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Monday, March 02, 2015

The year is 2015 and the biggest thing online ain't about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee anymore. The biggest thing online is actually - CATS. Not the play but the real cats. The real pussy!

Meet my 3 little naughty boys. (Left to Right) Marshall the scaredy cat (literally), Ted the Bully and Brover the dog who thinks he is a cat.
To be very honest, I have never been the biggest fan of cats because of my mum. My mum will always tell me about how dirty cats are when I was a kid and that's how I got this very bad impression about them. I only get to know them better around 5-6 years ago when I met a friend with a cat. He was so cute and smart and I instantly fall in love with them and gotten myself a pair and life was never the same again. Yes, I became a cat slave and the best part is I'm actually happy about it.

Cats behaviours are very interesting and I can just spend a full day watching them and be entertained so I am not surprised they became so big online.

So talking about their behaviour, do you remember how much I hated cat cafes? I cannot stand the fact that people pay money in and wants to "break even" by touching the cats, hugging them, taking picture excessively by chasing them. I do not blame these people because they are not familiar with the animals because these animals are not like dog. They need their space to do their own things. So some of you might ask me if they cannot do anything why are they at the cat cafe? I think the best way to enjoy the cat cafe is to be there, read your book, play with your iPhone and wait for the cats to come to you. If they want some attention and manja they will come to you.

Dining with Cats. 

If dancing with wolves ain't your thing you can consider dining with cats.(pardon me for the bad pun) Our friendly neighbourhood Cat Rescue Team has a new program and you will totally love it if you are a cat lover!

This is Gurly, one of the many cats you get to mee. Photos by Furry Photos.
So basically you pay a small sum of money, you get to eat awesome food from Garden Slug and surrounded by nice lovely cats. These money will not just go into their own pocket but these fund will actually go to more cat rescue work! Super awesome right??

And the best part is that you get to meet the good people behind LuvKuching. Elaine and Andy are very passionate people and you can definitely learn some cat care tips from them!

I don't think i can say it better than them so read the full story here! 

And if you are there (or even if you are not) do remember to share this story with your friends and spread the word of cat rescue and live saving! You can be a super hero too! (Cheesy ending line, checked.)

Here's a song dedicated to all the stray and abandon cats out there!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

No thanks to Google new content policy about removing nudity and adult content, I had to give my blog a good check. The last I applied for Google Ad Sense and i was rejected for that and now, hearing this new policy ain't anything funny to me. Not being able to earn the dollar and having all these memories locked up is hell lot of a difference.

I mean I could start another blog but it will never be the same. Not just because of my SEO, or personal branding but it will just be something new, something which is not this one. You will understand this is you are a hoarder like me. It's almost like them rebooting Spider (again). Could be better but surely not the same.

Deleting blog post can be really tough for a hoarder like me. Some of those blog posts are dumb and silly but never the less they are my memories. Without the 1st 1,000 blog post, there will never be the blog post I am writing today. It is just like eating cookies. You can't just go to the 7th piece and feel full, you have to eat all the 7 pieces. Patience.

Anyway, while doing this whole spring cleaning thing, I realized that this blog has been around for 10 yrs! Omgosh... I didn't even noticed that. Everytime when people ask me about it and I just go "maybe 6 or 7 yrs." It's actually 10 freaking years!!!

10 years, that's how long my favourite TV show lasted. Which was more than 10 years ago. WHAT!
This 10 years hasn't always been a bed of roses. There are better months where I write more post and also better days that I get better clicks. Although I always say that this blog is nothing more than a hobby to me, I must say that this blog has brought me to places I could never had imagine.

It brought me to so many places like literally. Traveling, opened up so many doors of opportunities for me which includes meeting so many new and awesome people.

I mean, besides the fact that my written English kinda got better, I add more pictures, videos etc to my blog post, I still read a lot of consistency in my blog post from 10 yrs ago. The tone, how straight forward I was back then and now, how some principles of mine never changes. My believes in being passionate about things you do etc.

So that got me thinking, I went far with this shit but how long can I last. (That's what she said)

Here's a blog post for the 40 years old Smith. Oh God, 10 mores years and I will be 40 WHATTTT...

