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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Staycation: 5 Things to do at Village Hotel Katong

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I've been really addicted to Diablo 3 again and that's what I do all day and the wife ain't all happy. Lucky for me I've planned a Staycation at Village Hotel Katong to break my addiction. (and also to make her happy) 

Now the wife is happy liao lor. I really love the decor!
Village Hotel Katong as the name suggest is located in the middle of Katong where the peranakan heritage is. I am no stranger to the place as we used to visit the area when we were teenager for internet cafe/lan gaming shop. And that's also because I stay in the east thus I actually know the place pretty well!!

Look at those Peranakan Motifs! Super Pretty and gives you the authentic feel!
I really enjoy resting during staycation. Away from the animals. We get to laze around. Sleep on comfy bed with good service in the hotel. Being greeted at different corner of the hotel. Damn shiok. But that being said it doesn't means staycation is always just about sleeping or trying to make SG50 baby. There's always more!
For those who are not staying in Singapore or in the eastern part of Singapore, here is a quick guide of the interesting activity around Village Hotel Katong! Live like a local!

5 Things To Do At Village Hotel Katong

1. Peranakan Heritage Tour

My own little Nyonya
Despite the popularity of the show Little Nyonya some years ago, we did not know the Peranakan heritage any better. Some of us always thought that the peranakan heritage is about "mix blood" in Singapore which is not true. It actually means "local born" which was something started because back in the days there were a lot of Chinese immigrate that came to Singapore. So it is some sort to differentiate the different chinese in Singapore. Loosely explain hor, don't quote me.

Look at all these pretty peranakan houses!
We were actually given vouchers by the hotel to visit this traditional shop just a stone throw away to learn more about peranakan culture, have some traditional food and even learn about dumpling making! This was really awesome because not only we had good food but also learn more about Singapore's heritage.

One of their boss, Edmund giving the wife a quick course on how to make a decent rice dumpling.
2. Hipster Photo taking 

Katong has all these nice peranakan places and interesting site for phototaking. You guys can easily find interesting spot to do your shoot for instagram or blog shop. Look at how nice this picture is with minimum props. (Ownself say nice only) This is the truly Singaporean culture now right? haha


Nothing speaks "local" more than food. You have no idea how many types of food you can find around the area. From Katong Laksa to muslim food to beer and many more. I ate so much during the tour I almost wanted to cut open my belly so I can eat more. HAHA.
My fav Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice!!!
Indian food, Bar Food, Thai Food, Beer all at one place! 

4. KTV

KTV have always been a little hobby for us and also many other people in Singapore. So much that we got married at a KTV. There's a KTV just within walking distance and you can sing till late and go home and sleep lor! I didn't manage to visit because we were already too busy having fun around so I just reuse my wedding picture lor.  If you are interested you can always check them out at Katong Shopping Centre.

5. Squatting Around 

Not too sure if you will enjoy doing this but I recommend you try try lah hor.

-------------- Good Bye --------------

We really had a good time at VHK and I am already missing it! Eat, Drink, Sleep, Have fun and repeat! If only life is staycation daily!!!

Useful Information:

Check out http://www.stayfareast.com/ and book a staycation today! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Touring Singapore

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It is not unusual to hear a comment or two from a friend that goes something like this. “OMG, Singapore is so freaking boring. There’s nothing for me to do.”

I guess it is one of those classic “the grass is greener on the other side” scenario where the foreign country is always better?

I have recently joined this new company, MeGuideU. We specialise in creating unique walking tours for tourists as well as organising Business to Business tours that bring tourists into Singapore.

Through this job, not only did I get to know Singapore even better but also meet new people from around the world.

Taken during recent tour at Village Hotel Changi with guest from Indonesia!

The tourists are always very impressed by Singapore for a few things.

1.    How safe our country is. The fact that you can go running in the evening around the neighbourhood is an eye-opener, especially for ladies.
2.    How clean our country is. The malls, the street and even common living areas.
3.    The amount of effort our government has put in to preserve our heritage sites.

I have been travelling a fair bit myself recently for both work and play and I agree very much with these compliments. I’ve been to countries in which tour guides actually advise us to just stay at the hotel after sunset! And countries that are so dirty that not only do we see litter all over but the lack of bins! I had to walk for hours before I found a bin to dispose of my rubbish.

Now you know why I always stay in a bin?
Proud To Be A Singaporean

I can’t say enough how proud I am to be a Singaporean (at times, besides the time when we get onto the news for the wrong thing) especially when I get to host some friends around Singapore.

