Please come dressed in GREEN; if you don't know what green looks like, see the logo attached.

But because of things like these, more and more issues are surfacing isn't it? I guess sometimes the best control is no control. There are things in life that we really need things to move along as it should be.

Or maybe it's just me. Like I'm the typical type of fans if I support a band I will probably listen to your songs and maybe buy your albums but if you ask me about joining fan club, making banner, waiting for you at the airport or even tail gating you when you are in town, nah. But that doesn't means I do not support you, I do, I do it with action and action I think it's enough.

I am not saying that all of you should be like me - a silent supporter but I am saying that if you are one of those with a course, go ahead and do it. I am not stopping you, I do not need you to stop, I do not need you to agree with me but I am just saying I am so tired of your online action.

Despite of all the angry read online, I found this very interesting article:

My son wears dress but that's okay with me.

Whatever the case is, I wish you guys happy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

These bunch of crazy misfits are coming your way to save the galaxy this time you like it or not and I am really excited about it.

Who are they?

The truth about "the guardians of the galaxy" is that nobody, I say almost like nobody knows who they are unless you are a comic reader or you played the game - Marvel vs Capcom 3.

That would be me. When I 1st played the game and saw this "cute" Raccoon and that's where I came across this Raccoon. So who are they? Are they just another group of "Avengers" or another group of super heroes that want to do good, save the world, protect their love ones or simply because "with great power comes great responsibility"?

In fact they are so unknown I'm actually surprised they managed to get investors to invest in this movie!

Supporting the right side

You know how you watch a movie and you will choose a side and support someone in the show? The fact is that we all do that but I really do not get people on their choice. Why always support the good and typical self-righteous hypocrite that only want to do good things that is boring and save the world? So many of these "villains" are all misunderstood.

Let me tell you some of the people I support in the movies I watched.

Agent Smith - All time top of the list. He replicated himself over and over again. Wanted to change the world and make it a better place, we all know the machines are evil, so he wanted to take them all out. Neo is so emotional and boring. In fact that is where I got the inspiration of my name. My number 1 hero!

Joker - He taught us some important lessons in life. "Why so serious"? "Never do something you are good at for free." See, a man of wisdom. He see that human at Gotham are bad and he wants to put a stop to it.

Loki - He was kidnap and kept away from his real parents. Can you blame him for being unhappy? He just want to help his parents to get back what was theirs. Filial Piety. 

Moriarty - Sherlock is a Sociopath, he is rude, he has no EQ, he doesn't knows anything about love and he bully Watson all the time. This guy is against him. He is smart and he is standing against the biggest sociopath on this alone. This guy deserve a medal!

Freeza - Goku is a Saiyan sent to destroy Earth. Vegeta, Piccolo tried to destroy Earth, he wants to kill all 3 of them. So who is the hero here? And he sacrificed all his friends trying to get the dragon balls so he can live forever watching over the world. See how much self sacrifice that was.

Tyrion Lannister - One of the smartest man in the 7 realms. He knew he might die in the battle but he fought to keep the spirit of his soldiers high. He is realistic, objective and non-pretentious about things he do in life. And he always pays his debt, man of honour.
Rumpelstiltskin - Of course Dearie, the one man that always help you when you need help. All he is asking for is to let you guys learn your lesson that every has a price so nobody will abuse him. Which other friends of yours will always and I mean always help you? And he is a man of honour, he always honour his deal!
Xerxes - He is a kind God. He knew Leonidas and the other 300 good man is going to die and he offered an option but Leonidas was arrogant not to give in just because he think he is a Spartan. He wanted to make things better for the world but uniting them.

Nobody understand me...

Besides my bro, Player King of New York City - Barney Stinson. He is the only person that I know that support the right side ALL the time. 

He IS the REAL Karate Kid!
Oh oh The Guardians

Murderer, Thief, Thug, Maniac and erm.. "I am Groot" 

It's simply having a group of outlaws and letting them save the galaxy. How awesome is that? Finally they are the rewarding the real heroes with what they deserved.

Best quote from the trailer: (Source: IMDB)

Peter Quill: I look around and you know what I see? Losers!... But life's giving us a chance.
Drax the Destroyer: To do what?
Peter Quill: Something good, something bad... a bit of both.
Rocket Raccoon: Aw, what the hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway...

This is what is awesome about all these people I've mentioned. They get to do something good and something bad... A bit of both and that is the truth of life. Nobody can always do only good things, there are point in life that we need to do something bad in order for something good to come. 

Something Good

Talking about something good, something good did happen to me last Saturday. I get to meet not just two of the main actors but also the director and writer of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy! 

