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Monday, September 29, 2014

For TL;DR version, scroll all the way down.

Ever since my blog starts to get a little more attention thanks to the media, I've friends who start to notice that I actually have a blog and I actually have been blogging for awhile and they will always ask some question regarding blogging and the industry.

More commonly they will ask some of these questions as below:
  1. How did you even got started?
  2. How do I get more people to read my blog?
  3. How did you get invited to events?
  4. How did you get sponsorship? 
  5. How does sponsorship or advertorial works?
  6. How did you find time to blog so often?
  7. How did you even come out with all these random articles? 
To be honest I really hate answering question 2,3 and 4 because it's really no magic for me and those are not what I set out for. Maybe I am lucky or maybe because I know the right people. These stuff didn't come to me with much effort over the years but of course I started blogging for years before those things happen so i can't exactly say it came at a snap of fingers. I will always say when you do good, good will come. #TotallyOutOfContext

Over the course of my blogging journey, I've also talked about social media as well as some simple blog tips on this blog. Today I hope this article gives you some insight for question 6 and 7. I might not be the best writer around but these tips do work for me until today. At least.

1. Think ahead and Love it
Screen Cap of HIMYM from Tumblr.
I actually spent very little time when it comes to blogging. Usually when i got an inspiration I will always jot down the title of it on my phone's notepad/reminder list. On this list I have lots and lots of potential article headers and when I'm traveling on the road, in the toilet, showering or anything that allows me to think about something else, I will always think about the potential content that I can use to fill up the article. Once I have the chance to be in front of the computer be it when office work is a little slow, at home or during lunch time I will take the 30-45mins to cough out all the ideas onto this space. It's as good as any other hobby be it running, eating or watching drama, it doesn't take that much time and I don't find it like a chore because I enjoy doing it. It's like man and sex, if you keep thinking about it on the trip home while driving, we save some time on the foreplay. #ProTips

2. Meet new people 

I guess this helps for me because my blog doesn't really have a very strict theme but instead it's a lot of "lifestyle" where I talk and share my ideas and experience. I always believe that the best way to learn is actually to teach. So meeting new people, talking about things really do help with coming out new ideas. Blogging can be demanding on ideas at times because we can't close a loop allow and more often than not blogging is something individual. We brainstorm at work to get our ideas completed by others in the team so same thing here. Talk to other people, share some ideas and thoughts. Just like this post itself! Doing it yourself all the time can be tiring, get a room friend or better still, do it all together! *cough*  

3. Dare to Draft

As mentioned in point 2. we don't get to go through a brainstorm or break a brief together with a team for our blogs so it's very common that our blogpost just started off with a very interesting idea but we run out of content half way or sometimes even I feel bored reading it myself but do not be afraid to draft it out. Keep it as a draft or save it somewhere on your evernote or even a jotter book that you keep under your bed. Keep it somewhere because you never know when you have something to close this loop! Nothing is too stupid or lame when you listen to my tips and blogs like me for anybody.

4. Get Personal 

Having good SEO titles is awesome. You get the clicks you get the readership but for me I guess it's not good enough. End of the day a blog is not a news site. We tend to keep things proper and clean when you are writing for news site i.e TheSmartLocal, Yahoo News but when it comes to your blog, don't be afraid to get personal. Give your personal opinion, get emotional and tell your own stories. It's your space after all. Why get so affected by how readers or client not accepting you? I will always put in my own emotions to make the article mine even when it is a sponsored post or paid advertorial. I do not understand why would people want to read my post if my post is just another post like everyone else's.  I always remember how Jay and Fang Wen Shan replied to an interview about them always having the same style for their music and their reply was if you want a different style and something new, feel free to listen to another person's music cause this is how we do our music. Inspiring isn't it?  

