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Friday, January 23, 2015

You know your friends and you have grown up when you posted a picture of a robotic cleaner and everyone got very excited asking for reviews, price and where did I get it. You just can’t say no to time I guess. * shrugs *

Anyway, the long awaited review has arrived! I shall do it in a FAQ Version for easy reading.

* For the lazy people, scroll all the way down for TL;DR Version

deebot ecovacs

Does it really clean?

To be honest, I guess that is the very 1st question everybody ask. Everyone gets very skeptical about a new technology including myself. I’ve tested it and let it run and it really does clean the house pretty well especially for my place because of  the mess created by the the cat litter box .

You can actually set the timer and it will automatically moves around the house and do its round. The censor is pretty accurate and it will move around the whole house as long as you pick up all the floor mat that might tangle it. So the magic is set it an hour or 2 before reach home and you will always be greeted by a clean home when you return!

If you are not much into the timer cleaning function, you can also just turn it on when you are home and it has a few style of movement. You can also control it around like a remote control car! Haha.

Very Sexy Packaging too!

Is it noisy?

It is actually very quiet. Way quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners for sure.  If you know how db works, it is only 56 db.

Watch this video of how it moves around and how quiet it is.

From this video you also can tell how smart it is. It will not move into furnitures or wall. So you do not need to worry about it getting “hurt” or “hurting” your expensive furniture.

You have dogs and cats right, Is it pet friendly?

My cats got a little freak out the 1st few times but they just ignore it and jump onto high ground for safety. The dog just follows it around for a short while and lost interest it in shortly. So I guess I can say it is very friend. It’s not like a high speed robot so it will not hurt your pets for sure.

Told my wife I was vacuuming the floor and my dog ain't even affected by it moving around. Two fans? Because I'm fabulous like this. 

How much ah?

It is currently on a promotion. Including shipping it is approx. $527 SGD.

I thought I saw got cheaper version. What is the difference? What so special this one?

There is a cheaper  version from the same brand as well. The one I have gotten here is smaller, lower at 88mm as compared to the 92mm. So it can actually go lower. (* cough.. snigger*)

Going down down down down~

It also has a bigger capacity bin. 0.7L vs the 0.3L which means you can have it clean longer before clearing out the dirt from the bin. So how big is 0.7L?

More importantly for me is that it is the quieter version. 56db vs 60db. But to be honest, I am not sure how much louder is 4db.

You might not believe it just like I did not, this version actually comes with a mop function instead of vacuum. Just replace that vacuum part with the cloth given and it becomes a mop function. To be honest, I don’t really trust that part of it. I will still just use it as a vacuum.

And for people who are into product design, this version has a sexier remote control too.

Here's the very sexy remote! 
Where to buy?

Where else but SEA.TAOBAO! But point to note. *** Very Important. NO PARCEL FORWARDING, parcel forwarding doesn’t support lithium batteries so this can’t be bought using our forwarders that’s why special deal shipped direct

Place order with Singapore / Malaysia Address. Uncheck Parcel Forwarding. UNCHECK YOUR FORWARDER!! ***

Since CNY is round the corner and you are buying this, you can check out the other CNY promotions too!


This gadget is really very good for maintaining the cleanliness of your house on a daily basis especially for lazy young couples like my wife and I. It takes up much duty from us after a long day of work and I really think this is a very good investment.


And if you are really considering buying it, check out Taobao Facebook Page as well as it will be releasing a 20Yuan Hongbao to offset this purchase. So don’t forget to check it out! https://www.facebook.com/taobaosea

UPDATE 26th Jan 2015

Looks like this article was pretty well received and I've gotten quite a fair bit of replies and more questions from you guys so I am going to share a little bit more here! 

What if some of the parts spoilt leh? 

They are pretty much ahead of us. Just look at all the spare parts that came in the package! 

The grey cloth is the mopping cloth I was talking about earlier! 
Can I check out its bottom? 

That didn't sound very right to me but here you go. As you can see there is an all directional rotatable front wheel which helps it to move into any area. You can see the "flippers", and you also learnt that they are replaceable from the previous spare parts picture. The two silver mental piece is actually the charging port where power is restored. And the green duster area is actually when the dust will be sucked in.

How do I clear the dust? 

Just like any vacuum cleaner, you can simply remove the bin compartment. 

How Does The Schedule Function Works?

I think this is one of the most amazing function which I have mentioned earlier. Just to share a bit more in details. You can actually set a timing like an alarm clock and Deebot will be activated on its own. Deebot will clean your place and it will save a small amount of battery enough for him to find his way home and continue to charge again. Yes! Deebot knows his way home. Got Video Got Talk! And yes, this is my favourite function. Super cool! 

