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Thursday, June 25, 2015

5 Things Bloggers Should Get

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Being a blogger ain't exactly the easiest thing to be these day. Although it is just a hobby for many like myself, there are many out there who put their faith in this business as a livelihood

Like how many people like to put it, "Have a blog means blogger lor" and setting up a blog ain't exactly the hardest or most expensive thing to do. And because of that, there are many black sheep out there that gives blogging a bad name. There are those that hit and go, fake it till you make it, bad writing, asking for freebies, bots likes, bots followers, followunfollow, and many others. (Which also gives me an idea that maybe I can brog about it as a separate post too.)

So given how much slamming we take from mass audiences and also how much we have contributed to the country and the world, there are many things that as a blogger I believe that we are entitled to. "Self-entitled bloggers are self-entitled".  So here are some of the things that we should be given! (okay lah, maybe I am only speaking for myself.)

*And also, if you believe that I really mean it, you must be a believer that Ninja Turtles are real. 

1. Fan Club 

I think every blogger should have their own fan club like celebrities and my famous friend - Alvinology. Each year's star awards also got this guy thank him. That guys must be his no.1 fan!

Of course coming out with a good name is important so I have taken the liberty to come out with some for some of my friends.

CarrieSim.com - Cash and Carrie

Floraisabelle.com - The Doll Belles.

BehindTheBasics.blogspot.sg - The Behind

HPility.blogspot.com - The HPster

Pohtecktoes.com - The underteckers

Smithankyou.com - The Smittens of course!

2. Wikipedia Page 

I cannot say enough how cool it is to have your Wikipage. Like it is the coolest thing ever. They used to have these very nice auto generate fake wikipage lah but of course not as cool as our blog queen in SG - XX having a real one! Damn cool right! Like super cool for 3rd party to help you keep track of your life like a historical character. You might die one day but your trace will always be on Wiki!! I vote XX to be Singapore top 100 Icon for SG100!!! Of course along with Phua Chu Kang, Liang Po Po, Jac from BehindTheBasics and also Raffles.

3. Action Figure 

What's cooler than a Wikipage? ACTION FIGURE!! Why? Because you can officially say - I am going back into my room and play with myself. LITERALLY!!!


Because bloggers are very important people and because their fake stats are all very high. All they have to do is write one line on their FB status and your business will be OVER! Don't say I never warn you ahhhh!!

5. Talkshow, Movie, Radio, Drama, etc etc

Bloggers might be able to write *sniggle *sniggle* but they ain't exactly the best in front of the camera. They might have a lot of ideas, concept, different creative content, cleavage but they might not be the most fluent person on tv. But that being said, because they are so famous, having them on any main stream TV show will totally boost the TV rating. Mainstream media is dead and having them sharing their feature on Social Media will totally boost your popularity!! They are more famous than your TV SHOWS!

I am sure this episode has higher rating lor.

Many people believes that blogging is dead no thanks to other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube etc and bloggers are outdated but yet at the same time many people choose blogging as a platform and stepping stone to stardom and freebies.

Do you still read blog religiously because they are interesting or are you only reading blogs because you googled for "Top 10 Chicken rice in Singapore" and they are informative? Should bloggers be given more respect or are bloggers just celebrities wanna be?

Yay or Nay?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Gentleman's Pride

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If you live under the rock (or out of Singapore), you might not heard about this. Else you should have but just in case you haven't, click here and you can thank me later. Or maybe not.

Summary - 6 influencers came together and dress up all draper calling themselves @thepridesg and better known as #TheGentlemansPride on Instagram.

Who are they? To be honest I only know Darren Tan, ex singing contest winner/actor, Benjamin from Sam Willows and this "familiar yet not really" face - Nicholas. I believe many guys remember him as the "fresh imp" guy but I also remember him as the guy on TV when I was young. I believe he was a TV presenter for some teenager shows back then. But again I might be wrong.

I actually do not want to break this down but too many people have been asking me about this and also sharing their thoughts with me so I thought I might as well talk about this.