Dear 10 years later Smith, 


If you are reading this, 1st thing 1st, Congrats that Google did not lock this freaking blog up on 23rd March 2015 for having adult content which youwe really do not have much to begin with. 

Next up, congrats that you are still alive. Despite the fact that you started driving and drives like a road rage. The fact that you are overweight and Burger king is still your favourite food. The weather is getting hotter and hotter year to year like how much cleavage the girls are showing and I'm surprised earth did not blow up just like that. And The Walking Dead (I hope you still remember this show.) did not happen in real life, we did not become a walker. 

How Are You?

Now we have gotten the whole congrats out of the way, let's get things straight. Being practical, I hope you are reading this is a nicer, bigger office with more staff working under you. You are driving (still with a legit license) a very awesome car which is so expensive but you do not mind paying for because you are richer than the car and I hope it's not a ferrari Taxi. 

Stay hungry and keep working for a better tomorrow! 

Newer Media?

Not too sure how much technology has advanced and if shit like blogging, Twitter, Instagram still means anything in the society now. I really hope they come out with a better way to measure KPIs for online influencers instead of just by pure numbers where we both know it's not exactly accurate. There's so many tips and tricks out there to spin these numbers. I hope you are still the same guy who is happy and always about having fun. I mean maybe a bit more mature at the age of 41 but still cool and hip. Writing stuff influencing younger writers and teaching them the ropes. Not about writing what is right or wrong but about doing what that gets people started. Start to think and be inspired. 

How are some of the bloggers we know? Are they still doing this? Or did they just fall off the radar? Did they become a sell out? Did Dash Dash take over Xiaxue's blog? Do you think I can still recongize how Dawn Yang look if you actually invented the time machine and send her 2025 picture to 2015? Is Mr Brown still relevant? What about your friends? Did yongwei slim down? Did Mint Leong become famous? Are people like Hpility, Renzze, Carrie, Nadia etc still in the scene? Do they still attend event or is event already a cliche? What about us? Did we win some other awards? Are you like some super blogger yet? Or are you just reading this because you remember this post? More importantly I hope you are not a sell out now. If you are, mid life crisis or not, stop that shit. 

Remember your own quote' "There's a lot of things that I can earn money from but there are only so little things that makes me happy." 

I would love to believe that Social Media and Mainstream media grew hand in hand without people asking "will social media take over mainstream" anymore and I am sure it is no longer still known as New Media. If they already used the word new media in 2008, what are they going to call the newer media if any in 2018? Contemporary Media? Modern Media? 

Media, TV, Sports and what not

I hope Jack Neo has stopped the whole Ah Boys to Men shit. If he did not it should be Ah Men to Uncle - ABTM 13. Right? I also hope Lakers are doing better now. I am very sure Kobe has retired by now. Did LeBron overtake MJ with 7 titles? Is Wiggins one of the greatest player now? Is he even playing at like LeBron or Kobe level? Did Durant win any titles at the end of the day? And did they legalize porn in Singapore? Do we have our own Playboy channel or magazine? Nude beach in Sentosa? 

Who is our leading party now? 


How's Dad and Mum? Dad should be in his 80s and mum in her 70s. I sure hope they are doing well and living. And almost the impossible, if Ah Ma is around still she would be 112 years old. Seriously? How's Junjun, is she married? Is it Glen? How are the kids? Nat would be 18 and both Abby and Jordan would already be in teenage as well. Is Jordan a basketballer? What about Ted, Marshall and Brover? They are my greatest fear actually. I am not too sure if they can hang on that long. I know pets have to leave us one day but we can never be prepared for this day no matter how much we think about it. 

I mean besides 4D and ToTo numbers I guess these are pretty much some of the questions I have for the future as well as message I want to send. I hope I have written enough on this blogpost for you to read in 10years from now. If you have ever drifted too far away from who you really are now, I hope this blog post can bring you back to become who you truly are. 

Always be true to yourself no matter what. 

