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Friday, January 25, 2008

Game Review : MTG Duel Deck

1/25/2008 12:18:00 AM Posted by Smith Leong 1 comment
* WARNING , EXTREMELY BORING POST FOR NON MAGIC THE GATHERING PLAYERS - But still got some funny element.. pls read on..

This is the 1st time i am actually doing a game review and NOT a psp game review. For pple who know my history of me and MTG should know that i am very into this game. I've my fair bit of playing in official tournament as well as neighborhood tourney. I'm not the best kind of player like Rondy but i will say I am above average ( back then).

Started play MTG since Sec 3 and on off "quit" during my poly life.. but this blood is in me.. I beat all my poly classmates hands down ( Maybe cause they lousy) and I was the 1st runner up in my battalion back in army.. Stupid 3SG Yuan Chen Zhi.. that faggot is sick.. he play weird combos.. na bei~

Anyway... back to today's topic " DUEL DECK ELVES VS GOBLIN !! "


After Billions Years of battle between this two most famous fantasy race - Elves and Goblin , Wizard of Coast introduce this two theme decks. They are basically form by famous goblins and elves from the pass 6 yrs archive cards, starting from apocalyse till recent yr X ed..

Damage : $30 SGD
The Goods : 2 x 60 Ready Form Card Deck with 3 Additional Token.
The Good : 2 deck all form , suitable for retired players but still love MTG and lazy to form decks. two very balance deck which can bring hrs of fun for player
The Bad : Pple think u pple are childish for player these cards at this age again.. =.=.. This is highly possible the start of everything AGAIN.


Deck Tester No.1

Keong Tan ( Actually Surname is Wong.. dunno why his friendster put Tan also.. )


Intro : One of the better player from C242 Back then.. but still always lose to Smith ( ME ) until he form random decks and continue losing until gave up playing. So dun mind buying this deck under the influence of Smith ; since it's suppose to be balance and not like Smith's those inbal decks..

Deck Tester 2 :

Smith Leong ( ME )


Trash all player from C242 back then and enjoy playing , reason of stopping is due to lack of fund. Reason of buying is due to one incident and bump into this deck and it becomes a DDMB.. Die Die Must Buy.. Rumor to have millions of common card under the bed back then and believe that he feed blood to his cards by his campmates.

The Rules :

Best Out of 3 , Keong to use Elves Deck First and Follow By Smith on Elves Deck.

The Players looking stress..

Game 1 : Both player looks rusty and all cards looks new to them.

Smith try his luck by continuous killing of Elves. Smith took down Game 1 by pumping his insect ( Clickslither ) and got his 1st Win.

Game 2 : Keong Came back with Elves rush. No luck with creature on Smith's side.. nothing by Land. Smith was trample to death by 8/8 Allosauras Rider and Keong still have like 40++ lives.

Game 3 : Smith still no luck with card.. And Keong's army of 10 - 20 Elves are stadning there looking at Smith 5 Goblin ARmy.. Smith Turn the Table when he draw Skirk Fire Marshal. Instance 10 Damage , kill 5 goblin of his own and combo with Boggart Shenanigans. Another 10 Damage.. GG for Keong

Result : Goblin 2 : Elves 1

Set 2 : Smith Elves , Keong Goblin

Game 1 : Keong almost got this game when Clickslither comes in, Thanks to Deathtouch of Wren, Clickslither's Trample of 1 turn is not enuff to take smith down..And Smith life was more then enuff thanks to well wisher..Smith was up 24 and Keong has nothing left around.. wanted to give up and rise his white flag but smith insist that the game carry on.. Keong open his next two card and gave up once again.. He has nothing on his hand that can block the Army of Elves.. 1 point For Elves

Game 2 : Keong clinch the easy win with his army of Elves , Sacrificing them and burning Smith life point away every turn and that was the end of Smith.Smith watch helplessly seeing his Elves being burn down to ashes everyturn.

Game 3 : Couldnt agree more if anyone is going to say that this was da worst match. Smith has no land , Keong has no creature , Smith says done.. Keong lays land. Smith manage to cast 3/3 Wren Run Vanquisher ( Once again the hero ) with 2 casting cost thanks to flashing of an Elf card.. Keong was beat down by Small Elves each turn without any defense..

Result Of Set 2 : Elves 2 : Goblin 1

The Joke :

Keong Self pwn3d when he cast Gobline Ringleader at early game and causes his own hand to have 9 cards and not able to cast anymore due to lack of mana.. resulting in discard of goblin cards. - SELF PWN3D !!


1.$30 of damage for a good few hours of fun ( more to come ) Was worth it for sure.

2.The Deck was really very balance , Luck and Hand card played a bigger part

3.Keong Still sucks !! Use both deck also lost = P ( No lah.. actually Luck really played a big part and Keong was Careless at a few point of times )

Smith give this deck 5 SUPER MAN!!!


Mr.Smith , also wanna thanks dumdum for being there n diam diam play PSP..no complain..no grumpy.. onli got tuksum tuksum tuksum bong!

"我就是我行我素 我沒有風度 我只有態度 你說我太酷"


bingren said...

Pesky elves. I love counter deck.