Do you prefer the good news 1st or bad news? Let us go with the good 1st.

The Good

These guys suited up 

Barney would be proud of them and also because suits are awesome. Actually this is also kinda the source of the problem.

They really put in effort for the photo shoot

I have to give it to these guys that they actually managed to find a group of guys to get all draper dressed up, take pictures and post it online. I can hardly find man to even take pictures with me less say suit up and take pictures.

Of course, after the good comes the bad and to be honest I have been hearing more bad than good from friends and what i am reading off the internet. Isn't it funny how netizen reacts to well dressed man on instagram vs well dressed woman on the internet? Anyway, let me share the bad.

The Bad


Self explanatory. Not even sure if that is their end game? To help clients/partners do shout out? Or maybe sell suits?

I shall try my best to explain this without making you guys feel bored or misinterpreting my point. As much as I believe this might not be what they are trying to achieve but somehow it does reflect very strongly in this way to mass audiences. The pictures shouts strongly "we are better than you", "we are richer than you" and because we are all suited up "we are gentlemen and you ain't".

I guess this is partly because their group consist of celebrities, singers and business owners and ain't our daily "superheroes"? It's not exactly one of those movement that speaks "I can do it so could you", "Being a gentleman is something everyman should do", "Being a gentleman doesn't mean you have to blow a hole in your wallet".

Do note that this is what I am saying and hearing. I am not saying this is what the pride is trying to do or even imply which they kinda did somehow.

Media Beauty 

Like how the media has made woman believe that size 0 is the new size 4. Big boobs and deep cleavage is beauty. Makeup is a must. Many I have spoken to and read online feels that this is actually forcing a strong and wrong sense of "gentlemen" image onto both man and woman. If with the help of media, a real gentleman has to be dressed like this all day long, what would happen to guys like us who goes out in jeans and basic t-shirts on sunny island Singapore?


As much as I gave them the thumbs up for awesome photoshoot. This is just.... Nice pic no doubt but not too sure if this is Tennis to me. I would like to know what went down behind the scene. Sorry for the lack of better word but this is just... #ICannot

And those hashtags again... 
The Word Gentleman 

Although it is just a word that we could have close an eye on, (speaking for myself) I cannot agree that dressing like this is "gentlemanly" cause being gentleman is from inside. I would totally find no fault if they call themselves something else. I don't know, Suit Man SG, Suits Are Awesome or something. I don't know.

Not Really bad but... You might not know ...

As pointed out by Carrie, this ain't exactly something original. There's this book/group of people known as gentleman of bacongo. Of course, I don't really know much about them besides the fact that they look really happy. Not too sure if they gotten some backlash (which i doubt) but I guess the whole vibe was kinda different. Instead of being all elitist, they look happy. Like Will Pharrell Happy.

The Ugly

Defensive Singaporean Man are Defensive 

As much as I am not a fan of the whole gentleman's pride motion of just wearing all nice suit and tie, neither can I agree with some of the comments I am reading online. These guys are yelling that gentleman is not about suit but I am quite sure at the same time, being a keyboard warrior and insulting other's movement ain't that all gentlemanly as well. Calling names and all ain't helping to be honest.

My best guess is that Singaporean man are being very defensive. Scare that this would become an expectation. To be honest, I would like to dressed up like this too. (Just that I am not invited) Just that Singapore is just way too hot for this and it just feel way too impractical. Like I pointed out earlier, it will just become a false impression because I am sure they don't dress this way all the time and only do it for the shoot.

So What Makes A Real Gentleman? 

Like many have spoken, gentleman is of course above what you wear but to me it is above just opening doors and any action as well. I think action can be faked but being a gentleman is something you can't. It is about sacrifice. It is about taking care of your love ones, protecting them and providing for them. Being responsible as a man. That is true gentlemen.

This is my friend Theo. Happy belated fathers' day! 