And of course, last but not least I hope you are reading this blog post with our wife Chris and probably your daughter or son. ;) 

Here's to us for keeping this blog alive for 20 yrs! (If you are reading this). CHEERS!!! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mahjong is not just a game of money and luck but also a game of wits, body language reading and of course a very healthy social event.

I am pretty sure you can tell that I am pro Mahjong with that very positive intro of the game. Some of you might not know but I've learnt how to play mahjong since the age of 10. It's one of the very few things that my dad has taught me since young. Not exactly a thing I am proud of if you look at it as a form of gambling but it has taught me a lot too.

I know friends who will meet random people online or friends of friends just to play mahjong over the weekend but that is one of those things that I cannot do. I am very particular about my mahjong kakis. To me winning is not important, it is about the process of the game and like I mentioned, social gathering. I am not too sure about you guys but there are some mahjong players that I simply can't stand!

1. Die Die Must Win 

Winning, it's Monica's thing and we all know. 

The super competitive players. They want to win. They will keep winning no matter what. I think this is a very personal preference for me which a lot of you might not relate. Maybe because I 1st started playing Mahjong with my parents and brother and winning and losing ain't really the biggest thing that we try to achieve so when we see anyone losing until very badly especially on the last "wind", we will try to game a bigger game of at least 5 - 6 folds minimum. With such gentlemanly (I would shamelessly call myself a gentlemen in this case) practice at home, it is hard for me to accept people who win 1 fold just to finish the game because they already won a lot and do not want to offer others a chance.  #ItsProbablyJustMe

2. The Zero Fighter

If my mum can read English and is reading this, this is probably for her. I cannot stand people who has basically 0 folds on table and pong chi pong chi all the random suits and HOPE to get a flower in order to win. I mean like, WAH LAU EH! ENJOY THE GAME CAN? I know gambling needs a lot of luck but can you don't be so lazy and leave EVERYTHING to luck? JUST DO IT DOESN'T WORK THIS WAY!

3. The Slowpoke 

I think this is one of the most hated players by everyone who plays in a decent pace. I understand we need to think once in awhile but this slowpoke is really out of the world. Think very slow and worst part is not during their turns they just refuse to pay attention and look at phone and what not. Wah Lau eh.

4. The Problem Child 

Always play but forever asking the same question.

"Eh, if I no tai, I can game the middle tile or not?"
"Eh, if I half color is 2 folds?"
"Sorry ah, so if I pong already can I still chi?"


5. The "Sorry I never draw money, let me transfer you or maybe next time" 

DBS got this part right, JUST PAY LAH!
The ultimate chao kua. No money don't come out play mahjong lah. I play to kill time, I play for entertainment. I don't play usually play like 50cent $1, so end of the night your lost can be as low as a few dollars to max $50-$60 for a whole night. Can you fucking go draw money ahead of time? I hate it when people just leave the room without paying and keeps forgetting and there after I have to keep chasing. I know I ah beng but do I look like Ah Long?

6. The Tiny Bladder 

Self explanatory. Forever going toilet, after toilet go drink water, after drink water go find snacks. Take forever to finish 1 game.  MEH

7. The Couple

No good reason for tag team play unless you are good like these boys. 
Super love birds who plays tag team game very well. BF feed GF, GF Feed BF. Might as well get a room and have sex.

8. The "You Shall Not Pass" 

No surprise on the choice of meme here.
Because he lost round 1, he is making you guys go for round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5 until either you give up and let him win or he runs out of patience. Either way, not funny!

9. The Sore Loser

I guess this is the ultimate one that nobody can stand. Lose already black face whole night, don't talk to people, give people attitude, scold people, curse people, etc etc. I once had a friend who lost almost everything in the drawer (which was only $50 I think) and instead of counting the left over, she pulled her drawer out, threw the rest of the remaining little chips she had and said, "give you all lah give you all lah. Take everything lah" DOH. Cannot lose don't play.