For demonstration purposes, I will just use the "Back to base" button which is on the remote. There are more than 1 way for it to go home and you do not even need to carry it yourself.


I think this is the most important part. The result! I let it ran like 1 hr a day for 3 nights and this is the result.

That's the charging unit at the back ground
Power of 3 pets.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yesterday was like any other day. I got up, do some push ups. No, I did not cause I was still aching from Monday's Gym. I started going gym since last Feb and it has almost been a year. Really enjoyed it because I feel stronger although I did grow bigger and put on weight instead of losing. I got hungry like really hungry all the time and I just eat. So during Lunch time I ate this KFC Curry rice bucket which was supposed to be good. I was pretty awesome the 1st time I had it at another branch but yesterday's rice bucket was bad. Really bad. Like sticky rice, lack of sauce etc. So being a cyber bully I tweeted them and I actually got an almost instant reply which was pretty awesome. After that we went for meeting at loof and it was my 1st time there. They have this happy hour which was pretty interesting because it is known as "beat the clock" so the price get more expensive as the time go instead of a flat 3 hours happy hour rate. 

I also just gotten a new vacum robot but I've yet to play with it. I hope I can have time to play with it soon! yay!

See, so we always talked about how much we miss the olden days blogging where it is non commercial, where it is personal and you just read day to day things to know your friends or another blogger/stranger better. How did you like the above paragraph better over anything else that is commercial? 

Whichever the case, i think blogging is something you should enjoy, you do not need to care much about what the trend is, what the fashion is or what other people perceive you as or their expectation. Just like what you do and just enjoy doing it. If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it. 

You do not have to agree with what I'm saying but I hope you think about it. ;) 

In case you really don't like my pointless post. 

When I grow up I wanna be Bradley Cooper

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Every year there will be these people complaining about Valentine's Day being commercial, complain that Valentine's day is a scam and every day can be a valentine's day if you love each other blah blah blah but I guess on top of birthdays, anniversary, birthdays, it is not ALL bad to have another day just to buy a gift and get a gift right?

Not sure what to get for your bf/hubby for this coming Valentine's Day? Don't play play hor, don't just because it is ONLY Jan and you think you have a lot of time. It is really just around the corner.

So besides sailing the 7 seas and trying to save the world. I actually made time for this interview and sharing session with one of my favourite online retailer.

So shopaholic Smith is here to share. Where else besides Taobao?

Taobao Smith Leong
I know it's a very old photo but it's cool. Comon.
Cheap, good, fast and they have everything!!

Oh lucky for my wife, she just have to follow this shopping list. HAHA.

See the full article here! 

Relationship is about give and take. She give and I take. :p

Thursday, January 15, 2015

I started blogging many years ago. When it 1st started it was just a simple diary or record of daily chronicle. I never liked it when people call me a "blogger". The term "blogger" was a pretty dirty word to me back then. I am sure we have heard this saying of "bloggers are beggars" way too often and I am sure that's not bad name "we" have. Over the years and things have gotten a little way out of hand and I guess I have to accept the fact that I'm a blogger considering the fact that I've already won an award with it. LOL.

Our main stream media did not help much too. "We" are known for more negative than postive to many. "We" will do anything and everything to get viewerships. From online blog wars, leaking of naked photos, getting a sponsored boob job or to getting a sponsorship of $40,000 for your birthday party.

There are also many articles online about how bloggers can be a diva. Articles teaching PR professional on how to handle bloggers or even sending them a "proper" email. We have also seen a lot of tweets from bloggers that complains about "bad PR practices" which I am also guilty of. We get offended by a lot of things, by the fact that you call us by the wrong name, you mass send an email to hundreds or bloggers without using BCC etc.

So are bloggers really hard to handle and a pain in the ass? And what's our deal?

Bloggers are only human. We are not celebrity, we are not role model, we are not professionally trained to be a blogger and neither are we your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. As much as we wish to be helpful to every brand and PR company, we ain't there to be a victim of bad PR practices. We have a full time job and blogging is just a hobby. Sorry that we don't have all the time to do everything you want or reply all your emails. Why you gonna be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too?

Why This Blogpost 

Why this blog post? I do not want to be naming and shaming but I just wish to take this opportunity to share a little with anyone who is approaching bloggers. I understand that not every company or project has the capability and budget to get a proper PR company to get in touch with bloggers and thus many has decided to do it themselves.

Here's the recent incident that inspired this article. If you are lazy to read the screen shot, just jump to my conclusion after this.