Here are some of my favourite places to bring my friends when they come to Singapore:

Little India – The special sights and sounds of little India are always something I love to share with visitors. The food and colorful streets! And of course not to forget the heritage of this place!

Clean enough for me to squat around.
Chinatown – The Chinese counterpart of Little India. This place is especially happening during the Chinese New Year and it’s surely one of those spots that every “ang mo” friend would like to visit.

Something about China town area that always keeps me going back.
Katong – The charm of this area lies in its old buildings and clean environment. A little offbeat as compared to the first two spots but this is really one of those places where you can find some unique food, experience Peranakan heritage as well as some good drinking bars!

Also a very good place to do hipster photo taking!
Running a tour agency made me visit these areas frequently and am proud of them. I try my best to keep them clean to for ourselves and our visitors to enjoy. Can you imagine trying to show our visitors around if these places are all unsafe, dirty and smelly? It makes me feel especially good when visitors comment on the fact that we are so clean and bins can be found everywhere. It also reminds me that as a Singaporean, we all have a part in keeping our country clean and beautiful. But I guess we still have quite a fair bit to catch up when it comes to recycling but that’s another story altogether.

Singapore is really an awesome place to be regardless of staying, working or simply just as a holiday destination.  And just in case you are bored, here’s a picture of me squatting around.

P.S. If you are a friend from a faraway land reading this, do drop me a note when you are visiting and I will be more than happy to bring you around!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Things I learnt while I was away from the internet.

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I know I've announced that I probably wouldn't be posting much on the internet on last Tuesday which I kinda did for the last 6 days. I know 6 days is nothing because I have friends that is hardly on the internet.

I just felt that I needed to write something again. It is almost like dieting. The more you do not wish to eat the stronger the urge gets. That's another story for another time.

I was very touched and glad that I have gotten a lot of private messages, emails and even Whatsapp message about my last post. Generally people were very concerned about me getting into any trouble and why would I stop writing. I guess most of the guys who knows me know my love for sharing anything silly on the internet and voicing my opinion. Giving up to such things just doesn't seems to be "my style".

I also realised how mature my readers and friends are. Instead of posting on wall calling anyone names or saying things that potentially spark another endless and tiring debate, they choose to message me in private. Much appreciated for those who did that.

It is pretty touching to get message that says " do come back soon because my newsfeed looks weird without you commenting or sharing anything." So I guess there are people who misses my "flooding" on social media.

Not sure if this is cyber bully. As seen on SGAG
However, I also did get some friends who decides to tease me about it and say things like "Don't retire leh, I still want a famous friend that can help me promote my things on his blog. #LOL". And of course, we get people who just want to ask for some juicy gossips. Sorry to disappoint, there's no gossips. Just me being jaded and emo.


So I guess there are a lot who also asked me "Why?". Like why must I blog that post if I just wanted to walk away? I could just walk away right? Why do I need to attract those attention before moving away. I guess it is more than just a "Good Bye" but it was more of a message I was trying to send. The message is that "we do not need to fight or always voice out everything online" (which is kinda irony for this post) and the post was more of a accountability thing for clients and readers. Despite the post I got many message asking what happened etc which I got a little tired talking, but I guess it doesn't matter what happened but it is more of what is going to happen next not just for me but for our internet.

Things I learnt while I was away from the internet. 

Before I digress further I would like to share about me being away from the internet. It wasn't easy for me to be honest. It was a little like a cold turkey for me. I felt a little lost for the 1st 2 days because of how much social media and the internet was integrated into my life. I read off the internet, I interact with people online, I think out loud and I overshare.


I started thinking to myself, "How was life before internet?", "How was life before social media?". I couldn't remember how it was and more questions pop out. How did we "solve" debate about who was in which movie before we have mobile google? How did we "wait" for things in queue with nothing to do? Memory was really fuzzy about what I did with all those free time on hand. I could hardly answer myself.

Freedom of Speech

Actually things haven't been that different haven't it? My dad used to read the papers or watch the TV and started scolding "What the hell is that BS? That is totally not true and the author is an idiot! That actor acts like my shit! (okay, my dad didn't really say that)". It looks so much like one of those online comment now but on a private platform. The truth is that internet did not make us any worst, it just shows everyone the worst of us instead of just keeping in behind closed doors. We all have the right to comment all these while but the biggest difference is how much of these comments were read by others, by the affected parties.