10. King Of Mahjong

On the opposite pole of the sore loser. Not the type that keeps winning but the type that is very okay with losing. Sometimes I lose so much and still so happy about it that I scare my friends. They will wonder if I am really okay or am I just putting up a fake front. I am bias like this, if I am willing to sit down to play Mahjong with you, that means I am very okay to lose to you as long as we all enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. And sometimes people really hate someone who is THAT nice. #CantBlameMe

So why did I write this post? Because I just watched King of Mahjong and I was very inspired. We can tell that this is a comedy from the unbelievable cast of comedians. To be honest, I've never imagined to see such a cast on 1 single movie. Basically some of the best comedian from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Local King meets HK King. This two dudes are super funny and quick witted. Not just in the show but also during the red carpet event. Meeting them in person is really an amazing experience! 
So how I can get inspired by a COMEDY? This is life, sometimes you get inspiration from the most unexpected places. This story doesn't promotes gambling. This story promotes good attitude in life.
To be honest, losing is tough, nobody likes it when you lose. I hate to lose in certain things in life even till today but I guess I had it the easy way for me when it comes to mahjong because I started really young. My brother and dad was very strict about me being a sore loser especially when I was younger. My brother set a very good example to me. He was always laughing and positive about it even when losing. He will say things like "small money only, I HAVE!" As times goes by and you "lose more often", you start to understand that it is not just about winning sometimes. It's about losing gracefully. Sometimes losing is winning. That's the morale of the story.

I really like how prety Cheronna Ng 吴嘉熙 is. She totally caught my attention at 1st glance but Venus Wong 王敏奕's character had more to show in the show. Super awesome acting from her.
And my favourite part of this show? They ALLOWED CANTONESE!!! OMG! SUPER HAPPY! Those conversations were so natural and close to heart! (Cantonese is 1st language for me in my family) This show is a very good show for the festive season and it's really amazing to see so many familiar faces in one show.

Local "Jokers". Pretty cool to see Pat Mok! Been awhile since we saw her on any shows. And that's Dennis Chew with his "GONG XI GONG XI GONG SIMI Tee!"
So don't forget to catch this show if you like comedy! Don't forget to watch this show if you like Mahjong! This show will be up on the 1st day of Chinese New Year which is 19th Feb!

Always remember, 牌品好,人品就好。

Mr.Smith, handsome is one word not two words. Hand Some

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I've been on the internet for a long time. Not just social media but internet. When I was 1st introduced to the internet, the year was 1998 and the sound of music to me was the dial tone of my 56k modem. Internet back then was pretty bad. There was no web 2.0 and the mother of social media was mIRc.

It was all good and fun as almost everyone was just as clueless. We do not have much scams or trolls. We do not have things like SMRT Feedback, we do not have Xiaxue and we also do not have Smithankyou. (boohoohoo). There were less judgement, less "rules"and less of what is "do and don't". Basically everyone can do anything and get away with it?

So we fast forward to 2015 and things are way more advance, internet speed is faster, the organisation of information is better, interaction is better as well.

But are things really better? We got leaked in iCloud, we got sites getting hacked, we got nude picture leaked (not complaining), we got internet trolls that hide behind screens that scrutinise everything, complain and comment everything. Basically, the keyboard warriors.

of course, haters gonna hate in these days.

So what do you do about these people?

When life gives you hater, you are make them happy and give them due attention. heh.

"OMG!! Good news for the morning!! I finally getting one of those balless key board warrior hater thing!!! ‪#‎FinallyFamous‬ And here's a really ugly selfie for you! ‪#‎Yay‬ ‪#‎BestTuesdayEver‬"

What precaution can you do to make internet a better place? What about protecting yourself? Not uploading your own nude picture? Not uploading important information like your address, your credit card, your passport or IC numbers. Having a strong password to prevent hacking? Store things on cloud?

Anyway, I think everyone need to do their part to make internet a better place. So do your part! And if you have haters? Don't get affected! Heh. Here's NOC's video:

Are you an internet troll:

Monday, February 09, 2015

I did this little challenge some time ago where I can only communicate using social media.

We know we all love social media and some of us call ourselves a social media addict but can you communicate with everyone purely via just social media?

I wish I could have uploaded it sooner but as the documentary was going through some sort of private screening only phase, we did not want to expose this online.

Anyway, Got Video Got Talk.