Correct me if I am wrong. Correct me if I am being too much of an ass here which obviously I don't think I am.

Things that I am kinda uncomfortable here

1. Yo BRO. I do not even know you. BRO?

2. My Email can be found almost everywhere online with a simple search. I think it is pretty cool to know me on instagram but messaging me on this platform for a discussion ain't exactly something I feel good with.

3. I think it's really cool and flattering to get a request to be part of something but I guess to not waste anybody's time, a brief overview of the program will make more sense to me. Not just for my convenience of interest but also if I have the capability to fulfil any request. A good sales pitch is always important but I think before the sales pitch goes, you need something to attract another party to attend.

4. If you think your idea is very cool and do not wish to share much, you should really not be finding anyone to do collaboration. I might be jumping into conclusion about him not wanting to share but it is how it seems i guess.

Did I do anything wrong? 

So what do you guys think? Did I do anything wrong? Should I have just met him? Should I have talk to him nicer?

I guess, end of the day people are casting too much expectation onto us bloggers. The truth is we are only human, not superhero and will never be, because saving the world ain't our duty.

Friday, January 09, 2015

If you are reading this blogpost you are probably a blogger or someone in the industry because I believe not many people from the mass audience actually bother about my blog especially when I'm not talking about sex or leaked pictures but about "work".

Anyway, no thanks to the drama between GushCloud (GC) and our TyreQueen (XX) during Xmas, many from the mass audience has raised their eyebrows on us bloggers/influencer/instagrammer/youtuber or whatever you like to call it. Many started questioning about the importance of using online influencers, the effectiveness of using online influencers like us, does it really help the business, are we really that "famous", are our reach real, are we legit and do we need more rules and regulations or even some gahment body to be watching us?

In a discussion on 938LIVE, Gushcloud co-founder Althea Lim said she hoped to work with industry partners to perhaps put together a panel and create guidelines that govern the use of advertorials on blogs that are "respected by all". Blogger Xiaxue said this "sounds good".  From Article: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/gushcloud-co-founder-and/1577196.html

So what does it means to be talking about having "guidelines" that govern the use of advertorials on blogs? Who should be experienced enough to say what is wrong or what? What are some of the consequences we are looking at?

Are we looking at having a sort of Justice League or The Avengers? Or are we looking at a "king"? I am going to be creative and think of some questions here. Please do not take me seriously like these are going to happen. (ok, fine, nobody ever takes me seriously)

1. Who should fall under these rules?

Bloggers that take in advertorial work. Meaning to say "commercial bloggers". In order to clearly state that such rules are governing certain specific group of people, does that means that in order to be a "commercial blogger" one has to be registered? So instead of ACRA registration for businesses, all bloggers need to have a registered license? Just like how a tour guide need to get a license to guide as well as taxi driver to get a license to ferry people?

2. License 
With this license in place, are we looking at a simple license application or are we looking at a test? Should there be a school in order for a test like tour guides and taxi drivers? If it is just a simple application, that means everyone can apply for it as well? What makes one approved? Your blog stats? Your content type? Or simply base on approval of this new department? Is it going to be a yearly renewal license or life time? What if you are a blogger but not registered but being approach by a brand or client?

3. Taxes

With proper licensing, are we going to submit a report or tax report to show your earnings each year as a free lance blogger be it with product or monetarily? MONEY!

4. Other Platforms 

So with such rules and regulation for blogs, are we going to have regulation for other platforms as well? Base on the similarities in function, are we going to regulate Twitter? Instagram and even Facebook? With all these regulation, are we human or are we dancer  North Koreans robots?

5. Fines 

Image from http://visualoop.com/
With such rules and regulations, can I safely say that there WILL be a fine for people who fails to follow regulations? I am sure this is putting us onto the world map once again.

6. Who?

So when we talked about "industry partners" and forming a panel, who would be senior enough? No disrespect but NN and GC might be our market leader (some sort) but they are kinda like start up too. So are we looking at bringing in big boys agency? Or are we looking at this falling right under our gahment - IDA? Or are we opening for a pitch which most likely to fall under SPH's umbrella since they are the only most reputable media house and media owner in Singapore. Who own journalism better than our only most read newspapers?

For those who had no idea, there was an attempt of some sort years ago to put this in place which I guess it didn't managed to get much support. Who knows it might get more attention now since we have a problem now and we (kinda) did not back then. Apparently the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) had the foresight and see this coming but lacks of support and once again we are going back into the pattern and routine of being reactive instead.

What do YOU think? 