Life was way better. My focus got better, I listen better and I was generally happier. I didn't read anything off Facebook, anything was there to make me pissed off or disagree with. I did not start "shooting" anyone online and "fighting" for anything that didn't matter to my life. I guess the whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing worked very well for me. I might not be as connected as I was, I might not know what is up with my friend's life but I just got happier because negativity wasn't as available as well.


Did social media make me sad? I guess this widely discussed double edge sword weren't only helping/poking at businesses but also our lifestyle. As much as we can easily receive and deliver news, we are also more vulnerable when we put ourselves out there. There are people who disagree, there will be people who gets offended and to make things worst, there are people who will take things very seriously and be out there to hurt you and get you. I guess for some it would be easy to balance but for me I guess the solution for me was to reduce my contact with it.


It was hard to control my urge to share and upload. I activated my extra Twitter and Instagram (which was created for testing and stuff back then) account. I uploaded stuff and twitted some stuff on and off. I have less to read, I got zero likes, I do not get any reply for my tweets either. I was a "normal" person again. It felt weird but at the same time refreshing. The kind of feelings that has been long forgotten.

Moving Forward 

I am not sure how long I can keep this up but I will do my best. I guess it is hard for me as an individual to change the internet into a better place or even dictating what is a better internet but I guess the basics for me will be show more love and less hate. Does that means we only show the fluffy things online and no discussions are allowed? Doesn't that means that we have to live in a non-confrontational "fake world"? I have no answer for those questions but as of now I guess I will do those things that makes me happy and not harm anyone. I will continue to do my best in anyway I could using my voice online.

That's the greatest press release ever. but that's MJ in 1995 not me. I'm still.. well.. searching...

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Smith has left the building

After watching all the silly online blog wars by the side walk for years, I'm sort of getting involved this time round.

Nope, i'm not excited nor proud of it.

It's fear.


Why am I scared? Many would believe that given my online persona that I would not blink a second time about such incident. What is there not to be scared of? I've a proper career, wife and family. The last thing I want would be gathering too much unwanted attention and get them affected. That's not what I will sacrifice for money or fame.

I am a 31 yrs old married fat man. My desire for such action and fame is inversely proportionate to my weight.

Smithankyou Online

Over the years I've been an avid fan of anything happening online from world news to local gossips. If you have been reading my blog you would know that I have tried my best to discuss such matters in the most neutral light possible over the years. (Besides my recent hate post to Punggol which was totally taken out of context but that's another story)

I always believe that "I write doesn't means I'm right." The motivation of my writing on such cases has always been the same. To analyse the situation, looking for possibilities and inspiring readers to think beyond what they see. It was never about siding anyone. Some can choose to call me a hypocrite but I say I'm staying neutral.

However, I guess I am not doing such a good job as I was being singled out on a local blog as a "supporter to cyber bullying" and my blog post got copied and discussed on the blog which I did not even mention. Well, I did imply to give the readers some context.

No doubt, I did my fair share of trolling to my FRIENDS for a good laugh online which is pretty well known but never have I had any intention to belittle anyone or put anyone of them into any stead of distress, threatened or fear.


I was seeking for an answer in my previous post. Whether suing another person on the social web makes the world a better place. I guess i found my answer now. Which is why I am not going give any further comment online until further notice.

Am I scare? Yes, I am afraid that anything else I'm going to say will be used against me. A hobby gone wrong? Maybe. But more importantly, I would like to walk away from unnecessary online argument.

If peace comes with a price of my voice, I'm giving it up for peace. Do not need to follow me on any of my platform as there will not be any updates for now

May the force be with you, always.

Best Rainbow Cake in Singapore - Dean and Deluca

*Far East Square Vouchers Giveaway at the end of article!! WOOHOO!!

If you are also a fan of 9gag you would totally understand my obsession with rainbow cakes. Yes, it is a 9gag thing.

Since then I have this crazy obsession with rainbow cakes and I've been trying to find nice ones. Sad to say most of them tasted very artificial and fake. Their cream are way too oily and creamy. 

But lucky for me, I actually found a rainbow cake that tasted really good some months ago when I was having my Staycation at The Qunicy Hotel.  

My date looking please

Every layer has its own taste and the cream weren't oily at all. This is like the only cake that i would eat all its cream!

So the hunt begins! Of course, I gathered that this cake was actually from Dean & Deluca because there was a sign there that says so (duh.. myself). And I did a quick search and they actually have a Dean & Deluca at Far East Square!
Always love how classy their renovation is. 
And yes, we had our favourite rainbow cake once again after dinner!