For those interested and wondering who did it and was sharp enough to see the opening credits. It was by a group of students back then. They are currently all experts in their own industry and mainly in the firm industry. Here's a shout out to these awesome young people!

kaneholder@gmail  - Kane
zatysafwaty@gmail.com - Zaty
ethan.c.warman@gmail.com - Ethan from USA
D.austincherry@gmail.com - Austin from USA
orhceh@live.com - Bruce

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Not too sure if you have noticed this but I added this hashtag recently on my Bio.

I did that not simply because I want to be "atas" and not be related to anyone besides that fact that you are really not, but I have my reasons.

Let's break it down and look from the other point of view. So why do you even call someone bro?

1. When you don't remember a person's name
2. When you need a favour
3. When you want to force a false sense of bond for certain reason
4. When you guys are really close
5. When you guys are really brothers (maybe not even actually)

So unless you are point 4 and 5, which is actually very seldom,(if you put some thoughts into it, your closer friends don't call you bro.) there is no good reason to call anyone "bro".

And more often, someone call you "bro" because of point 3. Creating this false impression of closeness and to make you like him or her and feel obligated to help.

"Hey Bro, do you mind if you pass me this?"

"Bro, my car ran out of coupon, got one to spare?"

"Bro, this one my friend, can help and give a chop and let her enter 1st?"

"Bro, got lighter?"

"Bro, help ah, give chance ah. I park awhile only, go pee ah. 1 chance ah bro."

Do not fall into this mind trick. So yes, do not call me bro. It pushes me away more than pull me closer because I know it's a lie.

I mean, unless my dad really did have sex with your mum or the other way, else, we really ain't bros.

Mr.Smith, we ain't no bros.

Monday, February 02, 2015

The Little Death

It has been a little while since I last did a movie review. It's not because I did not watch movies or neither is it because none of the shows were worth it but I guess pretty much was due to the fact that I've been watching a lot of main stream movies these days and those reviews can be found anywhere else easily.  #HipsterGonnaHip

Anyway, I was introduced to this show "The Little Death" recently and I managed to get a copy of it. I was 1st drawn to it because it was about sex and it's a comedy so I thought nothing can go wrong and I guess setting such expectation did give me a great element of surprise. And by you reading this probably already spoilt the fun of it.

The Little Death is like Love Actually but the sex version of it. It's interconnected by a few different characters and stories. Which is kinda like my favorite chick flick he's just not that into you as well.

----- warning------Minor Spoiler Alert from this point onwards. ----- warning------

Something that really impressed me was that it's not just one of those shows where they use sex, boobs and hot actress just to fulfill the box office need. It shows a very raw and real side of couples and sex. The truth that no matter how much you love each other or how perfect you are a couple in the day, there will be minor differences in life especially sex that comes in between couples.

This is something that I've always stressed about in couples. It might sounds shallow or even a little crazy but the fact is that sexual compatibility is just as important as any amount of compatibility as anything else. You might not know but many relationships and marriage simply fall out as sex as their biggest issue.

Not doing the way the other person like it, not doing as much as the other person or maybe even difference in physical. These are just basics.

In the show, they also touch on the fact of sexual festish. One of those things that maybe even your husband or wife might judge you for. Are you able to handle the person you love the most and want to spend the rest of your life with have weird sexual fantasy? How far can you go? How weird is weird? 3some? BDSM? Swinger? Public sex? And how far are you willing to accommodate? I know, many might say that sex is not everything in a relationship but the irony is that it can be something that breaks down everything.

Sex is something very intimate and something that "should" only be done with the one that you person that you have agreed to marry, love, take care of and be "fateful" to. It might sounds totally reasonable to many of us because since young, we have been "educated" in a way be it through schools, religion media and even our parents to believe that being faithful means not hurting the one you love and means not sleeping around because sleeping around means you are a slut or unfaithful. And at the same time, if you believe in God, that's probably the reason why there's Aids or any other STDs because sleeping around is a "crime".

But have you stop and think about it before, if sex is like dancing it means that no matter how much you love somebody and how lousy that person is at dancing, you can only dance with that person simply because you love him/her? Or play badminton or tennis only with that person because you love that person and this is an unique activity that you have to do with that person no matter how big a difference are your style in?