I tried to do a little search, when I say little I mean very very little like maybe 4-5 different keywords search on google which brings me to almost nothing about any country having such a detailed system for blogging. I mean I believe most country has bigger fish on their plate and also blogging is pretty much a hobby. I guess we paid the price for low crime rate. (and lack of real news)

I also did a little interview with some of our "industry partners" and here's what they say. Name has been edited to protect their identities. 

"What do you think the implications on bloggers will be if the blogging industry were to be governed?"

Is it really needed? 

I might be posting a fair bit of questions here with no answers. Do we need such rules?

How much more complication can this bring in for the already complicated industry? Do they really mean what they say or are they saying this just for the sake of "answering" to the public?

If you ask me, I am not really into this kind of things not because I find it too troublesome but I find it causing too much "stress" for what it could have been just a simply love for writing and sharing.

Not all bloggers are into business making, not all bloggers are trained journalist or marketing person. Of course like I mentioned this rule might not applies to all but with all these in mind I think we are limiting talented writers(if any) to join the industry but the flip side is that we will probably get a better quality control as well.

So will our gahment step in? Will someone take over this under their portfolio? Maybe our MP Baey? Maybe Baey-by? #ofmaybeteoserluck #sincehelikehashtagsomuch #thismpsibeiboleh #mpchallengestomp #andreallytiostomp #ownselfstompsibo #clickhereifudunnowhathappened 

Mr.Smith, serious business siol

Thursday, January 08, 2015

As much as I am a social media addict, there are many things that I can't stand about the platform and the people on it. I guess it is pretty much the same every where be it online or offline that you may have some friends that you like and some friends you do. And also such articles might be already pretty common but hey, this is my brog and my list! (This will not be the last time your will see this)

Here's some of the Facebook status that I really can't stand.

1. The "Don't Ask" 

"Today I had a bad day, don't ask."
"OMG... How can this bitch do this? blah blah blah, Don't ask"
"Check-In at Changi Hospital, Don't ask"

Don't want people to ask, don't upload share lah! Say half, half?


Yes, you lost some weight, you want to upload and show off and I am fine with it but I do not see the need to tag everyone. I know you are selling your new product and you really wish to get some attention and I would love to help a new business too but tagging me to silly things that has no relation to me is seriously irritating. Can you imagine me going into coffin selling business and start tagging you because I need business too? Go figure it out!

3. The "Temasek Reviewer" or "Facebook politician" 

The kind of guys that always share everything about politics and for some reason it is always negative. It is always against the gahment and super extreme. Basically everything also can blame gahment. I am not the most patriotic one but I do believe there are some things that shouldn't be discussed on Facebook especially when there really ain't going to be any result.

4. The "This is my Facebook account. I can say anything I want" aka "You don't like you unfriend me lor" aka "Lack of boundary sharer" 

Those that really goes over the boundary, share something too personal, share things too disgusting etc and when asked about it they get offended and very quickly comes a 2nd post that say things like that. "You don't like you unfriend me lor."

5. The "Grave Digger" 

I guess there will always be articles that is worth sharing even after some time but sharing news articles that are like 3 years old and talk about it and scrutinise it again just doesn't makes a lot of sense. The funny thing is that a lot of readers would not even noticed the date!

6. The "My Life is the only way of life"

"This post is for my EMPLOYEE friends.
But employees reading this, you'll totally get what i'm saying. Cos i was an employee once. I know what it's like. I know what you're going through day in, day out. I know.
And i hated it. Everyday, every moment. It was hellish. Some of you may feel the same...
...., all things considered, I’ve been relatively successful. I’m easily making at least 6-7 times what I was getting as an employee. I have the freedom to plan my own time. I can turn down clients if I want to. I’m the master of my own destiny.
No doubt it is pretty interesting and inspiring to listen to some real life motivational post to start a day but sometimes it just cross the line when your tone is all about you, you and you. Besides your life, there are many way to live a life. There is no "better" way of life. It's not over till it is over. I do not see the need to make everyone change their lives because you think you are in what way more superior and more importantly, as you are stroking your own ego, do spare a thought that you do not wish to put someone down. That also explains why not every "successful" person can become a motivational speaker because being successful or not is not up to one self to determine that. Some glory and recognition need to be given, not created. 


I guess nobody went through a school to learn what is right or wrong about social media and we can't blame people who has a little less sense when it comes to things like this. We can argue that there is no right or wrong and very possibly it is just me. I guess everyone has their own different ways of getting attention from others and I guess we are all guilty about it. Some uses laughter while other uses tears whichever works for them to get the attention we want. If you don't like you don't read lah! :p 

Okay, bye. 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015


This is one of those blog post where I will teach you how to level up your Pokemon really fast. Yes, I am 31 years old this year and I am talking about Pokemon. Because that is the only way to lead you life. To be the very best like no one ever was.