Zoe Saldana approves!
Almost couldn't believe my eyes that they are here in Singapore

Dave Bautista. What can I say? This big intimidating WWE star is so down to earth. He was the 1st to reached and last to complete his red carpet. He really do his best to make sure everyone gets a piece of him. He even signed random things that has nothing to do with him like Basketball and Skateboard. Given the hot weather and what he was wearing, even I might be a diva and just go "nah.. I'm not going to sign all these shit."
Oh, and why were we at the cinema? 
Because we get to watch a 17 min special preview of the show in IMAX 3D!! So freaking awesome. I can't wait to watch the full show! That's my gay buddy Ben. He's funny. Follow him on Twitter.
Oh, and "we" kinda took a selfie together as a whole event. To be honest despite being there and I was just a step away from taking a selfie with these guys I did not. I'm never one of those guy that get star struck thus I did not take any selfies with these famous people. I guess I'm more of a fan of their characters in the show then really fans of the actors. I guess more of a Marvel fan boy in this situation. 
The painful part

Now the painful part is that I have to wait till 31st July to catch the show. AHHHH!!!! 

P.S. If you like what your are ready, do vote for me daily at the Singapore Blog Awards under best lifestyle blog!  Thanks! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Many years ago when I was part of Man Hunt, the one question that they asked me at the finals was "If there is only one type of food that I will be eating for the rest of my life, what will it be."

My body back in 2001, during my men hunt days. If you believe this, then you also believe that Snow White did not use any SKII.
I mean being part of man hunt, we believe that good looks and good body is not all that matters. What is important is also our brain! So brainy Smith answered with a very smart answer, "That would be money. If I have money, I would buy all the food I like, like burgers, pizza, hot dogs and beer. Why stop at 1 when you can have more? Good big or good home baby."

Of course, with such a sweeping answer of preferring eating money(吃钱), I pretty much got myself a free coffee with the CAD instead of winning the competition. #TrueStory

Favourite Food 

Anyway, the main take away for the introduction paragraph is that I have 4 main food type that I really like - Burgers, Pizza, Hot Dogs and Beer. Despite the fact that I am really bad at writing a food reviews, I will do this for the sake of #SmithBurgerAdventure because I really love burgers and this burger is so nice!


Thanks to the article on LifeStyle Asia - 10 Best gourmet burgers in Singapore which I also titled it - "Top 10 places a good wife needs to bring their hubby to." which of course my very nice wife(as well as my makan buddyTed Mosby Keong has decided to play along. And burger joint number 1 is none other than Suprette. Erm, simply because it's nearer to our place.

Kam Leng Hotel

Located near the popular Lavender pig organ soup and if you are very bad at parallel parking like me, you may wish to park at City Square Mall where they have cash card parking. It's just a short say 5mins walk for 1.75m and above and a short 8 mins walk for anyone below.

A very nostalgia look at Kam Leng Hotel. 
甜蜜蜜~ I think Leon Lai anyhow park his bicycle here hor. 

At the hotel lobby is where this awesome burger joint is hidden!

Although we call it a burger joint but actually they have quite a good menu all day including some interesting beers as well as cocktails!

Small, but they have everything that makes me happy.
The Burger

Served on a old school mental plate is the star of the day. The signature burger - Suprette Burger. And below is a system that I came out with to rate my burgers. Bun, patty, Size, Fries(or other sides), Damage, Promotions and Final Verdict. 

Bun: Soft and fresh
Patty: Thick and Juicy
Burger Size: Just nice, it is not one of those that is too big and you can't hold and bite. And when you are done with the burger, you still have room for a bit of fries.
Fries: Skinny, almost comparing or in fact better than McDonald's (I know it's a bad comparison but I really love McDonald's Fries.) Best part? It's FREE FLOW FRIES!! Now THAT'S THE DREAM!

Damage: $25 before GST and Service Charge
Promotion: If you like their Facebook page and uses a mastercard, you get a 10% off total bill!
Final Verdict: When it comes to food, the ultimate question is always "Will I go back", so Final Verdict? Yes. Despite I have 9 more joints to go, this place is one of those that I will mark as going back!

Suprette, Kam Leng Hotel lobby, 
383 Jalan Besar Singapore 209001, 
+65 6298 8962,

Mr.Smith, 1 down 9 to go. 

P.S. My buddy keong is still single and available. Our after dinner activity was 2hrs of Wii gaming at my place but 3 is a little odd. If any girls keen to join our party of 4 aka interested in keong, please write in to smithleong@gmail.com with your relationship resume as well as a recent photograph of yourself. Thanks. #NotJoking