5. Don't get comfortable or just follow trends

There is a small difference between having your own style and getting comfortable. It's good to have a style you call your own but it starts to get boring when you get too comfortable. Talking about the same type of things in the same way for 20 articles. Best Food, Best Camera and everything seems to be the best? Seriously? Yes it might gets you some clicks blah blah blah but I guess we need to always improve ourselves and try to break some grounds on and off. You can't just follow the trend and get comfortable with doing something which is the "right formulae". I cringe hard at articles that starts with "Today I was very happy to be invited to this event by...." that kinda thing. It's so 2000 and late. If you want to know what I really hate, read this. For all that it is worth this post might be very outdated by next year and it might not even make any sense. 


Is blogging that hard? Is it something you love doing or is it something you set up to do because you feel that it is a short cut to something for you? Whatever your reason is for blogging, I do hope that you enjoying yourself and not making yourself feel like you are tiring yourself out all the time. 

Like a recent quote that I came out with while talking to a friend, 

"There are many ways to make money but there are only so little ways that can make me happy. I don't think I want to let it go just for monetary sake." 

Think about this. ;) 

P.S: This is also the reason why it is very easy for me to blog. (TL;DR Version)

Friday, September 26, 2014

A man once told me that a watch to a man is like his social status. The more expensive your watch is, the richer and more powerful one is. I guess that is why some people spent thousands of dollars one watches.

To some, a watch is a basic necessity for telling time before mobile phones came along but to me watch is a fashion accessory. I know I sound too vain and a himbo but matching the right watch with the right outfit of the day is very important. There was a few occasions that I actually wore a watch that has stopped simply because it matches my outfit.

Anyway below are the top 10 watches on my “watchlist”. (Sorry for the bad pun)

The Sporty

Casio G-ShockGD-100SC-6 Purple

Being a sports fan as well as a lakers fan, I have so many purple outfit and this fits me to the T.  This will fit very well for any casual sports wear or T-shirt day.

Casio G-Shock GA-100A-7White

The white G-Shock goes always with anything causal. A timeless classic and in fact do you know collecting G-Shocks is actually a very big hobby and people actually queue for hours for their limited additions?

Casio G-Shock GD-100GB-1 Black

Something to the safer side when matching and also easier to maintain. A black watch but yet at the same time with a touch of gold. Gold is always my kinda thing. Flashy. These are only 3 out of thousands of casio watches I have picked out. Casio watches is really one of those brand that has accompanied me since I was a kid! Reasonable price, easy to wear and durable! Check out the rest here: casio watches singapore

The Smart

Seiko SNN258P1 Gold & Black

My wife calls me an uncle for falling in love with gold accessories these days but I think it is very manly but undeniable it does makes me look a little more mature but the black face does give it a little more edgy as well. This goes very well if you are in black shirt.

FILA 38-001-003 watch

So gold is a little too much for you? I bet you couldn’t tell this watch belongs to sports brand FILA if not for the word. A mental watch like this best works for young PMEBs who wants to look formal but at the same time trying to sell the message that “hey, I’m young and not an uncle okay!”

Bering Watch Chronograph 33341-742

What about a timeless classic chrome watch if you are not keen in neither of the gold or black. It might a little pricy as compared to the rest but rest assure this will be one of those can stays with you for a long long time. 

The Smart Casual


If there is one dress code that I really hate it would be ‘smart casual’. I mean like if you want me to be either smart or casual, it’s almost impossible to come in between. Not for watches, I think watches like this give me a very good feel of what is smart casual. Put on a oversize shirt, berms, loafers and this is the watch for you.

Dw Classic Cambridge RoseGold

A very simple and clean looking watch. It’s one of those days that you just want to relax, lay back, smoke a cigar and slip the red wine. This one. One of those that I really like and might also be a hipster favourite. haha.