TL;DR Version: 

Topic: The Gentleman's Pride SG
Yay of Nay: Nay
Why: Not against them doing it but really not my style. Too impractical.

For Your Interest: 



In case you got bored... (Actually I hate this song.) 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My Bangkok Trip in Numbers

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Despite the fact that I am working at a tour agency, writing tour blog post ain't exactly something I do best of enjoy. I hate reading travel log like tell you what I do day 1 to day 4. I mean I get bored writing it less say you reading it.

My travel companion - the wife, @melpig and also #TBKK. Thanks for showing us around!
I am not exactly very good at street photography to show the country with nice pictures. And those places I have visited ain't exactly something I can share in terms of "5 best shopping malls in Bangkok" type of articles so I guess for easy reading I will share information in terms of numbers. Because people like to ask me like "how much is this" and that kinda questions and I am very bad with such details. So I better write it down before I forget.

Photography skill level too damn low.
So presenting to you, Bangkok in numbers.

1 is the number of

bowl of tom yum soup we drank

2 is the number 

of hours for the flight from Singapore to Bangkok

of Mango sticky rice we ate

of Papaya Salad we ate

of times I went for Massages

4 is the number 

of days I was at Bkk

I think she is asking for 4D numbers.
of faces the buddha i prayed to has

of t-shirt I bought for myself

5 is the number

of pairs of new boxers I bought

Can you believe it! My neighbours from Punggol leh!! Bump into at CTC Market when there are like 10,000 people there.
of Singaporean friends I bump into at BKK

6 is the number

of serving of ice cream I had

7 is the number 

of 3s Steph Curry scored during NBA Finals game 5 where I was screaming my head off watching in the hotel room

11 is the number 

of bowls of boat noodles i ate

13 is the number 

of times we took taxi

44 is the number
Selfie game is strong in this.

of selfies I have taken

50 is the number 

of baht i paid for mango sticky rice at the road side

of Baht I paid for my favourite Basil Pork Rice with Egg

180 is the number 

of baht i paid for mango sticky rice at the airport

574 is the number

of pictures I've taken during the trip but most likely will not see the light of publishing because I am too lazy to like edit them .

800 is the number

of Singapore dollars we changed for this trip but still have outstanding

1,036 is the number 

of Singapore Dollars I paid for 2 pax for this trip that put us up at Amari Watergate as well as Thai

1504 is the number 

of the room we stayed at after they gave us a room which was occupied on the 10th floor.

2,450 is the number 

of baht I have remaining when I reached back Singapore

3,378 is the number 

of pretty girls I saw at BKK. (That I think are girls)

39,736 is the number

of steps I walked at BKK. As accurate as Jawbone says it.

Doing silly things in super market again.

So now I am back and I hope this post shine some light on things you need to know about my trip if you are even interested. To be honest, BKK ain't exactly my favorite country to go because Taobao ruined it. Everything I might like or wish to buy can be found on Taobao but lucky for me I had fun travel companion to make it fun and also all the good food that cannot be found on taobao.

So, do you like traveling to BKK for your holidays?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Singapore Blog Awards 2015 FAQ!

Correct. The same blog awards I won last year and also said that i do not want to be joining anymore. But I did again. I lied about not joining like how Jordan "lied" about retiring.

I think this is the problem about doing things you like. You just want to keep doing it until you cannot do it anymore. As much as I've mentioned that the sphere and business has been changing and irritating me, but the core of sharing and writing will never die for me.

As for getting all competitive, that is also me. It is almost like a report card for me saying "okay, this is how well or poor I've been doing for the last year.". Not just about readership, sponsorship or getting famous but this is something I enjoy as a whole. Also, the truth is that you don't get into finals that easily either. #LinkedinHaolian

And since the launch of the voting phrase, there have been many questions. So here I am attempting to do a FAQ for you guys.

How do I vote? 

Very simple. Fall onto the page. Click VOTE NOW! URL HERE: 

This is just a contest why need so much details. 