It is a story about a boy who plays with his balls and never ever grew up. Like not at all.

Anyway, the latest game which was launched recently is actually a remake of the popular Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The remake version is known as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

This version of the game is one of the most complex and interesting one. Not only does it has a high replayability thanks to the "catch em all" function but also because they have the beauty contest as well as the secret base and secret pal function which was not available in the earlier version of Pokemon X and Y.

Secret Base Pal 

Basically the Secret Base Pal function allows you to play against your friend's Pokemon as well as gives you a free gift each day without going online. If you are familiar with the term "ghost data" it is pretty much how it works. You scan your friend's QR Code and tar dar~ you can play against his Pokemon once a day on a daily basis.

Speed Level 

Every games comes with a little loop hole until the developer decides to block it. So as of now, just go ahead an abuse it. How it works, basically nice people like us has create a high level pokemon team which is very easy to kill that gives you a big ass amount of exp points each time you face them off. So instead of challenging your friend, we are basically a human sand bag. If you just want to add my base so you can leech the exp, pls forward to the end of the article and if you are looking at building one of these base yourself, here's what you need.

1. Level 100 Blissey

For those who only knowns generation one pokemon, yes this is an evolved version on Chansey.

2. Delete all its move at the move deleter besides the move "healing wish" Deleting all its other move will make it struggler and die on it own when it runs out of "healing wish". What is healing wish? - The user faints. In return, the Pokemon taking its place will have its HP restored and status conditions cured. So basically it doesn't attack you but will kill itself in a single (1 to 1) battle. 

3. Level Release. 

You need this machine in order to face off with the level 100 team, or else you will only be facing off a level 50 team which gives you far less exp. How to get this machine? Go to the Battle Maison, go right until you get to the boardwalk and talk to the woman in the left house on the boardwalk.

4. Toxic Orb. This is a very silly item for Blissey to hold on to in case your Pokemon is really too weak to kill it and it will take a while to kill itself using struggle. The Toxic orb gets it badly poison and speed up its death. It can be exchanged at Battle Mansion at 16 BP each. Yes, we waste 42 BP on these 3 items.

5. Set your Battle format at the Proclamation at your base to Triple Battle only. 

No doubt the healing wish doesn't work in a triple battle but when 3 of your Pokemon faces Blissey at once, it means 3 times the exp instead of 1 time exp and 5 times of the pathetic exp share exp. Geddit? 

QR Code 

For those of you who came on to this blog because you googled, hello! For those of you who read the whole blogpost - thanks! For those of you who skipped it, well done! Scan this code and enjoy!

Pokemon Proclaimation

My base is located on the Secret Meadow. And yes, it is all about that base. 

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

I was introduced to this term "maker movement" some months ago during an event. The idea about maker movement is about how we can create things instead of buying. Creating things using old, recycled, reusable products or anything in our daily lives and we are no longer using.

This terms put me thinking about my family and in fact we have always been a "maker" family since young. We never threw away our old and broken toys. My brother will always glue it back or "mash up" broken toys into a new toy for me. As for my mum, being a professional bag maker, seamstress, she will always remove zips, clips or any reusable parts from pants or bags that we were going to throw away and keep them. With these parts we can always replace on other bags and such instead of throwing them away. She also makes new pencil cases, bags and even hats for us.

Can't find a color palette of G-Shock that you like? DIY! 
The whole idea about Maker movement is to create and/or prolong our items and products in such a way that our things can last longer, saving money from buying new stuff as well as the earth. It also includes the idea about DIYing instead of always buying and that is totally my family apparently. I might not explain it very well here but you can read a little more about it on wikipedia. It's quite cool to know that having such practice all these while is actually being recongized as a good practice and it even has a nice name to it.

Stroking My Ego 

I guess that's an overview for the makers movement but I guess I'm not really one of those "captain planet" kinda guys that do things for a huge cause of saving the earth. I guess you can call me shallow and self centred but for me, the idea of making my own things and customising things is all about being unique and special, aka stroking my own ego.

My very own logo and cap.

I created my own logo some moons ago and there I created my own badges as well as caps. And things didn't stop there, I also created my own badges for my wedding with the help of Superstore Singapore! 

Who still gives silly badges these days? These ain't just silly badges. They are also bottom bottle openers! And also in various alternatives such as pocket mirrors, keychains or even fridge magnet!