The Hipster

Lucien Piccard Muzzano Black Genuine LeatherStrap Black Textured Dial Rose-Tone Hands Watch

I’m no fan of leather watches no thanks to my sweaty my wrist. No, I have no idea what is sweaty wrist but I do sweat a lot and it almost spoilt the leather watches band and it makes me sad. This LP watch is so pretty, it actually goes quite well if you are a hipster and like to look all diva and sleek. Mental is a little too formal, rubber is a little too sporty, good with leather if you want that hipster look.

Seiko SNK795K1 Watch

I like how classic this watch looks like. It looks like one of those in a war show that the guy will give to the lady before he leaves his home to defend his country. Nothing more hipster than an old watch with a love story no? *tears in eyes.

Online shopping these days is pretty convenient! And the good news is that I actually found all these ten watches and more on just 1 site. The even good-er (better) news is that they are actually cheaper than most retails store I visited and saw these watches!

Check out online shopping site – lazada.sg! It is Southeast Asia’s Largest online shopping mall. It offers a variety of products ranging from fashion and beauty to electronics. Don’t say I bo jio! Stay tuned to latest offers by subscribing to Lazada Facebook Page or Lazada Google Plus.

Mr.Smith, WATCH IT!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

If you haven't seen the gratitude or positive project on the Facebook - you have to be thankful that you do not have friends like me who keeps tagging people on these little games. Gratitude project lah, 20 things about me, selfie project and what not. People on Social Media so free. Ask Fey and Eunice, you will know. Always tag them and get scolded. :(

Anyway, just wish to summarise my 5 days worth of gratitude onto a post for keep sake.

1. Thank you Tristan Lin for the tag and reminding me that we need to celebrate the little win in life. Thanks the people with small gesture around us, something money, fame and power can't get you.

2. Thank you to the wife for always being with me, for attending the event at Jaybee for the last 3 days and entertaining people at the event although it's not exactly herself. She is quite a pain in the ass when there's too many pple around her and she usually enjoys being alone and/or only with me.

3. Thankful for having my current job and my boss who gives me a lot of space and faith with me, at the things I do, allows me to be who I am and do all my random shit stuff by the side while working on MeGuideU and always listening to my ideas.
MeGuideU LKY Tour

4. Thankful for Singapore being bilingual and my Chinese can save my life with Taobao. Fi-li-far-la and I managed to find my package and it's on the way!

5. Thankful to my grandfather's blood line and Jacky training since young so I am a at least decent drinking. Makes friend making and business way easier.

6. Thankful for the Germans for having this thing call Oktober fest which is celebrated in September for 15 days and into October. 15 days of drinking, dancing and drunk chicks. If only CNY has this same tradition.

7. Thankful for people who always remembers me for what I am good at and giving me good faith and trust. Passing my name around the industry and I'm humbled over n over again that people comes to me for solutions.

8. Thankful to have male friends we call each other bros. Hanging out, not getting emotional like girls. Although I love ma ladies, there's somethings that only man can do, for example being there but not talking. Feels good once in awhile to not talk about feelings.

9. Thankful for having my parents and also my in-laws who are pretty slack on us and have the "as long as you are happy" mentality on our up coming wedding. Feels like there's 101 things to do despite having a simple wedding, can't imagine how massive it can be for other.

10. Thankful for people who reads my blog even when it's really silly and not informative at all. It's really some silly things to keep you entertained (i hope)

11. Thankful to my friends on Facebook who doesn't block me or unfriend me because my excessive sharing disorder. I am truly a social media addict like I need to check and share my FB, Twitter and Instagram like constantly. For those of you who already unfollow or unfriend me, FUCK YOU. You can't see this anyway. HAHA!

12. Thankful to my partners and clients who have a lot of faith in me all the time. Telling me that I am good enough to have my own agency, my blog and style is better than others, my style is very real and rare in the industry, giving me more projects times after times, people who poaches me to join their team as full time, tell me that I should be more famous than I am now, people who believed me right from the start or even people who calls me the male Xiaxue. Yes, I take that as a compliment.