How can someone dance hip hop with a person who can only dance tango? My analogy here might be a little far fetch, or is it? It is only far fetch if your mindset if fixed because sex is different from anything else. It is sacred and special. Or is it not? Is it really that different?

Whichever the case your believe is when it comes to sex, the power of this show is showing you the fact that sex CAN in fact be very very complicated for couples. No matter how perfect you are a couple by day, by night, every other couple might have difference and such difference need communication and even certain compromising to be made in order to have a strong and loving relationship. Sex therapist plays a very big part but the ball (no pun intended) still lies in your hand about how open are you to fulfill each other's desire.

Would this be less complicated if sex is something that can be accepted like something totally unrelated with love? Something like dinner. You can have dinner with anyone without going home feeling like you've cheated on your wife because it's just dinner. And your wife will not get angry because you ate dinner with someone else. Because dinner is not exclusive, because having dinner with someone else doesn't means you love that person more. It could just means that your wife ain't free for dinner or because you want to eat Chinese food that night and your wife ain't into Chinese. This might sound crazy but imagine how many couple would still be a happy and perfect couple together if this is how sex is written?

This is Erin James. Her scene was really funny and i thought she was really pretty!
Anyway, besides this part of the show, there's also some very interesting scenes, twist and also jokes in the show. It might not have a great cast that you will find familiar, graphics or even Michael Bay bombing but this show definitely worth watching if you are into such social topics like me.

Mr.Smith says it might not be like Dark Knight but I still give it 5/5 for its genre and uniqueness. Way better than Don Juan for sure. ScarJo didn't save that show. 

P.S This show is "The Little Death - 2014." Not to be confused with another show "Little Death - 2011"

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It is never easy to make friends less say keeping them. The biggest problems about friendship is that everyone has different expectation from friends. Some expect your to always be there as friends, we need to honour trust, loyalty and whatever not code but to some, friends are just people we have in a social life and we can live with or without them. Inspired by recent events I thought I wanna talk about some friends we all have!

The dream friendship that everyone wished for. 

1. The Leech 
maybe also the one that sucks

I wish I could tell you that it is true that I've a friend that gives me a good blow job everytime I wanted it but I can't Because I am married and my wife might not be too happy because I do not have one. The truth of the leech is the one that always comes out and will tell you "sorry no money" Will never offer to buy any thing and even if she or he did they will probably say something like forget sorry.

The one that pinch on your food from your table, go out on a party or dinner and purposely say do not want to order because no money but say yes because people will say "nevermind lah, just order, we pay for you 1st", and start to post his or her "want" list during birthday period and hope you get for them.

Worst is he or she will actually be seen traveling, buying other gadgets at the end of the year. They ain't bad friend as long as you are rich enough, they can be the best of friends and listen to you and have fun together but they can seriously play the pitiful card and leech your moolah.

2. The Han "Solo" 

This is han solo, we love this friend. He is cool, he is fun and he is the one person we can chat all night and tell him or her everything but the biggest problem is that he doesn't hangout well with anyone else. This person might be a little awkward in a group or just has very low EQ, whichever but basically this person's problem is that you only hangs out with him/her alone.

I am not sure about you guys but I love to mix my friends and show my friends my other cool friends but we all have this "Solo" friend that you can only meet him/her for drinks alone.

3. The one we all have no idea why we are still friends 

This friend of ours deserves a high 5... with a chair... in his face... He/she sucks. He/she gets under your skin every time they talk. Everything they do piss me off, meeting them makes night longer than anything but we still meet up because we are from a same clique or because they are your friends' partner. Seriously the most painful "friend" anyone can get and not able to just cut them off.

4. The one who does all the Selfies 

Because long arms are long and according to the internet, men who take selfies are psycho. I do not agree.

it's always good to have them around because there will always be memories left on the internet. Even those where you regretted.

5. The "I'm on my way"

That phone call probably went down like this,

"oie, we all reached liao. Where are you?"
"oh, sorry sorry, on the way.."