And if this is not enough? You can even make you own notepads! Why? Because iPad is too mainstream and it is time for SMITHPAD! (that didn't come out as cool as i thought)

How cool right! And what are that two totebags doing there? I am glad you asked! It is customised by the good people from superstore Singapore too!

make you own tote bags singapore

Hahaha! Super funny caption right? This is such a good gift for any events! I mean even batman creates all his branding and what not all the time. He sure is a man of ego and contradiction too. Like you are suppose to work in the night and save the world and do not want recognition but putting your logo big big on your suit? On your car? And customised logo weapons? Seriously?

Then again, he is rich so I can't blame him for being an ego-maniac, but the good thing is that at Superstore you do not need to be rich! Everyone can have their own customised items be it for stroking ego or corporate events!

Check them out for more information!

Superstore Singapore: http://www.superstoresingapore.com/

Singapore Sales office:
Super Store Singapore
158 Kallang Way
Singapore 349245
Office Hotline: 6842 3938
Operating Hours:
Weekdays : 12noon to 6pm
Weekends/PH : By appointment only

Online contact:
Sales Enquiry:

Friday, January 02, 2015

*disclaimer: this post might not really make sense and it can be quite a wall of text.  So scroll down for TL;DR version if you are interested.

2014 was awesome and in fact I am not too sure how it can get better this 2015 but that is not just for me to find out but also for me to create because the future is always in our hands.

The last month of 2014 was an interesting one. I spent the month traveling and also a lot of couple time with the wife given her long holiday. I did not party much despite year end being the month of parties and neither did I attend much events. I got a bit tired of attending events just for the sake of "giving face" or being seen. I just want simple happyness with the family. We also spent a fair bit of time doing "couple" stuff. Even in my context it doesn't means sex around the clock. Couple stuff like meeting other couple, talking about having kids, running errand, getting gifts for family and watching video at home etc. Was I happy? Yes I was but at the end of 1 month I wanted a little bit more of social. I wanted to maybe meet some old single friends, some party animals and get a drink or two.

So I went out and look at these party people last night. Dancing, drinking, flirting, spending money on girls etc and I can't stop thinking. What makes people happy? Happyness changes from time to time? What do you want in each stage of life? Can we judge what makes people happy? Can we say that party people are wasting their life and money? Can they say that couple times are boring? What do we really want ultimately? Power? Fame? Money? Do good? or simply take over the world?

Such thoughts bug me from time to time, trying to get into people's head and wonder what are they thinking and also get into my own. What makes me happy? What makes me really happy? There are days that I just want to hang around at home in my boxers and let everything hang loose but there are days I just want to party and get drunk. Can I do all these and be happy as a person? Can I adapt and embrace?

I guess I can say that I am generally happy on a daily basis. I do not sleep in fear, I have a happy family and I have a decent job but do I want more? So is happyness about being contented with what you have? Does being contented means the lack of will to fight for more?

What is happyness to me? The ability to be yourself.

Ah Beng Squat 

We spent so much time pretending who we are not to impress people we don't really know. One thing that I am very glad and happy is with the fact that how people around me accept or live with who I am. I guess that is the biggest gift one can give you. Not asking you to change, not judging you and not telling you what is right or wrong.

"no Smith, you can't say this."

"no Smith, doing this is not right"

"no Smith, squatting around is ugly"

So why did I started this squatting around? I mean besides the fact that I really can't take a proper picture but it was also started as a form of satire. I am sick of how pretentious people get on Social Media. Like my crazy awesome friend Jac, we always say how good we are at pretending we are happening at parties. Before those happening pics we are mostly stoning and feeling bored at a party. Wished we were at some where else doing something else but yet we are there at the party we didn't want to. Be proud of who we are. Be true to yourself.

So why are we doing all these? Because we wanna be cool? Seems cool? To deny who we really are? But why? Why must we do things we don't like to impress people we don't care? Must we always seek for validation from others?

Still one of my favourite quote.

Why Happyness? 

I can't remember why the movie title "Pursuit of Happyness" was spelt that way but I decide to use this as well. Because the fact that everybody's Happyness should be different. You like it the "right" way, I like it the Y way. As long as it makes me Happy. Right?

So, what makes you happy?

Signing off with my current ear worm from the interview. KIMMY YOU'RE A FIRE WORK~

TL;DR: I'm happy, you should be too. Stop being an ass and let other dictate what happyness is to you. 

On a totally unrelated note...

I was having this conversation like almost close to a million times with people around me no thanks to GC and NN saga. So I thought I shall just share a little especially for people who ain't in the industry.

Who are these GC and NN? Are they like some advertising agency?
1. GC and NN are like talent agency some what. If it is easier for you, they are some sort like Mediacorp and Fly Entertainment. They hold a group of talent under their wings and provide talent services.