Each Slice is $7.50. And they have other cakes too! 
Obviously very greedy and can't control ourselves and got more than just the Rainbow Cake.
Down to nothing but rainbow dust very quickly
So if you are around the area and you have a sweet tooth. You must visit D&D for a slice of the famous Rainbow Cake! That's like a must do for me and my wife too. Can't wait to eat this soon!!!

Their rainbow cakes are really very popular so to avoid disappointment maybe you can give them a call before going down! 

Useful Information:

Far East Square
47 Pekin Street #01-01 (S)048777
Mon to Fri (8am to 9.30pm)
Sat (10am to 8pm)
Sun (Closed)
Tel: 6536 2460

Ah Beng Rainbow Giveaway!!!

So the good people at Far East Square is giving $50 vouchers each to 2 lucky winners! (Again)

To win, all you have to do is follow the few simple steps below:
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4) Keep your fingers crossed and pray to be one of the 2 lucky winners!
Winner will be announced (Tuesday, 7 Apr) at 1200hrs (That is 12pm aka lunch time). So what are you waiting for?? 
- Contest is open for readers staying in Singapore Only.

P.S. My mum and dad was very entertained by Far East Square's traditional old skool renovation. Look at them! hahaha. 

Uncle Leong telling story lor.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Amos Vs Dr. Jia Jia? Safer Internet?

3/30/2015 11:32:00 AM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 2 comments
The last week haven't been the best week for Singaporeans as we all know because of the passing of our modern founding father. I guess all that can be said and done should be over by now.

Social Media for me was hard to digest. Every now and then people will post a post that shows gratitude and some will bash it. Some will choose to say otherwise of him which will obviously attract even more (unwanted)attention and caused a very long debate once again.

I have no stand on this but it was emotionally and mentally tiring to see your once fun and silly social media platform becoming a battle field for many and a ground to troll for some. Now this is truly desktop politician in the making. #BringBackTheCatVideosSoon

Famous Amos

Above all, I am sure everyone by now should have seen the biggest "troll" video by our "Famous Amos" where he challenged our PM to sue him at the start of the video and followed by a long series of i-do-not-even-know-what-to-call-it speech. Not only did he repeated a lot of the "facts" that many others had pointed out but he also push it lower and even involved religion into his bashing. Now you got my attention.

I suppose I wouldn't be sharing this here since I guess you should have already watched it and also it has been removed anyway but if you haven't and you search hard enough, I am sure you can find it. And you by now should have also read the news about him being arrested.

I wish something bad happens to him not because I have blind faith or supporting anyone blindly but simply because of his video. This video of his is an act of terrorism to me. There might not be bombing or hostage involved but him challenging our government and PM openly for a law suit is against any law anywhere. Him, talking about religion (i'm not even a Christian) in that tone and manner is against all laws.

Can we think of the consequences of letting him off? Does that means that it is "ok" to make such videos? Does it means that we will see more of these videos from him? Does it means that more jokers will stand up to such "freedom of speech"?

I, cannot accept this to happen.

Dr. Jiajia's Come Back.

Not too sure if you have watched this but this is pretty funny. Dr. Jiajia, one of Singapore Blog awards winner years back where I 1st met him. He's really adorable! but that's not my point.

Stop and Think Again.

As much as Amos has done wrong (in my context), as much as Jiajia has made a video which most likely is in the name of fun and laughter but I have to say I am not exactly into Jiajia's video either. Not because it was any offending or any sort. My question is more about, "Are those his words?" Maybe he is very mature for his age and he has a stand on such political topics which I would be more than happy to know. However, I am not too sure how i feel about this if it's his family's idea on making such a come back video and posting it online. This might look like a small matter but are we cultivating or promoting "cyber warfare" to the next generation of online users? Getting young children to say things that he might not fully understand its context?

Simply means, when you are unhappy, you have to say it out and if you are unhappy with the original content, we create content with a comeback? Is this what our next generation is going to be like?

I mean I've done my part of trolling and ranting online and getting unwanted attention no doubt. But I am doing it under a circumstances where I am fully aware of my choice as well as what is coming there after. If you do not get what I'm saying, what I meant is that if we are movie ratings I am pretty much R21 where I know what is happening where these kids might very much be PG or M18 where we need some help from the parents to make some decision and choices for them. (Which I will talk about it in another post. Maybe.)