13. Thankful for Multi-culture country. might not be the role model of racial harmony but I love Malay food, indian food, japanese food, thai food more than anything.

14. Thankful to gym training I feel strong, healthier and more confident. I just signed up for Anytime Fitness at Nex starting oct. Hope I will use it and not regret.

15. Thankful to...myself for being awesome.

Mr.Smith, say thank you.. Smithankyou.. ya!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

“That Embarrassing Moment” - Based on a #TrueStory

Guy: “Hey Smith, what do you do?”
Me: “I’m a Social Media Manager.. Plan social media stuff and all” (This happened back when I was still doing that.”

Guy: “Oh cool. I always thought it’s interesting.”
Me: “What about you?”
Guy: “Erm.. I’m an actor on local TV..”
Me: “Oh… (Trying to get out of this embarrassing moment for both of us..”) I hardly watch TV these days..”
Guy: “It’s okay I get that very often.”

I guess we can easily get out of such situations as we get more savvy these days and it’s really true that many of us no longer watches the TV in a way that we no longer sit in front of this beautiful 60 inch black box. We do it on the go!

Dream Academy got Broadway Beng, I am the Social Media Beng.
I used to hate watching shows on the go because the phone is too small and my previous tablet was way too big. Sometimes the sunlight just gets too bright and it get so hard to watch shows but not anymore with the Super AMOLED screen! Like I mentioned in my previous post (link to previous) the Samsung GALAXY Tab S Adaptive Display plays a very big part for watching shows on the go!

No longer a couch potato because I can watch shows anywhere I want.


Besides that, I too get very irritated with the process of downloading shows, books or even magazines from sites, saving it and copying it onto my devices.  Can’t we just have an easier way to get content on the go at a reasonable price and still get some entertainment?

Yes we do! When we get the Samsung GALAXY Tab S now, it actually comes with the “GALAXY GIFTS”.

It comes with over 30 exclusive content and privileges worth more than $1,000. We get to enjoy local and international content such as Toggle, SPH Magazines, Marvel Unlimited, GigOut! Plus and many more!

It’s really useful for uncle like me. Like literally being an uncle, sent my niece to lesson, turn Toggle on and enjoy TV show while waiting for her lesson to end. I do not even need to prepare ahead and pre-download the shows. GALAXY Gifts make life so much easier and fun!
There’s odd to be something for everyone in the family from kids to adult.


Your passport to exclusive privileges, interesting app recommendations, content features, and lifestyle articles. Redeem exclusive privileges and deals at participating merchant outlets for GALAXY Tab S users on “GALAXY Life” app. Exclusive GALAXY Tab S deals include:

-       E2Max – Enjoy 30 minutes’ bonus with rental of E2Max Chambers (worth up to $70)
-       1 Simulator – Free 10 minutes trial (worth $30 an hour)
-       Party World – 3 persons for the price of 2 (worth up to $93)
-       Play Nation – 3 gaming packages for the price of 2 (worth

Promotions are subject to third party service providers’ terms and conditions.

All you have to do it simply tab on it, sign up and get it activated!

SideSync 3.0

When I 1st started using the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, I was all like “meh.. will I really like it and all” but now I kinda even feel like getting a GALAXY S5 LTE to pair it up with my GALAXY Tab S. Why? Simply because of the SideSync 3.0 function!

It allows easy content sharing between your GALAXY Tab S and GALAXY smartphone and lets you receive calls*/messages on your tablet even if your smartphone is out of reach say while you are charging your phone and you are in a meeting? How convenient!

This has to be featured in this list right?

Not sure what I am talking about? Here’s a video once again from HardwareZone Singapore giving you a live demo! (Too bad I can’t show this myself because I do not have a GALAXY S5 LTE!! BOOHOO!!)

*P.S. Call forwarding feature is currently available on GALAXY S5 LTE
and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE

I hope you guys enjoyed as well as learnt something interesting from both my blog post on the Samsung GALAXY Tab S. In fact I have a friend that bought a set herself after reading my shout out and she is loving it!