What about you leh? You from any of these agency?
2. People like myself ain't under any agency. Some of us prefers the freedom of what we can write, what type of events and client we can get and less commitment.

So got agency means more famous? Better readership? 
3. I wouldn't say are they more famous or are the free lance ones offering better reach but generally the major difference is that they have managers and company to market them and they are a little more main stream than us. We are pretty much like Indie bands or free lance show host equal in the entertainment industry. Some DnD show host are better than mediacorp show host as well but the difference is that contract.

All these agency bloggers all very diva and big fuck one right?
4. Maybe, I do not have an answer for this. I have friends with agency but they are all pretty nice people. I guess end of the day bloggers are still human. They might be some sort of a public figure but that doesn't means they have to be friendly to everyone. They are bloggers, they are not role models, they ain't suppose to teach your son to be a better person.

So this whole saga, they really lie and cheat? Who is correct? 
5. To me it doesn't matter and it is already kinda an old news to me. In fact numbers are just numbers. To me, it is common for startup to boost their numbers to get more attention and more investor. I am not saying anyone of them (in this saga) did but it is not unusual. Blog stats? Blog counters? I am not the biggest digital data analyst here but from my experience numbers do differs from platform to platform. google analytics, blogger backend, gushcloud plugin (i've tried that for awhile out of curiosity), and some other trackers as well as sites such as Alexa that gives you an overview of the site ranks. These numbers are pretty fluid due to the difference in the way they keep track. There's a very in dept way of explaining but I am too lazy to explain in details but in summary, these numbers defers and activities makes a big difference. On days that I do not blog I can get 600 clicks a day but on days that I do I can get around 1k-2k a day and my highest record on a post was 40,000 clicks over 24hrs and for that month my click was close to 80k (i think). Not the most or the best in the industry but I'm surprised and happy that I actually have so many people clicking my post.

I don't get all these actually. Just write and be happy.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time of the year to look back at 2014 and blog about how crazy my year was. I kept telling myself the same thing every year, "man, that's some crazy year.. there's no way you are going to top that" but some how I just managed to do it year after year. So many milestones unlocked this 2014 and I'm glad you are all still with me.

It has now became a tradition for me to do such a post. For those who likes history, you can check out 20132012 , 2011 and 2010. To be honest I really love these post to see how far I've gone so far. It is also like a easy to-stalk content for those who just met me and wish to know a little more about me.

Just a quick overview for 2014: total number of post - 166. Which is actually a lot less as compared to 2013. 

Anyway, here we go! 

Finally got married.

I didn't say this myself but many people told me my wedding was the best wedding they have attended and some assholes actually told me to do it again. LOL. I gave a good speech and everyone said it was a good set of standup comedy. I guess now I know where my talent really lies. ROM for almost 2 yrs and we finally officially got married.

With some of my oldest friends and their partners!
Finally got my driving license 

For those who just met me would never believed that I just got my license. Most went with something they choose to believe which is I got my license revoked due to drink driving. Comon, do I look that irresponsible. Okay, don't answer. That is a rhetorical question. 

See! Looks so guai kia. 

Wedding Photo shoot that went viral

Long story short is that we did a photo shoot and we were all over the news. This has to be a once in a life milestone I must say. Never see this coming but it happened. Full Story.

Singapore Blog Awards Best Lifestyle Blog 2014

Something that I started out of curiosity when I was back in school - blogging. Dropped it entirely because it was getting out of hand with school politics and drama but picked it up again when I was in the army entirely because I wanted to write down some thoughts, keep some memories, practice my writing and also share stuff with my friends. Never see it becoming an award winning blog. It's 10 years worth of trolling people and bad grammars. I can only say that I am very lucky that I have you guys reading and showing support despite how much of an asshole I can be from time to time. What's next? I have no clue to be honest. Not like I am going to publish a book and teach people how to blog. Don't think I can do that and not my style either. 

Top 7 Blog Posts of 2014

I might have won the best lifestyle blog but to be honest it's not something I really like to call myself. In local context most blogs that has no idea what they are doing call themselves that. Which to be honest that is pretty much me as well. I like to blog about things that I see around me, troll, observations, thoughts, opinions but that does make a very good genre I guess.  Below are some of the blogpost I personally like in 2014 and also kinda went viral. 