Safer Internet . Cyber Bully

This has been something we have been discussing about for awhile now especially the week before Mr.Lee's passing. The week where the biggest news online (how sad) was about XX's expose. Some mentioned about regulating blogs and bloggers but from what I can see from the past week, it's not just about bloggers but it is about everyone online. People spilling venom on each other on Facebook, on Twitter and how are we going to regulate this?

What makes one a cyber bully? Calling names? Trolling? I guess some debate will very often tend to go off the track because debate means a conflict of interest and ideas and when conflicts raises with emotions things will quickly get personal. This is very common and how do we put a foot into such situation?

I guess there is no hard and fast rule to such things and it all comes with social graciousness where it cannot be a law but more of a warrior code or unspoken rule that we should all play our own part to upkeep.

How else can we make sure internet is a safer place? Does making another campaign helps? Does bringing the law in helps? Does suing someone for being a cyber bully helps? It is almost like kids fighting and just because you lost the fight and you say "I am going to tell my mother." I mean, if you are not ready to lose in a fight, do not engage. And if you start one and lose, lose like a man. It really takes two hands to clap on the internet, if you don't want the heat, get the fucking out of the kitchen.

So there's some other blogger online suing another again, in the name of better internet, in the name of a better blogosphere, not keeping quiet anymore and also saying no to bully. Really? Suing someone for something said online actually gives people a feeling that the internet is safe? Not sure about you but it makes me feel like internet has became a rich man's game because for sure i am not going to sue anyone or want to get sued by anyone considering I am just a normal person earning a normal living and not some celebrity blogger or blog coach. I don't feel safe at all and I feel like I am going to be sued anytime if this passes through.

Sometimes I guess fighting to keep the internet safe just ain't going to work (at least for me). Here's a quote that I've learnt some years back which I felt might contribute to the situation.

I guess peace is a state of mind which comes from within. Not fighting, not arguing and taking a step back. That is peace.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Good Bye, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

3/23/2015 03:13:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , No comments
Today is a sad day, a day that will always be remembered.

I actually didn't want to share or talk too much about it until Alvin tag me and I thought I shall share my 2 cents.

I know some or even many might not agree on the "importance" of today. I once did a project calling him "founding father of modern Singapore" and I got trashed because some choose to believe that it is not just his credit as there were many others who did it together. I guess you don't get where you are and become successful without making a few enemies along the way.

The past few days have not been easy for the country. It has been sad not just because of Mr. Lee's condition but also because of all the jokers out there who thinks it is a joke. Fake rumours, people speculating, fake screen shots etc was floating around the internet. I mean I have a very wicked sense of humour and I enjoy nasty jokes but even I don't even think it is funny to joke about a person's death less said someone who is that important to the country. It is really sad to see our country man doing all these.

We will never know the "truth" about many things or who threw who under the bus to achieve whatever based on whatever rumors out there we have heard about. But the success, peace, happiness and many more we have achieved here is nothing but pure facts. Results. That's undeniable, we see it and we feel it so I do not understand why people choose to hold on to rumours over the facts that we are seeing. 

He might be a legend but he is no God. Death is inevitable and a good rest is what he deserves at the end of the day after doing so much for the country and the people. 

Image from Dan's Comic Realm
Nothing is going to change the fact how much he has contributed to the country. 

Thank you and now let the next generation take over. Your legacy will always be remembered. 

Some of his quotes that I learnt from a recent post by Vulcanpost that I really like a lot.

  • “I have been accused of many things in my life, but not even my worst enemy has ever accused me of being afraid to speak my mind.” (1955)
  • “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.” From the 1988 National Day Rally
  • “I wouldn’t call myself an atheist. I neither deny nor accept that there is a God.”

Until next time... 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Re: 5 Reasons why I hate Punggol

3/19/2015 03:07:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 3 comments
While our Xiaxue is fighting for a better internet against GC and Singtel, I got my own little battle against the half of Punggol. An article which was intended to be a funny, light hearted way to let New Punggolians relate and laugh, got off its track. 

Netizen which most likely do not even stay at Punggol started calling me names and getting personal. I guess this is the kind of potential "backlash" we put ourselves into when we put ourselves on public domain. Im actually totally cool with comments n feedback as when there are those that slam you there will always be supporters that can relate to our article n nod. I guess this is the beauty of self moderation where we do not need to be too affected by what is happening online as there will be people who will step up as long as there are some truth in what we do and in my case I'm very blessed that I do have readers who step up for me. 