This is not official reply but you know, no event is going to fund itself just like no fat girls gonna slim down by themselves. Someone need to fund the event and some people have to work in order to make such event happen.

There is this thing call the sponsorship package for example like SBA 2015 the title sponsor is Panasonic and how do a sales person convince Panasonic to whip out thousands of dollars to support an event? Tell them it can reach people but who are we reaching? People from age 25 - 35, how many % male how many % female, how many % locals, Malaysian, Indonesian, how many people, how many clicks and how many eye balls on this event and what other earned media value on the newspapers report etc. All these are facts that potential clients need in order to convince their boss to pay and yes, stats. That's what sales people need these days to justify any company spending.

Don't worry, they ain't gonna kidnap you or your son.

Which Category are you in ah? 

Fashion blogger of course. 
My blog is being nominated under the Best Individual blog BUT this years voting has NOTHING to do with your category. It is a bit like Star Awards where they don't care if you are the best host, best comedian or best lead actor but a fair arena that everyone goes into to be the top 10 most popular blog. Geddit? And those different category all by judges just like how like best actor and all ah, you have no control one.

Wah. Why so complicated one. How come must have two types. So 1 winner can win both voted and judges choice? 

Correct! So last time blog awards gives you X% vote plus X% content so many people complain actually their content very good but nobody vote and also lazy to get vote or do campaigning of votes that's why they lost. But this year's voting and judges points are being separated into two different awards. Can't complain anymore ya? Hard truth is on its way. Never win means bad content and not popular. LOL. Jeng Jeng Jeng. 

Okay, I am in. How come I cannot vote just 1 must vote 10 ah? 

Because 10 is really better than 1
To be honest, I am not the organizer but I managed to get the answer. The backend is created that way that each submission has to be in blocks of 10. So if you do not know who to votes besides your friend. Please also vote for me.

This Blogawards thing still in meh? Like not very cool liao mah why you still wanna join. 

I think we do not have right to say things like this. I think the award itself is a collective prestige of who joined and who is in this year. The award is just as cool as the people being part of it and if you have joined but didn't win or get selected and decide to diss it as something lame. I have nothing for you here.

And also because it still directs a decent among of traffic to my blog. It IS a tangible perks

How come I don't see some of my favorite bloggers in this award anymore? Like where is Amos Yee? 

I am not too sure about most but I have heard some winners that refused to join again because if you never join and not win, you are undefeated. Also because some has stop blogging, some didn't made it pass the finalist stage, DanielFoodDiary got too popular and is one of the judges instead. As for Amos, I am not too sure if he can attend the event.

So this is your 4th year straight being a finalist. No other contestant meh? 

heh. You create a blog and try to join 4 years and be 4 years running finalist lor. Then we talk okay? #YouAskLJQuestionIGiveLJAnswer #SorryNotSorry

So you confident you can win? Since you win before it should be easier.

NBA Nerd jokes. You guys might not get it. 
Actually I am not very confident. The individual category has many great blogs that speaks very loud as themselves. 3 of those drawing blogs including last year's winner 女飞侠. Alsot budgetgirl blog which looks really cool. As for Jeraldine, she don't even need an intro from me and you probably already know her. It is not going to be easier really.

Top 10 most popular blog leh? 

Even harder. 90 people and only 10 winners. I mean unless you help me vote lah!

 If you win, what is in for me? 

Let the money talk
We don't do the whole GST Package thing but we got #ChriSmith Dollar. Can? Ask you vote you want something in return. meh.

So here is my unofficial FAQ and if you want to know anything from the horse mouth. Check out the official FAQ - http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2015/about/faq.html

So now you already know what is happening, please remember to vote for me! May you live long and prosper!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Facebook Sextortion Scam Experience

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*Disclaimer - Screenshot timing might not make sense because some of the images are taken after the incident. 

If you haven't heard of the term sextortion, it is basically one of those online scams that gets you naked, take some video and screen shots of you and extort you for money.

I am always very curious about how this kinda thing can happen to people. I mean people are very open minded these days or at least very open looking thanks to how the media has been portraying us but also not open until like that right.