Final Verdict

Go get one. Get two in fact, don’t forget the Samsung GALAXY S5 LTE so you can be like Bond, James Bond.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We all grow up in a world of peace and harmony where we all agrees that stealing is a crime as well as something bad and not right to do.

Guilty as charged. I can't tell you how many I've stolen altogether but officially 1. :p
That being said many are still unsure about how intellectual property works. I.E the image above I just took it off the internet without crediting or informing the creator. Is it a crime or is it simply just unethical? Image from weheartit.com

I might have credited to weheartit.com but is that image originally from that site? Did they purchase the image from a stock image bank? Did they shoot it themselves? Are the models paid? I am not sure but if you want me to place my money on it I would say nope, it is not originally created by them partly because weheartit is a platform where users upload these images and very likely this user got it from some where else, added the word and do a mash up. So based on that, this edited artwork do belong to the user but what about the original photo?

It's hard to keep your images truly to yourselves once you upload it online isn't it? In case of "stealing" it means I take it from you but if in the case of the internet, you still have a copy after I "took" yours so is that still stealing?

Here is one of my favourite clip about cyber awareness about uploading things that make you regret. #LeakForJLaw

Despite being a online content creator, such rules are still very blur to even myself less said a mass audience right? So it's either you learn it the right way or the hard way.

Game Time - Spot The Difference 

Here's two pictures that I took off the internet from two different sources of the brand new Singapore Sports Hub taken during a media tour. Can you tell me the difference?

Not sure if you could tell the difference because there seems to have no differences at ALL.


I wouldn't jump into conclusion about who has stolen whose image here simply by the time of upload but I guess as reader you guys can link the dots yourself. Naming and shaming ain't usually my style especially when I have no "facts" about who is right or wrong but I also saw this conversation that went down on Twitter which kinda pisses me off a little.

Please don't "bro" me unless my dad fucked you mum or your dad fucked mine. I'm really not a fan of the whole "bro" culture.
So @HelmiSulaiman here did not claim that Patrick stole his image nor did he show remorse that he have stolen Patrick's image (I am assuming he did here). Neither did he said that he didn't know that it's not right but yet he was pretty sarcastic about the whole incident despite how Patrick handled this in a very civilised manner. I would probably tear him a new one or maybe just blog about it. oops.

Everyone starts off on the internet as a "n00b" and to me there is no shame of not knowing you made a mistake if you ask me. We all make mistake but trying to pull off a fast one just ain't cool. It's a small community here and sharing is the only way to build a stronger community together.

Oh, and how did I jump to conclusion that Patrick is the rightful owner in this case? I can't, I am simply assuming but also because our friend Helmi decided to switch his identity on both instagram and twitter multiple times there after. Guilty conscience much? And that is also why I did not even bother to mask out his handle or picture because it's no longer there.


We only get better building onto each other's idea and technology and that is the beauty of open source / internet but I guess there is no hard and fast rule on what is right and wrong on the internet these days especially with all the blurred lines. I would even say that these days no ideas are original, even the iPhones are built on the idea of our 1st phone, our 1st mobile phone, 1st color screen phone, 1st touch screen phones isn't it?

We all learn from mistakes and I should not, in fact I can't prove that Helmi in this case made a mistake but I guess he could have taken it with open mind and not be such a pain in an ass. Stealing intellectual property is a crime, plagiarism is a crime and in fact I've seen people failing their degree paper because of that. So the next time you are going to take something from someone without asking, at least credit it back. If you didn't, at least be gentlemen about it when caught because Mr.Smithbig brother is watching you. 

image source: blackathlete.net
If you are interested in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram images rights, check out this article. Not the most updated but one of those that is easiest to understand. 

Mr.Smith, sharing is caring but stealing is just retarding (I can't think of a better rhyming word)