And your this person probably only reach in another 30 mins and the truth was "on the way... (to brush my teeth). Getting laid is cool but having to wait for late comer is not so cool. Don't you miss the days where we do not have mobile phone and everyone is always on time because we need to wait at the phone booths at Bedok interchange at the specific time.

6. The one that always jio

This is my favourite friend because they will always "jio" everyone out. I can be very lazy and passive when it comes to meeting up especially ever since I shifted into my own place where I just wanna lie around at home in my boxers and watch TV or play video games. It is this kinda friend that keep my social life going, asking us out, creating social event for the clique and make sure we stay connected. Thanks for being the best type of friends!

7. The one that always go "BO JIO" 

This meme will never be famous if not for these askhole. Not even sure if we purposely do not wanna jio them or just that we really always forgotten about them but they are always there at almost every picture or check-in waiting to reply "#BoJIO". You might feel bad at 1st or this might even be funny for a start but after awhile you be like...

So ya, fuck you understand?

8. The Special Phone Call Guy - also the insurance agent,  property agent, MLM, getting married want your ang bao, son birthday want your ang bao, wanna borrow money, knows you are a blogger and wants free blog post guy.

The good thing about technology is that all our good friends are just 1 text or 1 phone call away but the bad thing is that our bad friends are also 1 text or 1 phone call away. Friends should always scratch each other's back without a doubt but this type of friends are seriously the virus of all friendsheep. (meh)

I've had this very bad experience with a "friend" that I have not met for years. He gave me a call and told me is a lunch catch up with everyone from yesteryear. When I drop a text to the rest, I actually found out that nobody knew about this so call catch up. Lucky for me to find out the truth before going down and rejected him. I heard another common friend didn't check and got cheated down to a session where it's only two of them and he sat and listen to a 2 hours long sales pitch about some magical product that can help him earn money. #TrueStory

9. The one who got away

Most of us probably have 1, 2 or more ex relationships as well as ex friendship but the later sounded a little weird but yet true and painful. We were like Superman and Lois Lane when things were good. We spent time together, we talk on phone, we wore the same watch and we call ourselves brothers from another mother which make my dad sounds like an asshole but we didn't care.

We have everything under our feet and we thought things will never change. We planned about being each others' best man and I want to marry my son to your daughter but things don't always go according to plan.

The one friend that we didn't imagine losing and we didn't even imagine that we do not and will not even speak of that name with anyone else anymore. The most painful memory. It can be argument of any form or even be because your partners just do not like them. It's a painful memory.

I had to camouflage my face you wouldn't see me anymore.

10. The Wrong Timing

One of my favourite quote from HIMYM. This usually happens between friendsof an opposite gender (most of the time). You guys are better than good and it's not a daily thing that people will ditch their partner for someone else they just met along the way or maybe the "window" (for those of you who ain't familiar with this term, check out How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 10) just ain't right and things just never ever happened. That being said, being best friends and being partners ain't always the same so this friend is also known as the mayor of friendzone. We all know that things could be different someday in some other universe but too bad, not this one, at least not this one that we know.


It might not be international friendship day yet but I want to take this chance to thank all of you for being my friend and accepting me for who I am. Else, Fuck you. 

here's one song Chinese KTV Kakis will sing especially when we are all drunk. LOL. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

You know your friends and you have grown up when you posted a picture of a robotic cleaner and everyone got very excited asking for reviews, price and where did I get it. You just can’t say no to time I guess. * shrugs *

Anyway, the long awaited review has arrived! I shall do it in a FAQ Version for easy reading.

* For the lazy people, scroll all the way down for TL;DR Version

deebot ecovacs

Does it really clean?

To be honest, I guess that is the very 1st question everybody ask. Everyone gets very skeptical about a new technology including myself. I’ve tested it and let it run and it really does clean the house pretty well especially for my place because of  the mess created by the the cat litter box .

You can actually set the timer and it will automatically moves around the house and do its round. The censor is pretty accurate and it will move around the whole house as long as you pick up all the floor mat that might tangle it. So the magic is set it an hour or 2 before reach home and you will always be greeted by a clean home when you return!