So basically this blog post will share with you some insights of how it usually happens, how you can avoid it and of course the truth that this kinda thing doesn't happen to you. I am always very curious how these kinda thing happen and I am very glad I actually get to experience it first hand!

Step 1: Contact 

How do they even contact you? Adding you on Facebook of course!

Question 1 - SURE OR NOT? SUCH A PRETTY GIRL COME AND ADD ME FOR NOTHING? I mean if you are ignorant like me who doesn't know many Taiwan or asian actress etc you might fall for it but ask yourself again, why would a pretty girl like her add you as friend for no reason?

Step 2 - Verification 

Tip - Look at her Facebook account. It looks too new to be real. Not much of other friends, no history etc. Highly possible it is fake.

Tip - Check out other profile image to make sure they all look the same.

Really so hot?? 
Tip - One of the best invention ever. GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH!

Apparently this is some Taiwan actress? I still have no idea who but with a name, things get easier.

Did you see what I saw? That image at the corner. Looks familiar? 
looks like we know who we are dealing with now. Let the game begins.

Step 3 - GAME ON! 

Not much explanation needed. Screenshots of how I play my cards.

Ignored her after that. Wait another few days.

Didn't entertain her still because 8pm is family time.

So I finally decided to entertain her a little in the office. Really? Added me for more friends? or more cash? Loads of small talks in between which I skip cause there's nothing juicy. 

So I initiated the whole image sending things. Just to see how much game she/he have.

For the obvious reason she want to talk about her bed and want me to ask her to take a selfie but I am not falling for that. Why not just show me your apartment? 

And I wonder why she must tell me she is alone... Hmmm..

Of course I send you something I already posted on my Instagram. And thanks for your compliment unknown scammer. 

And of course she do not want to waste time just being friends anymore. Let's bring our relationship to the next stage. Like let me show you my naked pictures and also tell you my scam name. 

Tip - If you wish to scam people. Made fake accounts and all already. WHY CAN'T YOU HAVE A BETTER SKYPE NAME? 

Me, playing it cool and thanks for calling me dear. 

Me playing all social media guru even to scammer. Always have this heart to teach and share.

Yes yes, I get it. You are alone.You are very shy about watching sponge bob square pants. That is my guilty pleasure too.

Step 4 - Video Time

Oh after almost 90 mins of foreplay. You decide to show me your body.  And I went to have dinner and ignored her for awhile and we then brought the game to Skype. 

So of course I didn't turn on my cam the 1st time but she/he ain't that stupid too. Cut me off very quickly so in order to prove myself right that this is a sextortion, I up my game and on my cam and show her my handsome face. 


Tip - There is an application known as "Fake Webcam" where you can upload a short video and replace your webcam instead of your real webcam. Pretty neat app eh?

So once again with a print screen like this. Time for Google image search.

Okay cool. There's a China site that shows this. You can click the link here but warning - NSFW - Link

Of course we ain't gonna just let it stop here. I continued to play along and say some stuff to her/him.

Step 5 - The Showdown - Time to call your bluff

Oh yeah? Just for me? You found the ONE in Singapore on Facebook when you are from Japan. That's cool. So since I already know your game, why not let me call your bluff and see how it goes? 

So I managed to convince this person to on the cam together again and she show the EXACT same clip and same part of it. Yawn. I might have small eyes over the cam but I am really not blind. 

Yeah, I really don't dare to show you because my anaconda DON'T! 

And after that she just ignored me. I am blogging about this and tagging her and Let's see where this goes.

So point to note kids, young man and old at home. Do not fall into such traps. It is almost impossible for you to get a hot chick adding you out of no where. You may have but most of the time those people might be your ex-school mate, bump at event or what not and not just adding "friend" out of no where.

I hope people who are reading this article are reading this because they search before being scammed instead of only reading this after being scammed.

I am sure they uses other videos and images but the game will probably be the same.

You have been warned.