  1. Bloggers that you should avoid
  2. Why you might want to reconsider marrying a teacher
  3. How much are you worth?
  4. 30 things that you shouldn't be doing in your 30s
  5. Thai Club Culture in Singapore
  6. Why are the Pandora charms so popular??
  7. Mark Zuckerberg vs Smith Legend

New Job 

I guess this is one of those things that my friends and family can hardly catch up with. They just go on and on not having any idea what I do for a living. Am I a marketing consultant? Am I a full time blogger? A social media guy? Or am I actually a drug dealer? 

I mean I wish I could tell you that I am a meth chef but truth is my chemistry ain't the best. I am currently working in a tour agency. We deal with inbound tours, Business to Business groups and also recruitment. I mainly deals with products and also new content. Check it out here. www.meguideu.com

The Squat 

If you have been following my instagram or Facebook you would know that I have this new thing. It all started because I was trying to pose for an OOTD like those fashion bloggers but I just can't get it right. I just look weird and unnatural. Until I found... THE SQUAT

Because A is for Ah Beng.

And things went down pretty quickly and people requesting to do it with me. Even on their wedding night. 

Best Birthday Party 

My wife ain't exactly the most romantic person and surprises ain't what she does best. That's what i thought and a surprise is what I got this July. It's not just awesome because I got this gift but because of the people who was with me. LASER TAG! 

Problem is that I don't see how she is going to top herself after this. MUAHAHHAA. 


Nothing to do with me but this is the year where Spurs knock Heat off their 3peat. Cry baby LBJ decides to go home to Cavs and form another big 3 with Kevin Love. Kobe overtake MJ as the 3rd all time scoring but Lakers still sucks. 


I stopped running because I got lazy and I got tired of it. And also because of that I am so guilty that I didn't update #RunWithWill miles as well. I feel really bad about that but meh. I also started going to the gym instead. I got a lot stronger and big but I got so hungry that I eat so much that I put on so much weight. I think I put on like 8kg as of 2013. MEH. Of course, I didn't become shredded overnight or a personal trainer and wear red undies and take selfie. That would be sick. 

Feb, 1st day at the gym. I look much smaller to be honest. 

Nov, the gym pic that everyone spent more time looking for the camera than my bicep. PUI! 

Lego made a come back

With the help of the lego movie. It made a come back into my life. Dig out all the old ones and bought a shit load more of new ones. muahaha. 

Traveller Smith 

I'm not exactly a wanderlust because I hate how it breaks my momentum in life. I prefer to be at home where I got everything under my feet and I have in control at my own turf. :x But this year I did a fair bit of traveling. 

KL - Malaysia

Johor Bahru - Malaysia

Cebu and Bohol - Philippines 


Iloilo - Philippines

Stroking my own ego 

Nothing beats having my own product. That's like major masturbation to make myself feel good. I don't care what you think but I did it. 

And I got really strong

So I started going to the gym blah blah blah and you already know that. And I did this too.. 

I broke 2 mops within 1 year. YAY! 

Thank You 

Besides Thank you I still only have Thank you. Thanks my wife for being there for me. Thanks my mum for not nagging that much cause I have lack of time for her. Thanks my sister, my sister-in-law, my nieces, nephew, brother-in-law for accepting how crazy I am. Thanks my friends for being forgiving on how I always double book them. Thanks all of you as my readers for reading all this toilet nonsense. Thanks my boss and my colleagues. And of course my clients, sponsors and partners for Smithankyou.com. Sorry if I miss your name out. Names are in alphabetical order. I think. 

  • AirBnb
  • Alive Museum
  • America Express
  • Black Box
  • Blizzard 
  • CarFeels
  • Carlsberg
  • Clear Men
  • Clementi Mall
  • Clover Films
  • Cold Storage
  • Coopervision
  • CP
  • David Blaine in Singapore
  • Disney Studio
  • Dolby Atmos
  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Fabulous Shine Car Grooming
  • Fancy Feast
  • Forest Adventure
  • FortSiloso
  • Gumtree
  • Hasbro
  • Heineken
  • illumination
  • iProperty
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Kaki Bistro Bar
  • Kapok
  • Lazada
  • Lego
  • MeGuideU
  • MEN's Biore
  • Mizuno
  • OCBC Cycle
  • ONE FC
  • OMY
  • Philippines Tourism Board
  • Pixaroll
  • Samsung
  • Scape*
  • Silkair
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • Singtel
  • Sony Pictures
  • SOSD
  • Spalding
  • Starbucks
  • Super Store Singapore
  • The Entertainer App
  • Trick Eye Museum
  • Taiwan Beer
  • Taobao SEA
  • Tyre Queen
  • World Of Sports
  • Zalora
 So I guess that's all for 2014! Many good years ahead and let's try to keep 2015 a calm and peaceful one!