If you are not much into the timer cleaning function, you can also just turn it on when you are home and it has a few style of movement. You can also control it around like a remote control car! Haha.

Very Sexy Packaging too!

Is it noisy?

It is actually very quiet. Way quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners for sure.  If you know how db works, it is only 56 db.

Watch this video of how it moves around and how quiet it is.

From this video you also can tell how smart it is. It will not move into furnitures or wall. So you do not need to worry about it getting “hurt” or “hurting” your expensive furniture.

You have dogs and cats right, Is it pet friendly?

My cats got a little freak out the 1st few times but they just ignore it and jump onto high ground for safety. The dog just follows it around for a short while and lost interest it in shortly. So I guess I can say it is very friend. It’s not like a high speed robot so it will not hurt your pets for sure.

Told my wife I was vacuuming the floor and my dog ain't even affected by it moving around. Two fans? Because I'm fabulous like this. 

How much ah?

It is currently on a promotion. Including shipping it is approx. $527 SGD.

I thought I saw got cheaper version. What is the difference? What so special this one?

There is a cheaper  version from the same brand as well. The one I have gotten here is smaller, lower at 88mm as compared to the 92mm. So it can actually go lower. (* cough.. snigger*)

Going down down down down~

It also has a bigger capacity bin. 0.7L vs the 0.3L which means you can have it clean longer before clearing out the dirt from the bin. So how big is 0.7L?

More importantly for me is that it is the quieter version. 56db vs 60db. But to be honest, I am not sure how much louder is 4db.

You might not believe it just like I did not, this version actually comes with a mop function instead of vacuum. Just replace that vacuum part with the cloth given and it becomes a mop function. To be honest, I don’t really trust that part of it. I will still just use it as a vacuum.

And for people who are into product design, this version has a sexier remote control too.

Here's the very sexy remote! 
Where to buy?

Where else but SEA.TAOBAO! But point to note. *** Very Important. NO PARCEL FORWARDING, parcel forwarding doesn’t support lithium batteries so this can’t be bought using our forwarders that’s why special deal shipped direct

Place order with Singapore / Malaysia Address. Uncheck Parcel Forwarding. UNCHECK YOUR FORWARDER!! ***

Since CNY is round the corner and you are buying this, you can check out the other CNY promotions too!


This gadget is really very good for maintaining the cleanliness of your house on a daily basis especially for lazy young couples like my wife and I. It takes up much duty from us after a long day of work and I really think this is a very good investment.


And if you are really considering buying it, check out Taobao Facebook Page as well as it will be releasing a 20Yuan Hongbao to offset this purchase. So don’t forget to check it out! https://www.facebook.com/taobaosea

UPDATE 26th Jan 2015

Looks like this article was pretty well received and I've gotten quite a fair bit of replies and more questions from you guys so I am going to share a little bit more here! 

What if some of the parts spoilt leh? 

They are pretty much ahead of us. Just look at all the spare parts that came in the package! 

The grey cloth is the mopping cloth I was talking about earlier! 
Can I check out its bottom? 

That didn't sound very right to me but here you go. As you can see there is an all directional rotatable front wheel which helps it to move into any area. You can see the "flippers", and you also learnt that they are replaceable from the previous spare parts picture. The two silver mental piece is actually the charging port where power is restored. And the green duster area is actually when the dust will be sucked in.

How do I clear the dust? 

Just like any vacuum cleaner, you can simply remove the bin compartment. 

How Does The Schedule Function Works?

I think this is one of the most amazing function which I have mentioned earlier. Just to share a bit more in details. You can actually set a timing like an alarm clock and Deebot will be activated on its own. Deebot will clean your place and it will save a small amount of battery enough for him to find his way home and continue to charge again. Yes! Deebot knows his way home. Got Video Got Talk! And yes, this is my favourite function. Super cool! 

For demonstration purposes, I will just use the "Back to base" button which is on the remote. There are more than 1 way for it to go home and you do not even need to carry it yourself.


I think this is the most important part. The result! I let it ran like 1 hr a day for 3 nights and this is the result.

That's the charging unit at the back ground
Power of 3 pets.