As much as I wish to reply some or all of you... I don't see a point because I think I did stated pretty clearly on my post that there are things that I like about my hood but it was just these 5 things that bugs me. I do not even see why there seems to be a need for some to start "proving" me wrong when it was purely my experience. 

And above all, I am too lazy to do it as well. 

But I do have to thank you guys for the history setting number of clicks.
On a total separate note, I was reminded about this joke. 
*In front of coffeeshop 
”不懂leh.. Maybe叫鸡饭lor"

**Disclaimer: I wasn't paid by Tampines, Bedok or even Bukit Panjang to say bad things about Punggol so that you all will prefer to stay in Tampines hor. Do not try to find the brief and expose me because there is no such thing. 

Here's a song for you in case you didn't like this post: 

They saw me rollin, they hatin~ 

In case you wish to read more comments: 

As seen on TRS (Not even sure if I am proud about it) - http://therealsingapore.com/content/five-reasons-why-i-hate-living-punggol 

Comic from Dan's Comic Realm -  Link

Mr.Smith, welcome to Punggol and don't forget to switch off auto roam.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Reasons why I hate Punggol

3/17/2015 01:02:00 PM Posted by Smith Leong , , , , 75 comments
I mean the word hate is a bit strong but it is really not easy for a person to stay in Punggol after spending most of his life staying in Tampines where we have everything.

So I've shifted to Punggol (not so)recently. New neighbourhood, nice neighbours, nice waterway and fresher air too but not everything is a bed of roses in Punggol.

Me and my awesome Neighbours. My friends are always very jealous that I can actually have neighbours that I hangout. it's like fairytale to him.
There are things that i cannot stand and I just have to say it! (And also our election is around the corner ah, so I hope big brother is reading this too.) #NotEvenSorryIfISoundLikeASpoiltBrat

1. Lack Of A Decent "Interchange"

Image from www.panoramio.com
I grew up at Bedok and later spend most of my life in Tampines. We are used to the pattern where we go to school/work, we go back to our "interchange", buy the things we need, have dinner or a coffee and we go back home. This place is usually few bus stops or minutes away from our home. It is almost like a town square where we hangout and run some of our errands.

It sucks that we are living out of that pattern now because there ain't a decent shopping mall above Punggol MRT station. Now we knock off, do everything and anything out side of Punggol and than we have to travel half of Singapore before we reach Punggol. And once we reach Punggol, it means go to bed and good night. Maybe that is also the town plan where we are force to be bored and do nothing but make babies.

2. There are NO Taxi

Punggol is a God forsaken place. There are no Taxi at any point of time. Grab Taxi, Uber, Taxi Taxi or whatever app you have. They will not save your life. Ask @GenkiGenki he knows. LRT and MRT is so much better!

3. No Friends will visit you

You can have a good sofa but you will not have friends.
I used to have friends visiting me almost always. We hangout at my mum's place and we dream about the boardgame nights, movie nights, console night, beer night, poker night or stayovers when it is our own place but NO. Nobody will come to your place unless it is one of those events that they had to show face. Punggol is just way too far for anyone and for some reason there is lack of parking. Not just about free parking but most of our parking in Punggol are like reserved for residents only and your friends and relatives have to park way too far in order to visit you.

4. The Food Sucks

Probably because this place is so young we do not have any anchor food hawker that has 20 years history like in Geylang, Tampines, Bedok etc. We do not have a big mall that have big chain restaurants. The food at our food court and hawker really sucks. The best thing in Punggol is like McDonald's and Master Crab. That is how bad it is. And my favourite Dominoes Pizza doesn't even make delivery to Punggol. FugMyLife! P.S. Punggol Nasi Lemak not even found in Punggol BTW! 


I still get lost in Punggol after staying there for 2 years. I mean what is wrong with Punggol Ave 3, 4, 5? Punggol St 21, 22, 23, 24? I mean it makes more sense that after 23 is 24 as compared to Punggol Field, Punggol Central, Punggol Emerald and why is EdgeField Plains doing in the middle of all the other Punggol road names? Why are we complicating the road names so badly when it can be so simple in a matter of just using some numbers? As if being far, not having parking ain't a bad enough reason for people not to come to Punggol and now you want people to get lost and pissed off with coming to Punggol?


All these being said, we had little choice considering how crowded the country is and resale flats are just way too expensive. I am just glad my wife and I managed to get one of these BTO before the mad demand in HDB and causing the price hike. Okay, end of rant.