Sunday, April 28, 2013

From an awesomesauce: we know Jenell or Jenelle is a 23 year-old model and blogger from Singapore. She was in the FHM GND 2010 top 15 and now there are naked images of her playing with another girl circulating on the Internet that were taken the same year. The photos have been exposed on local Singaporean web-forums and other websites over the past few days but taken down quite hastily. Jenell is seen fully naked in these leaked nude pictures and in some of the pics she is seen holding a sex toy near her shaved pussy while the other girl hold her bare breasts.

Not too sure if it is really her cause frankly to me although I am into Singaporean girls, FHM's event never really interest me and I do not even know who she is. Despite a big above the line competition like this, I don't think people really know her. 

From the pictures, we can also tell that it is obviously a paid photo shoot and you can tell from the fact that both her and the other model doesn't seems to be having fun and not even connected. 

Be it for money or for fun, I think that taking nudity is actually very sexy and I guess it is pretty cool to look at your own younger body 20 - 30 yrs down the road. I guess the only thing that shouldn't have happened is that the photographer shouldn't have leaked it out. 

I have heard of incidents that both models and photographers were good friends and when the friendship tip over to the other side, the photographer actually send the pictures out. Not sure if it is against any law but it sure ain't professional at all. 

I am sure that there is more than meets the eyes as I tried to google more about her. Guess what I found? I am very sure it is a fake Twitter account of hers. 

I am guessing she really offended somebody there. 

I guess you just have to thrust trust the right person or keep the pictures properly. 

Source: Taking dirty things out from the gutter. 

Mr.Smith, there is nothing wrong being naked. It's is the society's fault that we are not allowed to be naked. 


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